Philosophical thought

The thought is a faculty that has the human being , and can be defined as a concept or mental representation of something or even on someone. It is the capacity by which ideas and concepts can be built . There are several types of thoughts , one of them is philosophical thought . A rational , critical and at the same time speculative way of thinking through which answers related to existence can be sought and found .

What is philosophical thought?

The philosophical thinking is a way of thinking and reasoning critical , active , free , rational and impractical through which answers are sought related to facts essential that science has yet to respond elevating man as a being rational in their total fullness.

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Definition of philosophical thought

The philosophical thinking is a way in which the human being can think so critical , rational and little empirical by which tries to find all the answers possible from the point of view scientist on the root causes and ultimate reasons that are related with existence , an aspect of great importance for philosophy . It is a way of seeking answers to questions that are not based on assumptions Those questions that have been asked and that science has not had the ability to answer, this includes all the enigmas that surround humanity .


Among the most relevant characteristics of philosophical thought the following can be mentioned:

  • It is considered as one of the branches of philosophy .
  • It is a result obtained from a series of reflections of such philosophical .
  • It is based on logic and criticism , both aspects of great importance in philosophical thought.
  • It has a significant degree of systematicity , in other words, it is ordered depending on a series of different parameters.
  • It is analytical because it can perform analysis and understand reality and knowledge at the same time.
  • It seeks to cover and study specific topics and then be able to analyze them in detail.
  • It is knowledge of a rational type because it is responsible for studying ideas through logic and reason.
  • It is not attached to emotions , only to the reason that makes knowledge and understanding possible.
  • It is historical because it includes a series of specific historical events, which makes it a political and social context.
  • It has the ability to encompass any reality that is possible including science , studies and disciplines .
  • It is a critical type of thinking through which one seeks to answer questions.


The origin of logical thought is found in the ancient Greek civilization because it was they who managed to shape human reason and a more rational type of thinking to find solutions to the different problems and needs of man.

Evolution of philosophical thought

The evolution of logical thinking has come hand in hand with philosophy . The evolution of this type of thinking began in the ancient Greek peoples who were concerned with answering a series of questions related to philosophical problems . Philosophy as a science was born in Greece and it was in this place that philosophical thought was also born. Thanks to the passage from myth to logos , a process of secularization and abstraction of thought was created, thus breaking down mythical thinking.

In its evolution, great thinkers arose who helped the evolution of thought, characters such as Herodotus , Thucydides , Plato and Aristotle played a fundamental role so that this way of thinking managed to evolve and reach our days. After the death of Alexander the Great , Greek culture was extended and with this, the way of thinking spread.

During the Renaissance age , more historical thoughts began to be established and man was placed as the center of concerns avoiding seeing the human being as a creature that was subject to passions and impulses . Already in the Renaissance, the theological and philosophical systems that drove philosophical thought began to be accepted .

How the Catholic Church has influenced the philosophical thought of the Middle Ages

The Catholic Church played an extremely important role in the development of philosophical thought during medieval times as it managed to contribute to this type of thought a series of important exponents who came to discuss the different positions related to nature , to the human being , with the phenomena that occurred in nature and with relationships , aspects that have been an important foundation on the basis of human reasoning .

Thinkers such as Saint Thomas Aquinas were of utmost importance in the philosophical thought of this time because in addition to supporting Aristotle’s thought, he also promoted a type of humanist philosophy , which was responsible for nurturing and increasing thought based on philosophy. It was in this way that the church came to occupy a place of great importance because it also managed to implement relationships and foundations for development.


Philosophical thought is important because it can act from above the emotions , in this regard it is important to remember that many people sometimes tend to get carried away by their emotions and this can generate a series of havoc in their lives, however, with the use From philosophical thought this can be avoided by improving the life of the human being.

It is a means by which man can alleviate emotions related to existence , life and the role he plays in it. Experts consider that human emotions have a lot of power and this can cause intelligence to be weak , with philosophical thinking it is possible to improve and strengthen intelligence, giving the individual a greater capacity to understand and then solve their problems .

Examples of philosophical thought

Plato’s philosophical thought

His thinking was based mainly on the theory of ideas by means of which he managed to base all philosophical thought. He saw reality in two different ways, one intelligible that was known as an idea , which was also eternal, immaterial and alien to change; and on the other hand a sensible reality formed by a series of things that had various material characteristics that could be subjected to changes.

For him, the ideas were also hierarchical and in this order, the first place was occupied by the idea of ​​the good , then the mathematical objects and finally, the things . Plato is considered one of the most important philosophers in all of history and today, his thinking still influences the developed world.

Aristotle’s philosophical thought

His thinking was grounded in theology , a science by which he could identify the good with an end . For him, the human being acted to achieve a certain goal , which was mainly based on happiness in life . He saw happiness with virtues and also divided them into two different branches: the ethical, which were designed to dominate the irrational part of the soul, and the diaonetic , which were related to the rational nature of the human being.

Socrates philosophical thought

His philosophical thought was highly innovative for its time and exerted an important influence on philosophical thought in general . His way of thinking and his philosophy was based mainly on the human being mainly on vices , ignorance , virtues , the soul and ethics . For him, the human being had the obligation to place his thought in the center of the world, in addition, it was based on reflections of an ethical and moral nature and considered wisdom as the most important virtue of the human being.

Philosophical thought of Descartes

Descartes had a main philosophical principle in which he established that thought and existence were undoubted . He is considered one of the most important figures in the history of philosophical thought and his proposals managed to initiate a new way of seeing reality , he is in fact considered the initiator of modern philosophy . In his thinking, he proposed that all human beings had the necessary tools to be able to freely and legitimately define their own path .

Philosophical thought of Marx

His philosophical thought became known as historical materialism and it was a type of scientific theory that dealt with aspects related to the formation and development of society through a philosophical theory based on economics , history and philosophy with the objective of being able to describe and understand the laws that governed change in society.

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