The romantic love of which has been talked about for years and years is a concept that has dominated over time the relationships that exist between a couple . This concept makes love understood as a situation or feeling that can only be shared by a couple, who maintain close ties with each other. However, in many countries around the world, mainly in Western countries , different ideas and movements have emerged to explain in a different way what and how love occurs between people, and opinions that say that affective relationships may be different, this is the case of thepolyamory .

What is polyamory?

Polyamory is a word that can be defined as a tendency , preference or habit of being able to maintain a loving relationship with more than one person at the same time and in a context in which all the people involved are aware of this situation.

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The word was devised by Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart in 1990 and from that moment on it has become more popular every day, it emerges as an idea and as a philosophy of life, in many western countries .


Polyamory is a word that is formed by the Greek suffix ” poly ” which means a lot or multiple, and the word love , which tells us about the different emotional and erotic relationships that human beings share among themselves.


The men of ancient Egypt were free to marry as many women as they wanted and many African countries today, particularly those of a predominantly Muslim faith, still practice a form of polygyny .

Types of polyamory

The way in which the types of polyamory are classified may vary depending on the criteria used to distinguish between categories , in this way we can say that the types of polyamory are the following:

  • Hierarchical polyamory  in this type of polyamory, the original relationship is more intense and the relationships established on the outside are seen as secondary. This situation means that the people who belong to the primary relationship can impose vetoes on the other, thus preventing, for example, from getting romantically involved with certain specific people. This type of polyamory is the most used in western countries .
  • Poly fidelity:  in this case, intimate relationships are restricted to a certain group of people and have very limited limits. Outside of this circle of members, sexual contact is not allowed.
  • Relational anarchy, or free love:  This is the type least similar to monogamous relationships . The people who practice it do not have any type of restriction and for this reason they have all the freedom to choose how to relate to other people. There is no pressure to make established relationships with others fit into a set of stereotypical norms, and there are no labels . It is very unstructured, although it requires a lot of commitment .
  • Networks of weighted related relationships:  in this type of relationship each person can have several relationships , to varying degrees of importance, with different people.
  • Mono-polyamorous relationships:  occurs when one of the members is monogamous, but accepts that the other is not and maintains external relationships .

Advantages of polyamory

One of its possible advantages, according to the data that is available through research, makes us think that it has the advantage that many of the problems that couples and traditional marriages go through disappear in polyamorous relationships.

Couples have the option of living a relationship in freedom without creating bonds , so it is considered that polyamory gives us the benefit of avoiding possession . Enjoying sex freely with other people, putting sincerity first of all, will cause many couples to solve problems between them.


Many of the couples who practice it, despite showing a preference for the practice, may develop a crisis of jealousy or fear of being left out of the relationship. For many, the fact of sharing a network of affective relationships with more than one person means that the time is not enough to dedicate to their own partner or daily or shared activities . In addition, many of the problems that can affect a normal partner are also present in people who practice polyamory.

You can also suffer from disapproval by society and discrimination . There may be a shortage of appropriate and positive role models between the couple

Examples of polyamory

  • Europe : This trend has gained a great boom in recent years and occurs in both homosexual and heterosexual people, based mainly on feelings and not so much on sex. It is based on sharing different emotions and finding support in others outside of the original partner.
  • Mexico : in this country there is even a polyamorous collective. Young people are mainly those who seek to live this experience. Despite the fact that in this country only monogamy is recognized, polyamory is widely practiced regardless of the marital status of those who use it, but they do so in a discreet way.

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