Personal integrity


The word integrity is a fairly broad term that refers to something that is complete, however, this term can perfectly be used or applied to the quality of the human being , since, from this point of view, personal integrity refers to a state in which man achieves mental , physical and spirit integrity when he succeeds in making his thoughts coherent with each other.


What is personal integrity?

The personal integrity is one of the values of the human being that involves doing the right thing by following our most important values moral and ethical . It is a type of virtue of the individual to act always following his conscience , trying to do what is good, what is right and what is just .

  • Definition
  • Characteristics of personal integrity
  • Types
  • What situations affect the integrity of the person
  • Crimes against personal integrity
  • Relationship with self-esteem
  • Importance
  • Examples of personal integrity


Personal integrity is a characteristic that human beings have which is linked to their qualities as people. It is a state in which you can enjoy uprightness and determination to do things in the right way both ethically and morally, taking at the same time the physical , spiritual and mental aspects at the time of acting and making decisions.


This term applies more to daily living, to the personal life of each human being and in the legal field it is also applicable, because here it is seen as a group of human attitudes that make it stand out by having a type of behavior considered as integrity which keeps you away from illegal acts.

Characteristics of personal integrity

Among the main characteristics that can be observed in personal integrity, the following aspects are mentioned.

  • There is a high sense of loyalty which is always linked to the original cause and thanks to it the human being has the ability to establish relationships with others.
  • Always keep the Word that has been promised for this is very important to maintain good personal integrity.
  • There is good control of emotions before others, because it is known that when they fail to control themselves adequately, moral ruin can be achieved.
  • It gives the human being the ability to recognize their mistakes .
  • It is based on the practice of positive emotions such as temperance , serenity and forgiveness .
  • There are high levels of honesty and trustworthiness . People of integrity let those around them know that they can be perfectly trusted.
  • Individuals who enjoy this type of integrity also possess personal discipline , know how to moderate their emotions, their impulses, and have self-control.
  • The consistent attitudes remain both in thinking and in acting.
  • There is respect for oneself and for all the people around the whole person. For them, others must always be treated in the same way that they want to be treated, this means, with respect , consideration and a lot of dignity .


There are several types of integrity that can be part of the human being. These types are mentioned below.

  • Physical integrity : this type of integrity is related to the human body as a whole and seeks to keep all the parts that comprise it preserved in order to achieve a good state of health .
  • Psychic integrity : in this case, it is related to all aspects that are part of mental health and is based on the search for personal motor , intellectual and emotional skills .
  • Moral integrity : it has a close relationship with the way in which individuals can develop life following a series of their own convictions as long as the way of acting does not affect or harm the people around them.
  • Religious integrity : refers to the group of beliefs and doctrines , norms and rules that human beings have with respect to the precepts and mandates that have been established by God .
  • Work integrity : this type of personal integrity is related to business, and implies honesty , moral judgment and values related to leadership that must be applied in the field of work. It is a term that applies both to the employees who work in a place and to the employers who hire them.

What situations affect the integrity of the person

There are several situations that can affect the integrity of a person while damaging coexistence . These situations are closely related to everything that affects human rights and that also produces feelings of violence , insecurity and that ultimately deteriorate the quality of human life . Some of these situations are mentioned below.

  • Illegal drug trafficking that becomes a serious public health and safety problem.
  • The insecurity of the human being in the face of problems.
  • Marginalization of peoples and societies.
  • Lack of communication and disintegration of the family.
  • Lack of adequate measures by governments to properly meet the needs of the population .
  • Economic situations
  • Bullying better known as bullying .
  • Lack of work .
  • Domestic violence
  • The

Crimes against personal integrity

There are also several crimes that can seriously affect the integrity of a person. These punishments are punishable by law and among them we can find:

  • Crime of workplace harassment in companies.
  • Crime of human trafficking .
  • Crime of threats , harassment or bullying .
  • Crime of forced marriages .
  • Kidnapping and torture .
  • Organ trafficking .
  • Crimes related to moral integrity such as slander and injury .
  • Crimes that threaten life such as abortion , infanticide , homicide and femicides .
  • Crimes that affect bodily integrity such as mutilations .
  • Crimes that cause damage to sexual indemnity such as rape, sexual abuse, prostitution, production and distribution of pornographic material.

Relationship with self-esteem

Self- esteem and personal integrity are two terms that are closely related and many experts assure that, in order to have a good and high self-esteem and thus be able to achieve happiness , it is necessary to surround ourselves with personal integrity . It is important to remember that integrity involves everything related to the way of acting of the human being depending on a broad system of values .

The behavior, on the other hand, acts congruently with these values, helping the individual to achieve full personal integrity and when this happens, the human being manages to develop a positive feeling of self – esteem , by feeling good about himself, even improving the emotional state of the individual. . So, we can say that men who manage to maintain a good personal integrity based on values ​​and principles, reflect their attitudes in the way they behave and this notably increases their self-esteem, since they manage to feel complete , positive and in contact with everything they do. surrounds them.


The importance of personal integrity lies in the fact that it is a human right that manages to gather all the necessary guarantees for the individual to be able to develop correctly throughout his life. Integrity is a fundamental aspect in the positive and correct development of societies , families and even companies since each of the actions carried out following the ideals of integrity improve the coexistence of human beings.

Examples of personal integrity

Some examples of personal integrity are mentioned below:

  • Live honestly within the family and society.
  • Show compassion and solidarity towards those most in need.
  • Staying attached to values.
  • Practice honesty, honesty, punctuality.
  • Maintain good emotional control.
  • Respect yourself and those around you.

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