During the oil refining process , a series of liquefied gases are produced that are also condensable, which are basically divided into two types, butane and propane .

What is propane?

Propane is a type of liquefied gas of oil a hydrocarbon type aliphatic which has three atoms carbon and can be widely used and importantly in the field of industry and home .

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Propane characteristics

Propane has several characteristics that distinguish it, among them we find the following:

  • It is a gas derived from oil .
  • No taste (toilet) and has no colored (colorless).
  • Under certain conditions it can become highly explosive and flammable .
  • It has a high calorific value, higher than 28.46 kWh / Nm3 and lower than 26.20 kWh / Nm3.
  • It has a density greater than that of air .
  • Under normal temperature conditions, around 25 ° C, propane has a density of 1,882 kg / m³.
  • Its density has the ability to change depending on temperature and pressure .
  • The relative density of propane in relation to air is 1.52, in other words, it is 52% denser than air.
  • It has a fairly low boiling point of -42 ° C.


Propane was discovered in 1857 thanks to Marcelino Berthelot , a French chemist, however, as one of the fundamental components of gasoline it was recognized until 1910 . It was Walter Snelling , an American chemist who managed to observe it for the first time and defined it as a source of energy vapor . Later, Snelling joined other chemists and together they founded the American Gasol Co. , Becoming the first people to market the product.

In 1912 , a part of the patent for the manufacture of gas was given so that gas could be produced by means of compression and it was in this way that its commercial use began to grow. By 1935 , sales of the product reached 56 million gallons in the United States and for approximately 30 years, experts dedicated themselves to making improvements in storage , transportation , odorization, and the construction of plants to store it.


Propane is composed of three carbon atoms and eight hydrogen atoms which are linked by means of simple bonds , it is these bonds that determine the termination of its name. You can also find some types of saturated components such as butane and isobutane . It is important to mention that in the end, its composition will always depend on the process that is carried out to refine it . As for the formula, there are two:

  • Developed chemical formula : C3H8
  • Semi- developed chemical formula : CH3CH2CH3

What is propane for

Propane gas has several important uses which are related to the industry industry , in agriculture , and the daily life . Its uses are therefore quite varied, for example, in the home, propane is used to provide heating in spaces and also for cooking . In some places it is used as a type of energy supply for heating homes and keeping water hot .

In the sector of the hotel industry for example, it is widely used in laundries, to keep the water heated pools , to control the heat in the kitchen and could also be used in hospitals . In the field of agriculture , it is effective to carry out the drying processes of the products, to reduce humidity and in several of the fermentation and cooking processes . It is ideal for maintaining the proper temperature inside greenhouses and enhancing plant growth.

In industry , propane is used in metallurgy , glass, and is also a source of energy with which to power engines . It is important to mention that at present, it is being given special importance as a type of fuel for automobiles , in this case it is known as autogas .


It can be obtained through the processing that is done to crude oil from deposits or its reservoirs and which is then processed within refineries and can also be obtained as a by-product in chemical plants . When talking about propane in its liquid form, it can be obtained in places that are close to the point where hydrocarbons are produced, this will always depend on the nature of the reservoir.


The main reserves of propane are located in the Middle East but can also be found in Central Asia , mainly in Russia and Turkmenistan.

Environmental impact

As to the environmental impact, propane is considered the type of fuel more clean all and therefore, the use of this gas actually does not cause the contamination buildup and increase and therefore, not considered to be produced damage to the environment .

Cost per country

  • Spain : here the bulk propane has an approximate value of 40 euros per kilogram , but this price can also vary depending on the place and the company that is in charge of distributing the product.
  • Mexico : in Mexico, its price is around 8 Mexican pesos per kilogram . This also depends on the quantity and the company.
  • Colombia : in the country it is distributed mainly in the shape of a cylinder and has an approximate value of 000 Colombian pesos.

Advantages of propane

Regarding the advantages that can be obtained by means of propane gas, it is important to mention that this gas has a high energy efficiency and for this reason, it has the great capacity of being able to produce enough heat without having to waste raw materials. In addition, there are several ways in which gas can be distributed which makes it more accessible . It is also a very versatile type of energy so it can be used in multiple applications.

It is also a gas that can be used as a fuel for automobiles and thanks to its calorific power it forms a type of energy that is extremely efficient. It is inexpensive for many people and it is also quite safe.


Perhaps one of its most notorious disadvantages is that you need to have an adequate deposit in the place where it will be used, whether in a home, company or business. Some cylinders can have quite high costs as well as the expenses for the gas to be shipped.


Propane gas is important because in many countries it turns out to be the main source through which some benefits can be obtained, such as hot water and heating, mainly in places where there is no access to natural gas . It is also one of the best sources of efficient energy without having to face high prices because it is quite inexpensive .

In addition, this gas has recently been widely used as a type of fuel , which has the great advantage of being more economical and of not causing any type of damage to the environment since it is totally friendly with it, with this, it is possible to improve levels of harmful substances in the environment.

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