Salvador Dali


Salvador Dalí is considered one of the most versatile and prolific artists of the 20th century and one of the most famous surrealists . Although he is remembered mainly for his pictorial production , in the course of his long career he also devoted himself with great success to sculpture , engraving, fashion, advertising, writing and cinema in his collaborations with Luis Buñuel and Alfred Hitchcock. Dalí was famous for his flamboyant personality and his role as a mischievous provocateur, his paintings also show a fascination for classical and Renaissance art, clearly visible through his hyper-realistic style and the religious symbolism of his later work.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 05/11/1904
  • Where he was born:  Figueras, Spain
  • When did he die: 01/23/1989
  • Where he died:  Figueras, Spain

Who is Salvador Dalí?

Salvador Dalí is a recognized and multifaceted artist of Spanish origin of the 20th century, known mainly for his paintings , for being one of the maximum representatives of the surrealist movement and for creating the paranoid – critical method.


Biography of Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí was born on May 11, 1904 in Gerona ; Spain . At only 12 years old, he began to venture into the world of art, mainly in painting . He discovered impressionism guided by the Pichot family and at the age of 18 he moved to Madrid to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. In 1927 he traveled to Paris where he met who he idolized throughout his life, Pablo Picasso . Two years later, he met and fell in love with a Russian immigrant , with whom he fell madly in love.


In 1931 he painted one of his most famous paintings: “ the persistence of memory ” inspired by pieces of Cambembert cheese melting in the sun. In 1941 he moved to the United States with Gala, the love of his life, and in 1949 they returned to Catalonia . In the last years of his life he was mainly interested in science , religion and other creative activities. Salvador Dalí died on January 23, 1989 due to cardiorespiratory arrest when he was 84 years old.


Salvador Dalí died at 10:15 in the morning on Monday , January 23, 1989 at the regional hospital in the city of Figueres , when he was 84 years old. According to the medical report, he had a calm and dignified death , according to those who were with him in his last hours and who were his lawyer , the mayor of Figueres and his butler . The next day, the public was able to say goodbye to the brilliant artist in the burning chapel , which was installed in the Torre Galatea , in the Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres, where he was buried.


His expression was full of emotion , spontaneous , frank and direct at the same time. In some ways he was shy but his energy always ended up winning. He was an eccentric character full of enigmas , full of complexes due to his sexuality, he always suffered from the fear of going crazy. Many consider that part of the problems of his personality were in Gala , who was his wife, since she exerted great power and influence on the artist.


Salvador Dalí married on August 8 with Gala , a woman who was his muse and inspiration . The couple had met in Cadaqués , Costa Brava in 1929 and from there they had started a relationship that would last until death.


Although Dalí apparently had no children , a DNA order was sent to Figueras, Spain , requesting that Salvador Dalí’s remains be exhumed after the appearance of an alleged daughter born in 1956 and named Pilar Abel . The woman affirms that the painter maintained a relationship with his mother, when she was an employee of a family that spent several seasons near Cadaqués , the artist’s hometown.


The main characteristics that can be observed in the painter Salvador Dalí were the following:

  • He is considered one of the greatest representatives of surrealism .
  • His works of art were quite bizarre and extremely creative .
  • They also had an excellent plastic quality .
  • His works were also eccentric .
  • Her personality, although modest , was very eccentric.
  • He did work in different areas such as photography , sculpture , painting and even wrote some books .
  • He worked on the distortion of the figures and images.
  • At the beginning of his career he was guided by means of Cubism and Futurism and was also inspired by the Renaissance . 

Salvador Dalí technique

Dalí, through his technique, sought a way to capture situations or objects with a vision free of prejudices that would show his works in a strange way. It used a strong psychic influence , many distorted figures and objects that played with the human subconscious . He used some systems to control sleep in order to induce himself to create psychotic images that he later captured in his works. In his technique it is said that he usually painted in a comfortable chair, so that he could reach deep relaxationto later see different and unique figures that went beyond all logic.



Some of the most important sculptures made by Salvador Dalí were:

  • Madonna of Port Lligat
  • Saint Narcissus of the Flies
  • Man on dolphin
  • Icarus
  • Santa Teresa
  • Winged newt
  • The greatness of Islam
  • Perseus
  • Don Quixote sitting
  • Slave of tires


There were many paintings by Salvador Dalí, among the most important we mention:

  • The Persistence of Memory
  • Christ of Saint John of the Cross
  • Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate one second before waking up.
  • Soft construction with boiled beans.
  • The metamorphosis of Narcissus.
  • The temptation of San Antonio.
  • The great masturbator
  • The birth of a divinity
  • Millet’s Architectural Angelus


Some of his most recognized books are:

  • The secret life of Salvador Dalí
  • The visible donut
  • The tragic myth of Millet’s ‘The Angelus’
  • Hidden faces
  • 50 magical secrets to paint

Salvador Dalí in the cinema

Dalí also collaborated on different occasions in various film productions. Probably one of his main participations was made in “ Un Perro Andaluz ” a short film , where he was part as co – writer of the script . His second work was called ” The Golden Age” and it was his last film as far as cinema is concerned, and where he was in charge of contributing a series of different stories for the work.


Some of the most recognized phrases of Salvador Dalí were:

  • Whoever wants to interest others has to provoke them .
  • The greatest misfortune of today’s youth is no longer belonging to it.
  • The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad.
  • The true painter is one who is capable of painting extraordinary scenes in the middle of an empty desert. The true painter is one who is able to patiently paint a pear surrounded by the tumults of history .
  • Don’t insist on being modern . Unfortunately, whatever you do, it’s the one thing you can’t help but be.
  • The cannibalism is one of the most evident signs of tenderness.


In 1972 he delivers all his works to the Spanish government and after that is elected and recognized as a member of the Academy of Fine Arts in France . In 1974 the Dalí Museum was inaugurated in his honor. 1979 was a retrospective at the Pompidou in Paris in honor of his seventy – fifth anniversary of his birth .

Importance of Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí summed up the idea that life is the best art form and drew his own with such relentless passion, purity of mission, and steadfast commitment to exploring and honing his various interests and crafts, making it impossible to ignore. its innovative impact on the art world. As one of the main exponents of surrealism , his legacy continues to this day, becoming an artistic phenomenon worldwide.

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