Politic ideology


It is important to remember that an ideology is the way in which a person or a group of them see the world based on their experiences and knowledge that are also part of a social structure. It is a set of ideas that characterize thought and it is also a philosophical doctrine that focuses on the origin of ideas.


What is political ideology?

Political ideology is the set of beliefs regarding the way in which society should be ordered, establishing a frame of reference that interprets society, that promotes beliefs to organize it in an ideal way and promotes adequate paths to achieve an ideal .

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  • Types of political ideology
  • What is the best political ideology
  • How it differs from religious ideology
  • Importance of political ideology
  • Examples of political ideology

Definition of political ideology

political ideology can be defined as a set of ideals based on ethics , principles and doctrines of a certain social movement that indicate and explain the best way in which a society as a fundamental group should function. It is a group of ideas that manages to offer a political and cultural program that help determine the ends for which a social order is established.


It is a group of thoughts , beliefs and values that follow a certain pattern and that compete with other thoughts in order to provide different types of action plans with the main objective of creating public policies that help explain, justify or change the social order and politician of a certain place.


Among the main characteristics that can be observed within a political ideology, the following can be mentioned:

  • They are closely related to political parties .
  • They contain ideas that are related to social movements .
  • They offer policy programs whose main objective is to establish and maintain social order.
  • They can be based on a series of interrelated ideas without having to maintain a specific idea .
  • They have a series of methods with which it is intended to achieve a common goal, that of organizing society.
  • They are based on ideals , principles and a series of doctrines .
  • They are made up of several elements that include a study of the present , a series of objectives for the future and the way in which these can be achieved.
  • Its main sources will always be issues related to society and economic issues .
  • They are expressed to the public through political plans .

Types of political ideology

The types of political ideologies that exist are mentioned below.

Religious conservatism

This type of ideology is also known as the extreme right . They are based on beliefs of a religious nature and are generally aimed at maintaining the rituals and beliefs associated with a particular type of religion. It is important to mention that in cases of the extreme right , their leaders seek to repress the people who do not accept their ideas.


It is based mainly on individualism and on attending to the needs of individuals, downplaying economic issues. Its primary purpose is to minimize the intervention of the State in the social, private, cultural and economic life of individuals. It greatly promotes civil liberty and as an example we can cite representative democracies and republican parties.


It is a collective ideology that is not linked to ideologies of a religious nature and that also is against the State being guided by spiritual beliefs. Its foundation is the socio-political and economic doctrine that is based on the collective ownership and administration of the means of productivity in order to achieve an adequate distribution of wealth. Achieving a more just society is its primary goal.

Social democracy

This political ideology is based on a political and economic system that seeks a peaceful shift from the capitalist economy towards socialism using democratic means such as parliamentarism. It is a type of democracy that allows citizens to participate in decision-making, who seek to protect the environment , regulate private companies , have a secular state, and seek gender equality . In addition, it is interested in the defense of human rights promoting a fair life for all citizens.


In it, everything is based and centered on the denial of authority , people are always against the government and all kinds of social organization.


Its main objective is to eliminate the different types of social classes and promote equality of conditions .

What is the best political ideology

According to several experts in politics, the best political ideology would be the one that includes a bit of capitalism and another of socialism because it is the best way to achieve greater prosperity , better distribution of goods and resources and to achieve political freedom that includes more civil rights . more stability and greater tolerance. This is the ideology that most people know as social democracy , a politics formed by democratic socialists within a framework based on capitalism, which is regulated and created in favor of society for the common good.

How it differs from religious ideology

The main difference is based on the fact that it uses the symbolic and rhetorical power that religion has to be able to link its beliefs to the political offer, taking advantage of the despair of the people caused by previous parties. It is an ideology that includes neo-Pentecostal politics , which makes both pastors and churches and their members become part of the government, introducing a series of ultra-conservative positions related to the family, with the restriction of social freedoms , and that also defend neoliberalism and Consumer society.

In this type of ideology, human rights are not fully respected since feminist and sexual diversity movements are highly criticized for going against the patriarchal order of the role of men and women. They do not accept liberal or progressive ideas regarding the family, nor do they accept reforms that improve and expand the rights of others.

Importance of political ideology

Political ideology is important because it works as a guide that provides direction to the person who is in charge of leading a society. It is the one that is in charge of dictating the political spectrum that all people have, which also helps them to know what, when, where and how to carry out the activities that govern their lives. It is one of the best ways to give order and organize a society within the socio-economic , political , structural and governmental aspect .

Examples of political ideology

PAN political ideology

Known as the National Action Party , the PAN is based on a center – right ideology , which has a certain tendency to demo Christianity . It is considered one of the most important political parties in Mexico and they are called humanists . Its principles are based on four important principles found in the Catholic religion, dignity towards people, the search for the common good , solidarity and subsidiarity .

Political ideology of the green party

This type of political ideology has as its main objective the defense of the environment but also seeks that societies manage to modify values. Their ideology is then based on responsibility for the environment, individual freedom , democracy , diversity , society’s justice , acceptance of gender equality and the search for sustainable development .

VOX political ideology

VOX is a political party that originated in Spain and is cataloged with a far- right ideology that seeks to regenerate politics, destroy autonomies, re-establish an independent judiciary and promote “family culture” . This ideology includes a series of anti-feminist elements and against Islam , insists on the vindication of values ​​seen as traditional, is to reduce bureaucracy and authoritarianism . Opposed to abortion, with a strict moral policy, an ultra-conservative ideology and that also ridicules or downplays important terms.

Ideology of Peronism

It was a political ideology based on Juan Domingo Perón , president of Argentina many years ago. Its main ideal is social justice as a means of reducing tensions between corporate capital and the proletariat . It seeks to improve the backward classes, implement nationalism and caudillismo .

Macri’s ideology

Their type of ideology, according to experts, has no place in democratic societies . For Macri, the only thing that counts and has value are his own ideas , which makes him a leader with extremely authoritarian ideologies . Macrismo is an ideology that contradicts itself at all times.

Putin’s ideology

Its police ideology is founded on fundamental traditional values that were promoted hundreds of years ago by the Russian Orthodox Church. His philosophy is based on conservatism and criticizes international relations and world problems. It opposes a globalized world and the idea that cultures have their own identity.

Ideology of Clara Campoamor

One of the main representatives of the feminist movement that managed to get Spanish parliaments to accept voting as a universal right. His democratic convictions were very strong and his republican ideas were solid.

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