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Ricardo Darín is an actor of Argentine origin whose surprising talent has grown and developed throughout his life on stage. He made his theater debut when he was barely ten years old, in a play in which he acted alongside his parents, the actors Ricardo Darín and Renée Roxana.  Famous for his starring role in the Oscar-nominated film El Secreto en sus Ojos , and notable for his performances in the Argentine films: El Aura , Nueve Reinas, and El Hijo de la Novia .


Personal information

  • When was he born:  01/16/1957
  • Where he was born:  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Who is Ricardo Darín?

Ricardo Darín is a famous actor of Argentine origin , acclaimed for his important roles on television since the 70s, in which he made the debut of his career acting in theater together with his family.

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Biography of Ricardo Darín

Ricardo Darín was born in Buenos Aires , Argentina , on January 16, 1957. He worked since he was a child, and over the years has achieved a remarkable evolution from his participation in soap operas and television comedies to becoming an important figure in Argentine films. . At the age of 10 he made his debut in a play along with his parents, actor Ricardo Darín and actress Renée Roxana . He acted for several years in television series where he achieved popularity as a leading actor in different soap operas, especially in the productions of Alberto Migre .

His most important roles as a film actor include Nueve Reinas , El Hijo de la Novia , Luna de Avellaneda , El Aura and La Signal , which was also his directorial debut. He starred in the Academy Award-winning film, The Secret in His Eyes . In 2011, the Konex Foundation awarded him its Diamond Award, one of the most prestigious awards in Argentina, for being the most important personality in entertainment in the last decade in his country. He lives with his wife, Florencia Bas , and their children, Ricardo Jr. and Clara .


In his youth he had a relationship with actress Susana Giménez which lasted for nine years, and although they ended their relationship they are still friends. In 1988, he married Florencia Bas .


From his marriage to Florencia Bas, two children were born, Ricardo “Chino” Darín and Clara Darín.

Films of Ricardo Darín

Among his main films we can mention: The Sign (director), Love at last sight, Everyone knows it, The Mountain Range , Captain Kóblic, Black Snow, Truman, Wild Tales, Seventh, Thesis on a homicide, White Elephant, A gun in each hand, A Chinese tale, The Secret of his eyes, in all of them he worked as an actor.


Among his television works we mention: The streetcar gang , Today’s testimonies, The letter, Difficult times, High comedy, Yesterday was a lie, The Super Star family, Pablo in our skin, The theme is love, You and I, the whole life, A stairway to heaven, Dollhouse.


Some of his most important plays are the following:

  • Until tomorrow if God wants to
  • The strange couple
  • Cab
  • Rumors
  • I need a tenor
  • The mother of … (voiceover)
  • Scenes of conjugal life


His main recognitions are the following:

  • Goya Award for Best Male Lead Performance, Best Supporting Male Performance and Best Male Lead Performance.
  • Prize Condor of Silver for Best Actor.
  • Sur Awards for the best leading actor.
  • Clarín Awards for best film actor.
  • Kones Awards in Diploma of Merit, Konex Platinum Award, Konex Brilliant Award.
  • CEC Awards in category as best actor.
  • Forqué Awards for best male performance.
  • Feroz Awards for best leading actor.
  • Gaudi Awards for best male lead on two occasions.
  • San Jorge Film Awards for best foreign actor.
  • Chlotrodus Awards for Best Supporting Actor.
  • ACE Awards in New York for Best Actor.
  • Platinum Awards for Best Male Performance and Platinum Honor Award.
  • San Sebastián Film Festival as best actor and Donostia award.
  • Biarritz Film Festival for best actor.
  • Film Festival Havana as best acting male.
  • Valladolid International Film Week as best actor.
  • Martín Fierro Award for best actor in comedy, drama and a special role in fiction.
  • ACE Awards for Best Dramatic Actor.
  • Estrella de Mar Awards for Best Leading Actor, Golden Sea Star Award and Best Actor in Dramatic Comedy.

Ricardo Darín quotes

Some of his most famous phrases are the following:

  • The theater is the last refuge of the actor . You can make cinema without actors, but you can hardly make theater without actors .
  • As Hollywood is running a little empty of content, they are looking for stories around the world and, since ours are cheap, they say: “Well, I give this four stars and I have a boom .”
  • When you see an American movie , you leave the theater and you realize that the best thing you saw was the trailer .
  • The stories of our territories are being increasingly valued, perhaps because of their simple and colorful content .

The cinema belongs to the directors .


Among the curiosities that most draw attention to Ricardo Darín, we mention the following:

  • Approximately ten years ago he managed to obtain dual nationality , Argentine and Spanish, through a “letter of nature . ” In this way, the procedure that allows the Government of Spain to deliver nationalities in an exceptional way is known, to whom it deems worthy of them.
  • Darín was moved by remembering his father , who died of cancer in the late 80s. Ricardo Darín was inspired by him for his character in Truman , who is, precisely, a cancer patient.
  • Ricardo Alberto Darín began his acting career at age 6, in a radio soap opera . At the age of 14 he had his first prominent role in the cinema, in I was born in La Ribera, which was so bad that Ricardo himself laughed at it, when they put some scenes on an Argentine television program.

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