Self Defense


One of the questions that most people ask themselves today is whether they might be able to defend themselves in a society that is becoming more dangerous every day , unfortunately, violence has become a part of daily life and a fact of the life. Fortunately, regardless of strength, size, or previous training a person may have, anyone can learn several effective self- defense techniques to stay safe in common situations of violence in the real world.


What is self defense?

Self defense is a group of skills and tactics that have been created with the aim of preventing an assault by another person. It is a way of keeping our life in almost an attack.


What is personal defense

Self-defense is an art that consists of having enough capacity on the part of a person to be able to defend himself against any attacker who wants to harm him. It is not a technique that is based on strength , but rather, it is based on speed and audacity that can be developed without using weapons.



Some of its characteristics are:

  • It is an intelligent adaptation to situations of risk or danger .
  • You don’t need to be an expert in martial arts to know self defense .
  • It can be learned by any type of person.
  • It implies that the person is always alert .
  • It is made up of a series of technical-tactical skills .
  • Also includes defensive and offensive skills .


Its history dates back to ancient times because for thousands of years , since man began to inhabit the earth , he had to defend himself from others in order to survive , he was practically born with man. In fact, the psychology of man suggests that the use of force for bodily defense is an instinct for self – preservation .


Personal defense can be divided into two different types, the generic one that includes all the instruments that we can use to defend ourselves and the specialized one that includes the sex of the person who learns it as well as the different combat techniques that can help us achieve our goal. .

Martial arts for self defense

  • Karate : art that uses punches punching, kicking, knee and elbow techniques open hand, palm heel blows and spear hands. Emphasize the use of the hands and legs as the main forms of defense.
  • Taekwondo : is a Korean martial artsdisciplinethat combines martial arts and martial artsstyles fromneighboring countries. One of the most practiced martials in the world.
  • Judo – Known for its throws and knockdowns feature to knock or knock the opponent to the ground.
  • Aikido : it is considered one of the most effective martial arts that can be used when looking for self defense and survival movements.
  • Boxing : Although some believe that it does not belong to martial arts, there are those who affirm that it does. In it you will learn a variety of blows of different ranges with precision , as well as to block or evade an attack.
  • Jiu Jitsu : focuses on teaching how to defend against a larger opponent using leverage and proper technique . Therefore, it is as lethal when practiced by women as it is for men. A combination of judo and Jiu Jitsu .
  • Kempo : apply the scientific principles of movement and physics in addition to using common sense and logic.
  • Sambo : Russian martial art based mainly on grip .
  • Kapap – Has Israeli roots and includes numerous components that do not exist in Israel.


The basics of self defense are:

  • The physical safety will always be the main priority .
  • The physical defense is always the last resort against physical attacks.
  • The most effective remedy will always be to avoid confrontation , mainly physical aggression .
  • The surprise factor is an important tactical resource and it is essential .
  • The greater the distance between the person and the aggressor and the greater the mobility, the greater the security.
  • The skill in self-defense will depend on the practice that one has and the limitations

How to learn

To learn self defense you must follow the following steps:

  • Know the objectives that you have.
  • Choose a type of martial art that the person likes or you can even choose several of them.
  • Use a video , or even better, take self-defense classes .
  • Be patient and go step by step in learning .
  • Perform physical exercise to have more strength.
  • Practice your techniques whenever possible.
  • Avoid being a conflictive person , on the contrary you must learn to be prudent.

Self defense techniques

Some self defense techniques are:

  • In an attack, he takes the hand of the aggressor and bends his fingers back with force to produce pain and escape.
  • If the attacker grabs the victim by the neck , the throat or eyes can be poked with the index finger .
  • Grab the aggressor by the hair and pull down while hitting his face with his knee .
  • Biting any part of the body of the aggressor.
  • A sudden heavy footfall can allow you to break free.


The Nimb ring allows you to send the distress signal and your GPS coordinates to your family and the emergency services in three seconds even if the attacker holds you by both hands. The flashlight in his pocket is another equipment used as produce a visually impaired allowing momentary escape that person. The pepper spray is very traditional and simple to use, you should only be used directly on the face of the abuser. The kubotan is another type of weapon that is a cylinder of metal with can hitting someone.


The importance of personal defense lies in the need to learn to execute it with the sole objective of caring for and safeguarding our lives . Currently, insecurity takes over the streets and one of the best ways that exist to defend ourselves is through the techniques that can be learned from self – defense methods.

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