Of all the jobs involved in the production of a movie that exist so far, there is one in particular that seems to cause a lot of confusion . We then refer to the producers of film . It’s not hard to see why the job title causes so much confusion. Such is the vagueness of the term “producer” that we have even met with movie producers who have gone out of their way to describe the work in a few concise sentences


What is a producer?

The film or cinematographic producer is the legal representative who has a film work and is responsible for the organizational and technical aspects that are included within the film, complementing the director .

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  • Has self-criticism and a critical spirit.
  • You must know and know the means to be able to produce .
  • He has empathy and is always up-to- date and alert to possible changes.
  • He is able to design , point out , distinguish and achieve
  • Has organizational capacity .
  • Adequately handles situations that arise both from driving and personnel management.
  • He has creativity and knowledge of the different types of audiences that exist.
  • It is sensitive and capable of facing the market.

Types of producers

Executive producer

He is in charge of looking for producers who want to invest . Sometimes the executive producer is the sole producer and sometimes this leads to confusion.


Executive Producer

It is the producer to whom the original producer delegates his work , so that he is in charge of coordinating , directing them and keeping him informed at all times. It is a person in whom the producer delegates some responsibilities to reduce his volume of work.

Producing Director

He is in charge of controlling everything that the producer has requested so that it is executed in an adequate way, this includes the established deadlines and mainly that the budget that has been allocated to it is sufficient . He is in charge of checking that the money and time are invested appropriately. Their work is more difficult to quantify when it comes to awards because they are not taken into account.


  • Film producer : is responsible for organizing the technical , human and financial resources that are needed to carry out a certain audiovisual project .
  • TV producer : is responsible for organizing the resources both human and technical needed to develop audiovisual products, is responsible for the final result artistic and technical .
  • Producer of music : works in all stages of the creation of a disk, and has responsibilities creative and administrative . Manages the album budget properly , coordinates recording schedules , music sessions , mixing and mastering .
  • Radio producer : he is the one who creates the content of a radio program but does not get involved with the presentation , he is the person who gathers what is necessary for the show or presentation to achieve a quality transmission that meets the broadcasting standards.

What does

A producer is an individual who assists in the development , planning , execution, and marketing of a film. He is the person who initiates , coordinates , supervises and manages the creation and production of commercial films, television shows, web series and videos. It also participates in all phases of production from inception to completion, including the coordination , supervision and control of finances , talent and crafts .

How to be a producer

To be a producer you must understand the audience , have a vast knowledge of how attracting people to watch or listen to the programs that are produced works. You must understand and be aware of the needs and preferences of advertisers and programs. You must be creative and look for suitable information for the programs.

How much earn

Generally, producers and directors of television , video and productions movement of image , earning an annual salary of approximately US $ 92,220 and 50 percent of the average wage was $ 70,660 US.

How it differs from the director

Producers are those people who are in charge of legally representing a work and are responsible for all the organizational and technical aspects of a film, thus complementing the work of the director . The film director is the person who is in charge of directing a film , giving instructions to the actors , determining the positions of the cameras , controlling and inspecting the set and costumes to make it suitable.


The producer is one of the first people to get involved in a production of any kind and for this reason it is of utmost importance because through his decisions the financial success that a movie or album can have can be achieved .

Featured Producers

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  • Ben affleck
  • Tom cruise
  • Billy Crystal
  • Mark Cuban

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