Polar Star


The polar star is one of the most famous and admired stars that exist, it is called the celestial pole in the same way , it is usually confused as the star that guides the lost in the north pole precisely because of its name, which is not it deviates a lot with reality.


What is the pole star?

The polar star is one of the stars that can be seen the most from the simple visualization that can be obtained on the planet, since it is aligned with the axis of rotation of the earth , its position is hypothetically located between some of the so-called celestial poles , the term pole star refers most of the time to what is Polaris, which is the northern natal star, known as the North Pole Star or North Star.



The pole  star does not have a specific history , it is only known that it was recognized in the middle of the 18th century, the century in which the term Polaris was introduced.



The easiest way to locate the polar star, or Polaris, is by observing the constellation Ursa Minor , since this is one of the stars that make up it, it will generally be the one that is most distinguished from the entire set of stars that make up this constellation. , located further north , exactly about 0.75 degrees from the same north, between the celestial poles.

Characteristics of the pole star

One of the characteristics that most distinguishes the pole star is that it stands out above all the others, not because of its luminosity, nor because of its size, but because it is the first to be identified , in addition to being the one that is attached to the north, the called Polaris is one of the most fundamental stars that complements what is the constellation Ursa Minor.

How to find it

As said previously, it is simply looking for the constellation Ursa Minor , Polaris will dazzle at any moment giving its whereabouts that it is focused in the north.

What is it for

The polar star or Polaris became popular when individuals began to realize that it worked as a guide when it came to finding the north pole as a geographical point, in this way walkers and navigators were located observing this star in the middle of the nights, and which is when it remains in a fixed and immovable position , turning it into an exact light, so to speak.

Which constellation does it belong to

The polar star, or Polaris, is part of the set of stars that make up the constellation Ursa Minor.


This star is generally in the same position at night, however, thanks to what is the precession of the equinoxes , which is the gradual and gradual change of the axis of the earth, with these changes the theory is possessed that a In the future, this star will even change its name and its functions , depending on the rotation that is carried out at that time.

The pole star on other planets

The earth is not the only planet that has a polar star, several planets have their own Polaris , only with different types of names, which is extremely peculiar, some of the names that are given to the polar stars on other planets are the following:

  • Mercury : Alpha Pictoris and Omicron Draconis.
  • Venus : Fi Draconis.
  • Moon: Delta Doradus.
  • Mars : Kappa Vellorum, Sadr, Deneb, Cygnus.
  • Saturn : Delta Octantis.
  • Pluto : Delphinus.


The polar star is of utmost importance for both astrologers and sailors , since in it they place their hopes to arrive safely at their destination, in addition to this, without this one of the most precious constellations by civilizations would be incomplete , which is the Little Bear ; In addition to a guide, it works as a lamp for some lost people , which makes it extremely special as a star.

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