Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon is known for having been one of the main congressmen of the Republican Party of the United States of America, who served in the position of Vice President of Dwight D. Eisenhower. He tried to get to the presidency but his opponent, John F. Kennedy, was victorious, some time later he tried again, this time reaching the White House , however he resigned his post when he was accused of covering up illicit activities .

Personal information

  • When was he born: 01/09/1913
  • Where he was born: Yorba Linda, California, United States
  • When he died: 04/22/1994
  • Where he died: New York, United States

Who was Richard Nixon?

Richard Nixon was one of the presidents of the United States who served between 1969 and 1974. A candidate of the Republican Party who was tried for a series of prohibited activities, which is why he resigned from his position.

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What did richard nixon do

Some of the most important things President Richard Nixon did were:

  • He managed to start the dismantling of the tax laws that had been imposed years ago.
  • He established the political program ” New Federalism ” reactivating with it the economy of the states and the most important cities in the country.
  • He created a protectionist law against imports by making the dollar fall in order to make North American products more competitive.
  • He tried to find a dignified exit to keep up the prestige of their country during the War of Vietnam .
  • It gradually withdrew the US armed forces that were in this conflict but continued to provide financial and weapons support to the Saigon regime.
  • He visited the People’s Republic of China , which at the time was considered one of the country’s most important diplomatic triumphs .
  • He signed the first agreement to establish a limit on nuclear weapons with Moscow.

Richard Nixon Biography

Richard Nixon was born on January 9, 1913 in a place in California , United States known as Yorba Linda. His family struggled against economic problems for a long time and against tragedies, as two of his brothers died when he was a child. He carried out his school studies in two different schools and since he was a child he had an appreciation for politics, even running for president of the student body of his educational center. He received a scholarship to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, but having no money, his family could not pay for him to move there.

He completed university studies , graduating from a Law School, and soon found work practicing his profession at Kroop & Bewley , a major law firm. He enlisted in the US Navy in 1942 and was part of the Second World War , later he returned to be elected a deputy of the Republican Party and was elected senator in 1951. His nomination for the presidency of the United States came in 1952 and from that position he fought to improve international politics. In 1968 he decided to start his political campaign for the presidency again, being elected in 1972.

Presidential term

Richard Nixon’s presidential race began in the early 1960s against his Democratic Party opponent John F. Kennedy . He tried to campaign based on his experience, however, he was defeated by Kennedy, for which he began to carry out a series of investigations for alleged fraud , in the end, he decided to accept the defeat and this filled him with praise for his dignity and professionalism .

In 1962 , several of the leaders of the Republican Party encouraged him to run again in the presidential elections, and he did so. He lost again to Brown and many thought it was the end of his political career but little by little he became the best statesman in the United States by presenting a contrast to the war in Vietnam and thus cultivating greater support from the Republicans. He announced his candidacy again on February 1, 1968, and this time he received unexpected support.

During his campaign he promised the country to seek peace in the midst of war and the restoration of North America before the Soviets, also returning to conservative values and roots . He finally won the election, placing himself as the 37th president of the nation, on January 20, 1969.

Cold War

Richard Nixon was interested in two important policies, one was to start relations with China and the other was to sign an agreement for the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty with the Soviet Union. These two events were responsible for favoring a low profile in world affairs in order to end the Cold War , however, it was not possible and the international economy faced great stability by modifying the international financial system .


In the Watergate building was the main headquarters of the Democratic Party , which was raided on June 17, 1972 because they were accused of illegally listening to conversations by collaborators hired by collaborators of President Richard Nixon. The United States Grand Jury found, in March 1974, that the president had participated in such a decision and was charged with obstruction of justice .

In July 1974 , the president was asked to deliver the last recordings that had been made, among them, it was possible to find a recording where Nixon’s order for the FBI was registered in which he ordered to stop all kinds of investigation on the recordings. . On August 8 , President Richard Nixon made the decision to resign from his post and did so on the national television network.


The resignation of President Richard Nixon took place on August 8, 1974 , at nine in the evening through a television network that was broadcast from the Oval Room of the White House. His resignation, according to the president, was because he knew that he would not have more support from Congress after the Watergate scandal.


After retiring, he moved to live on a ranch in California that he owned. He died on April 22, 1994 at the age of 81 due to a stroke. His funeral was attended by very important figures of the North American government.


He first studied at Fullerton High School but then continued his studies at Whittier High School. After rejecting an important scholarship at Harvard University due to financial family problems, Richard Nixon entered the Whittier College Local to study , where he gained a very good reputation as a polemicist and in dramatic arts. After graduation, he managed to enter Duke University in North Carolina to study law.


His ideology was always very conservative , however, he also applied the liberal part whenever it was necessary. He was above all anti-communist and sought a way to eliminate elements that went against culture to defend the majority of people who had no voice.

Richard Nixon personality

Richard Nixon’s personality was varied between the introvert and the extrovert politically speaking. He was very intellectual and was quite intelligent relying on this quality and that of others. He loved to read and understood all kinds of technical documents well. Many experts consider that deep down he was very insecure and lived harassed by a great persecution complex against him, which in the end ended up shaping his way of being with other politicians.

Physical characteristics

He was 1.80 tall , his hair was dark brown as were his eyes.


His father was named Frank Nixon who owned a warehouse and a gas station and his mother Hannah Milhous Nixon who exerted an important influence on Nixon’s political career.


In 1940 he married an actress and teacher named Thelma Catherine Ryan , whom he met at a play in her local community.


Richard Nixon’s daughters were named Tricia and Julie .


Richard Nixon was an important president because he managed to establish a series of vital agreements for his country, such as the agreement for the control of nuclear weapons with the Soviet Union and also managed to do diplomacy with China laying the foundations for the reduction of weapons and establishing democratic ties that could later end the Cold War . It also succeeded in sending the armed forces to war only when national interests were in danger and when objectives were well defined.


A great deal of recognition has been made to President Richard Nixon primarily appointed in schools, colleges and public places. Books have also been written in his honor, such as “The Nixon Era” , films and memoirs recounting the positive aspects of the president.

Richard Nixon Quotes

Some of his most important phrases were the following:

  • I have disappointed all my friends and my country.
  • Those who do not take risks will never suffer from a defeat, but they will not have victories either.
  • The greatest honor that history can give a man is to be recognized as a peacemaker.
  • They won’t have Nixon so they can mistreat him more, because, this will be my last press conference.
  • What I mean is that, if it is done by the President, then it is not illegal.

Presence in popular culture

In popular culture you can find the story of Richard Nixon in different books that have been written by renowned writers, also in the world of cinema it is possible to find his life and bibliography as well as all the positive aspects of his mandate.

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