There are many and very varied elements of architecture or ornaments that can be observed in a given building, one of them is the pinnacle . This piece, which generally has a cone or pyramid shape , gives a building a higher level of styling because thanks to it it is possible to achieve a better sense of height.


What is a pinnacle?

A pinnacle is basically the highest part that can be observed in a building that is built with the aim of providing reinforcement in the vertical position and that also provides important decorative elements . It is a type of architectural auction dating from the Gothic and medieval period.


Pinnacle Features

Among the main characteristics that can be observed at a pinnacle are the following:

  • They are generally made of glazed ceramic .
  • Pinnacles can have two types of shapes: a conical and a pyramidal .
  • It is considered one of the most important elements in Gothic architecture .
  • They were usually made of stone , but could also be made of lead .
  • They have a double function, on the one hand they are ornamental and they are also structural .
  • They can be seen most often in buildings that were built in ancient times and are still standing, or in historical, military, or religious buildings.
  • It stylizes the image of buildings and gives a greater sense of height .


The pinnacle had its origins in Western Europe , specifically during the Middle Ages, in the first half of the 12th century. It is considered that the first building to show this type of architectural structure was the Basilica of Saint-Denis . It remained constant until the 15th century, when the Renaissance began to emerge.

It was a type of architecture that was always hand in hand with Gothic art , which emerged in France during the 11th and 13th centuries and then, little by little, began to spread throughout Europe incorporating different types of elements in its structure.

It is important to remember that the word Gothic was used by artists who belonged to the Italian Renaissance and was used to make a reference to the barbarians and their art, developed during the Middle Ages. In addition, all the structures, including the pinnacles, were an important part of the cathedrals of the time, buildings that were considered the most important at that time.

What is your function

In addition to giving buildings better aesthetics , the pinnacle works as a means to considerably reduce the different lateral forces that the structure has. It also gives a greater sense of height to the structure and provides reinforcement preventing the walls from being destabilized, thanks to its weight, to the places where it is placed. In other words, it prevents the building from losing its base, curving, or even collapsing.

Pinnacle in numerology

The term pinnacle is not only used to refer to the structures that are in the uppermost part of a building or cathedral, but it is also used in sciences such as numerology . In this broad field there is what is known by the name of numerological map , through which you can get to know a large amount of information that is related to specific areas and situations of daily life.

Through this map you can get to know the character , the way of being of a person, the type of personality with which it has and what are the best methods to face possible problems that may arise along the way. The pinnacles are part of the map and are an action plan through which you can determine the best guidelines to follow to achieve better personal growth .

You can find 4 different pinnacles in numerology, two of them have a duration of 9 years and the other two, can vary in time. In order to make a calculation of the first pinnacle, a subtraction must be made between the number that represents the path of life, which in these cases is the number 36.  Later, if you want to obtain the second pinnacle, this result is given You must add the number 9 and this procedure must be followed continuously in order to calculate the remaining pinnacles.

To achieve a better reference, a reference table of pinnacles is used, which serves to identify the duration of each of them. After the duration has been identified, the vibration of each one can be determined depending on the ruling number that has been assigned to them.


The importance of the pinnacle from the architectural point of view is based on its ability as a structure to promote and provide greater security to tall buildings, since it has the ability to help keep the pieces together preventing the place from tilting sideways. Seen from the point of view of numerology, the pinnacle is an important tool to know the personality of a person and the way he behaves.

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