The computer or the field of computing is a very broad science whose function is to study the different methods and techniques available to store , process and then transfer the information in a fully automated manner. Within this broad field we find some important definitions, for example, peripheral , a complement that makes it possible to send and enter information . They receive this name precisely because they are placed externally to the computer.

What is a peripheral?

A computer peripheral is a type of external device that can be connected to the PC but that is not part of the main components of the equipment and that also makes it possible to enter and exit all kinds of information either to the computer or outside. her.

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What is a peripheral for

Peripheral devices are what make it possible for information to be entered into the computer in order to store , interpret and solve problems , in other words, it is essential to be able to communicate with the device. They serve as a type of auxiliary memory whether it is inside or outside the computer.

Then, it can be said that a peripheral is used to perform different input and output operations which are not complementary to the whole process that the CPU performs. It is important to mention that each peripheral has its own unique function to send tasks or information to the computer, always depending on the function for which it was designed.


Understanding and knowing the exact origin of peripherals is a bit difficult because when computers were created, peripherals were not clearly conceived as input and output devices, but were seen as elements that could be added to computers and were not considered as part of the digital world. For this reason, little information is available on both its origin and its technological evolution .


Although the exact history of peripherals in the computer world is not clear , many experts consider that the history of these devices began with the invention of the mechanical calculating machine , which in turn was the forerunner of the digital computer. In the 80’s, Herman Hollerith began the manufacture of punch cards in order to be able to process the data and in this way managed to collect statistical information for a census in the United States in 1890.

With the development of technology, peripherals also evolved and today, today’s society uses this type of device to store and manipulate large amounts of data.

Peripheral types

There are four different types of peripherals that can be used in a computer.

Input peripheral

In this case, it is any type of hardware that has the ability to send information to a computer and that also makes it possible for it to interact with and control it. The keyboard through which we send information when the keys are pressed and the mouse that works when any of its buttons is clicked are examples of input peripherals.

Exit peripheral

This type of device is the one that works by receiving all the data that comes from a computer. So, it has several important capabilities, it can print , display or send different types of signals very easily which will be later interpreted by the person using the computer. It is functional to be able to show the person who manages the equipment the operations that have just been carried out. It is in this group where we find, for example, the monitor, printers, speakers and digital projectors among others.

I / O peripherals

These devices are what make it possible for the information to be sent to the computer but at the same time they make it possible for the data to be received from the computer. So, in short, they can send and receive different types of data by means of an input and an output. Some of the most common types are modems, routers, touchscreens, and virtual reality headsets.

Storage peripherals

This type of peripheral is used specifically to store all kinds of information . Most of the devices that are located in this group are also input and output , this because they have the ability to extract information from the computer and later save it on the device. In this group we can find CD or DVD readers or recorders, USB memories and external hard drives.


The role played by peripherals in a computer is essential because without them, the device would have no use . We could say that these types of devices become the senses of the computer because it is through them that it has the ability to see , listen and even ” speak ” with others. It is also an efficient way of being able to send or receive information from other means and then process it and obtain information.

Peripheral examples

Some examples of peripherals are mentioned below:

  • Microphone : allows sounds to be input to the computer.
  • Scanner : makes it possible to take pictures of flat images so that they are later fed into the computer.
  • Camera : they make it possible to take photos from the same computer. They also allow the taking of videos.
  • Stylus – works as a type of mouse.
  • Joystick: makes it easier to control movements in some programs such as games.
  • Speakers : allows the user to hear the sounds that are stored.
  • Modem : connects the computer to the internet so that information can come in and out.
  • Wireless card : makes it possible to obtain a wireless network to send and receive information.
  • Speakers or Speakers : they work as an audio output that makes it possible to play music or give alerts about some situations.
  • Pendrives – This is the latest version of CDs or floppy disks. They are a type of memory stick where information can be stored and transported.

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