Philip the Beautiful


Felipe I , also called Felipe el Hermoso , was the first King of Castile of the House of Habsburg . He never managed to inherit the territories of his father nor did he become emperor of the Holy Empire, this because he died before his father, but his son, Emperor Charles V, finally united the inheritances of the Habsburgs , Burgundy , Castile and Aragon.


Personal information

  • When was he born:  07/22/1478
  • Where he was born:  Bruges, Belgium
  • When he died:  09/25/1506
  • Where he died:  Burgos, Spain

Who was Felipe the Beautiful?

Felipe I , better known by the name of Felipe el Hermoso, was a Spaniard born on July 22, 1478. He was King of Castile for less than a month before his death and founder of the Habsburg Dynasty in Spain.

  • Biography and reign of Philip the Fair
  • Death
  • Family of Philip the Beautiful
  • Why did they call him Felipe the Beautiful

Biography and reign of Philip the Fair

Felipe was born in Bruges  on July 22, 1478 during the reign of his grandfather Frederick III in the county of Flanders, what we know today as Belgium. He was the first-born son of Maximilian I , Holy Roman Emperor Germanic, and of Mary of Burgundy. In 1482, after the death of his mother he succeeded him in his Burgundian possessions. In 1490 a series of confrontations took place between France and Flanders . In 1493, the countries managed to reach an agreement with which Felipe was named prince when he was only 15 years old. He was also proclaimed sovereign of the Order of the Golden Fleece, Mechelen , Brusselsand Middelburg . He married Juana de Aragón , known as Juana la Loca , who was the daughter of the Catholic Monarchs . In the year 1501, Felipe and Juana traveled to Castile where they would be named princes of Asturias . In 1494, when he was only sixteen years old, he took over the lands of Burgundy. Felipe el Hermoso and his wife returned to Spain after Queen Isabella of Castile died to take possession of the throne. In November 1504, Ferdinand proclaimed Juana as the Queen of Castile and took the reins of the government of the kingdom, invoking the last willof his wife. Despite the fact that during the concord of Salamanca in 1505 a joint government of Felipe, Fernando el Católico and Juana had been agreed , this situation did not take place and ended with the arrival of the Burgundian to the peninsula , who convinced part of the Castilian nobility, based on gifts and concessions, that he posed a lesser threat than that from an Aragonese king. Due to this situation, Fernando withdrew to Aragon and Felipe el Hermoso was proclaimed King of Castile on July 12, 1506 in the Courts of Valladolid with the name of Felipe I. This had a very short reign as it would only last two months due to his death.


It is known about the death of Felipe el Hermoso that, during a ball game in Burgos, in the Burgos palace called Casa del Cordón where he had been drinking. After the game, he drank plenty of cold water and became ill with high temperatures, apparently from pneumonia , which caused his death a few days later. Some writings report that she was coughing up blood a lot, her bell had become seriously inflamed, and she couldn’t mention a word. His death is registered on September 25, 1506 , when he was just 28 years old . Many people of the time did not believe the theory of Felipe’s illness and claimed that Fernando had poisoned himbecause he was losing the game, and others, that he had died of the plague .

Family of Philip the Beautiful

He was the son of Maximiliano I , who was the Holy Roman Emperor and the Infanta Juana . Felipe el Hermoso married Juana de Castilla very young and they had six children mentioned below:

  • Eleanor , who was queen consort of Portugal and France
  • Carlos V who managed to be king of Spain and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Isabella who was queen consort of Denmark, Norway and Sweden
  • Ferdinand I who is known to have been King of Bohemia and Hungary and an Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Maria who had role as queen of Hungary and Bohemia and as governor of the Spanish Netherlands
  • Catherine who was Queen of Portugal

Why did they call him Felipe the Beautiful

Some historians consider that he was not very beautiful, but according to some descriptions, Felipe had a very proportionate body , his face was quite graceful , and he was fond of sports which made him an agile and strong man , characteristics that could also make him see a man like beautiful. He was very gallant and fiery , and had many affairs with different women. It is also believed that when he married, he made a trip with his wife to France, where they visited King Louis XII who gave him the nickname by saying “Here is a beautiful prince ”.

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