Physical Condition


The word condition refers to various types of meaning, on many occasions it is used to define the space , the form and the function of a thing or person. We can say that a condition is the state in which a thing can be found. There are also several types of condition , for example, physical condition .


What is fitness?

We can define physical condition as the total of all the basic physical and psychomotor capacities that can be performed by the human body to be able to perform different types of exercises or physical activities giving maximum efficiency.



Among the main features are the following:

  • The physical condition is based on the development of capacities , qualities and several other elements that form a healthy state of the body.
  • It is closely related to nutrition and health in general .
  • It allows to carry out different types of activities more effectively .
  • The genetic influence on the physical condition of the human being.
  • An important part of this type of condition is the basic abilities of the human being.
  • It is related to the energy processes of the human body.


The types of fitness are as follows:

  • General physical condition : this type of condition refers to the minimum level that must be present in an organism considered healthy and is responsible for allowing the individual to have a certain degree of efficiency to be able to function in daily life. It is the basis for physical activities, sports and good health.
  • Special physical condition: it is part of the general physical condition and is the one that is related to each of the types of sports activity that exist.

Components (edit)

The components that are part of the physical condition are various and are also necessary to be able to reach an adequate level. These are as follows:

  • Muscular strength: it is the strength of the body to be able to lift and transport heavy objects. Without it, the human body would be weak and could not meet the demands placed on it.
  • Muscular endurance : it is the ability of the muscles to be able to perform contractions for long periods of time.
  • Cardiovascular resistance : refers to the ability of the human body to perform exercises that put the cardiovascular system to work for long periods of time.
  • Flexibility : This is one of the most important components of fitness and includes aspects related to flexibility , muscles and joints . It gives people the ability to move without pain or stiffness.
  • Body fat composition : it is the amount of fat that the body has and must be kept at optimal levels for the body to be in good physical condition.

Fitness development

In order to achieve a good development of physical condition, it is necessary in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle , a good diet and sports . This implies gradually developing all the qualities and physical capacities of the human being that will make it possible for the activities to be carried out. In order to have a good physical condition, it is necessary to improve and work on the following aspects:

  • Strength-resistance : this type of physical condition includes important aspects such as flexibility and aerobic capacity. It is the ability to produce tension when undergoing a muscle contraction.
  • Aerobic power: it is related to the coordination that the individual has as well as balance.
  • Strength : refers to the capacities of the human being to carry out activities.
  • Flexibility : it is the mobility of the joints which, over time, gradually deteriorates.
  • Speed : it is the ability to be able to move and maintain a certain effort as quickly as possible.

Assessment of physical condition

The assessment of fitness is based on a series of tests that can be used to measure the physical performance of a person. One of them is the resistance test that allows to know the ability of a person to be able to make an effort in the longest possible time. The strength test can measure the ability to overcome or counteract a given resistance by contracting the muscles.

The speed test is used to measure the ability of the central nervous system to send the necessary impulses to all parts of the body, it can be seen as the ability to react in the shortest time possible. The flexibility test measures the ability of an individual to be able to extend using a certain joint.

Benefits of a good physical condition

Being in good physical condition can bring many benefits to the human body, the most important of which are the following:

  • Improves body reflexes and overall coordination .
  • Helps eliminate stress .
  • Improves sleep and reduces insomnia problems .
  • Improves the joints , bones and muscles of the body.
  • Contractions in the muscles that can be very painful are reduced .
  • Helps reduce body fat levels while increasing muscle mass .
  • Improves the psychological condition of individuals.
  • It is ideal for fighting osteoporosis .
  • It helps reduce high blood pressure and prevents people from developing it.
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes .
  • It helps reduce the body weight .

How it differs from physical activity

The difference between these two terms that are often confused is based on the fact that physical activity refers to the different body movements that are produced by the muscular and skeletal system through the consumption of energy . The physical condition is the group of physical attributes that can be evaluated and which are closely linked to the ability of humans to perform some physical activity.


Maintaining a good physical condition is important because it is the way in which the human being can achieve their personal goals , many times the term is related only to exercises, but in reality, it covers all aspects of daily life . Having a good physical condition allows the individual to also enjoy a good health condition, which can prevent a large number of diseases that can affect health.

In addition, when you are in good physical condition, it is possible to achieve many goals , whether personal or sporting, and this causes a better state of mental health , which positively affects the human body. Through it, it is possible to train the body so that it can perform different types of activities effectively and vigorously , while avoiding injuries.


The physical condition is closely related to the physical activities that can be carried out, in other words with the sport. Some examples of fitness are mentioned below:

  • Have good endurance to run a race.
  • Enjoy good flexibility to be able to perform certain types of exercises such as yoga.
  • Possess the necessary strength to work the muscles with weights.
  • Be agile to play sports such as athletics.
  • Maintain good coordination to perform activities such as dance.

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