Rosa Luxemburg


Rosa Luxemburg was a doctor in legal sciences Marxist, philosopher, political activist and economist, who determined in Germany a before her and an after her, in such a way that she captivated the population , that currently in Berlin it is celebrated annually on a specific day because of her.

  • When was he born:  03/05/1871
  • Where he was born:  Zamość, Poland
  • When he died:  01/15/1919
  • Where he died:  Berlin, Germany

Who was Rosa Luxemburg?

Born on March 5, 1871, Rosa Luxemburg was a revolutionary and theorist of German socialism , of the Jewish religion.

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Biography of Rosa Luxemburg

He was born on March 5, 1871 in Zamosk , a city in southeastern Poland, when it was still controlled by the Russian Empire, he grew up in a family of Jewish religion, a religion that was instilled in him very well throughout its development, She attended the Gymnasium  female high school since the 1880s, from an early age her roots for justice and truth were born, the opposition to what was happening in her nation was immense, so much so that by 1886, Rosa appears as a member of the leftist Polish party.


In 1887, this graceful young lady finished high school with excellent grades, impeccable behavior and a relatively perfect record, however, for society the only bad thing that there was in her was that passion to defend her rights and those of others, for the same reason Thanks to his constant protests and rebellions against the Russian empire that oppressed the population, he had to make the arduous decision to leave his nation, he fled from Poland to Switzerland to avoid his arrest.

This activist was not only a determined and brave woman for the time, even knowing that the fact that women were educated was not seen in the best way, when she arrived in Switzerland she began to study at the University of Zurich along with several personalities who imposed themselves In the social sciences in the same way as her, Rosa has been an influence of great impact, since upon entering university she not only studied a career, but also decided to study philosophy, history, politics, economics and mathematics simultaneously, her areas of specialization were the theory of the state, the Middle Ages and the economic crises that existed at the time.

Rosa Luxemburg kept focused on the fact that the struggle should focus on the fall of capitalism and not on an independent Poland, since if they projected a future beyond their current reality, they would only be living on illusions; Together with Leo Jogiches he founded the Socio-Democratic Party of the Kingdom of Poland, which after a time would advance and become the Social Democratic Party of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania, regardless of the fact that Rosa lived most of her years in Germany , this never happened. she forgot her nation, Poland, thanks to this at the time she was considered the main social democratic theorist .

Gustav Lübeck , was Rosa Luxemburg’s husband, therefore, thanks to him, he acquired German citizenship in 1898, after this he moved with him to Berlin , where he actively participated with the left wing of the German Social Democratic Party, with his great ability rhetoric , Luxembourg managed to amaze more than one person and thanks to this she managed to climb quickly the steps in the high hierarchy of the party, for which, sooner than expected, she became a leader and main spokesperson of the same party.

In mid-1910, Luxembourg had attempts to organize a general and peaceful strike that would unite all workers in solidarity in order to avoid war, however, the party leader did not agree with his ideals of peace, what caused an irreparable rupture of the relations between Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Kautsky.

Between 1914 and 1948, having the support and company of Karl Liebknecht, he led the left socialist protests against the first war of wars, that is, the First World War, for which he was stopped in 1915, however, that did not frustrate his ideals, since even while in jail he continued to express his thoughts through writing; it was she who proposed the theoretical bases for the split of the League of Spartacists.


In 1919, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were in the Eden hotel, Berlin, from which the military of the time pushed and kicked them out, at that time Rosa Luxemburg represented “The Red Queen” for both the population and the military. They  beat her, harassed, and mistreated her, later denigrated her and forced her to get into a car, in which they told her that they were going to take her to the hotel, however, a short time later they suddenly shot her at the political activist, causing him immediate death.


His ideals, thoughts and goals were constantly referring to the freedom , peace and trust that a certain population could have in his nation, this was a crucial factor for his political development, however, he was despised and exiled by his Same ideals of equality and hierarchy, Rosa Luxemburg was against all those patterns that oppressed people’s fulfillment, absolutely everything that frustrated development was discarded for this activist, for the same reason, she attacked in such a direct, abrupt and radical way against the government that dominated at the time.

Contributions of Rosa Luxemburg

  • It is one of the pioneers of democratic socialism .
  • As she was considered “the red queen” together with her German partner Karl Liebknecht founded the newspaper called “The Red Flag” .
  • She was the first to use the endings “Socialism” and “barbarism”
  • He organized several objections in favor of peace, and demonstrated so that the military would become aware when the Sarajevo attack took place, which was against Archduke Francisco Fernando.


It is not a secret that this woman was not only a representation of freedom and courage, for the time it was extremely strange to see a person of the female sex stand out in such a way, since all women took refuge in introversion and in their complexes because of not being able to be or not being able to advance, thanks to social parameters; However, Rosa indirectly promoted confidence in women, since at the time this gender was not studying, she decided to get involved not with one, but with 5 careers, which in addition to filling her with knowledge made her have the ability to dominate masses of sex feminine, because almost no woman had that courage to rebel freely.

In addition to this, Rosa Luxemburg was one of the first women to enter politics and the social sciences openly, expressing her perception of things and what she wanted to do in the future for society, for the same reason, although she was unaware of She promoted feminism in her time, giving a higher importance to the genre that at that time was hidden in alleys, fearful and panicked by the prohibitions of the environment in which they were living.

Works by Rosa Luxemburg

  • Reform or revolution.
  • Mass strike, party and union.
  • The accumulation of capital.
  • The Russian revolution .
  • The socialist crisis in france .
  • Stagnation and progress of Marxism .
  • Organizational problems of social democracy.
  • What is the economy?
  • Pacifist utopias.
  • Against capital punishment.

Rosa Luxemburg quotes

Some of the most famous phrases by Rosa Luxemburg are:

  • The leadership has failed. Even so, leadership can and must be regenerated from the masses. The masses are the decisive element, they are the pillar on which the final victory of the revolution will be built.
  • Action first.
  • The entire force of the modern labor movement rests on scientific knowledge.
  • Those who do not move, it is because they do not feel the chains.
  • It is necessary to prepare the masses in such a way that they follow us with complete confidence.
  • For a world in which we are socially equal, humanly different and totally free.

Presence in popular culture

Rosa Luxemburg’s impact was so great that today on a Sunday in January every year a day is celebrated with her name and that of her partner, thus honoring the struggle for which she passed in her life.


This political activist was not only a revelation and a light at the end of the road for her time, she unleashed a number of events that transformed her environment for the better , women who at that time did not have any right to many things and did not have freedom to choose what they would like to do fully, seeing her develop in such a way in society they were catapulted into new horizons and thoughts; by the same token, Rosa Luxemburg is indirectly said to be a crucial feminist.

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