When we refer to the word performance, we are basically talking about the action and effect of exercising , assimilating , exercising functions , doing or producing a specific effect , in other words, acting. The word is generally used to give a name to put on stage it is performed by an actor who is the person who plays a role either in the theater , the cinema , the television or other media. Its etymological origin tells us that the word comes from the languageLatin , and that comes from the verb actuare , which in turn comes from a different verb “agere” , which has the meaning of the word “ do ”.


What is acting?

The performance is the action and the effect of putting into action a certain result , it is the staging that is carried out by an actor either within the theater , the cinema , the television or some other means of communication.

  • What does the performance consist of?
  • features
  • Origin of the performance
  • History
  • Techniques
  • Importance of performance

What does the performance consist of?

In order to know what the performance consists of, it is important to know that the most important part of the performance are the actors and actresses who participate in different activities such as theater , film , radio and television . They are the people who use a series of movements and imagination to be able to shape different characters within a certain story that has been written by the writer. Work is being performed by actors whose function is to represent one character in particular. This process begins with the actor getting closer to his character in order to get to know him and fully integrate with him.



Among the most outstanding characteristics that we can observe in the performance we can mention the following:

  • It is carried out by means of the actors or actresses who are in charge of representing different roles in films, plays and other artistic expressions.
  • The performance of must have a plot that is interesting and a theme, which gives meaning to a certain work.
  • The characters are in charge of performing the performance .
  • The characters who act in a certain play can be carried away by what the script or text says.
  • The costumes and makeup are two very important aspects of the performance.

Origin of the performance

Many of the investigations that have been carried out over time have concluded that the first manifestations of acting appear in Greece with the first actor known as Thespis . But in itself the profession as such originated in Europe during the 16th century, specifically in Italy.


As we mentioned earlier, the Greek Thespis was the first actor to exist and he performed at the Dionysus Theater in 534 BC. On stage, Thespis spoke in the first person , thus playing a character. Until that moment, stories had been told before an audience, but everything was always done in the third person and in a sung way. The professionalization of acting began in Europe during the 16th century; in the country of Italy, and was born with the first professional companies of Commedia dell’Arte and with the companies protected during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. During the seventeenth centuryacting roles could only be played by men since it was in bad taste for a woman to perform on stage. In the theaters of Venice  the change began that allowed women to perform theatrical performances


The techniques used to perform the performance are the following:

  • Stanislavski system: it  was a method developed with the aim of training the actor as an artist ; that he was looking for the truth and that it gave shape to his character . It suggests the definition of the actor on the objective of the character that he constructs, creating the past and the future of the same based on the present that is interpreted. Stanislavski, proposed an honest actor , who expressed emotions , who feels the character , who commits himself to the play and to the character . He used the theoretical basisand practice of naturalistic theatrical aesthetics and theater pedagogy of the 20th century. He proposed a system by means of which the actor seeks and finds the internal causes that originate a result.
  • Jerzy Grotowski’s model : he made a comparison with poverty to be shown to the public so that the actor could show himself as he really was to the public and in this way, the actor represented wealth within poverty. He proposed the use of a theater that uses technological elements such as lights , sound , etc. According to this method, it is the actor who must illuminate the stage ; get rid of all external accessories to build the character from within. He also had a spiritual oppositionbefore acting because he thought that people had the ability to free themselves and detach themselves from the material .
  • Antonin Artaud’s model : for him, the actor was an athlete of the heart . He was influenced aesthetically and ideologically by Dadaism and Surrealism , criticizing aristocratic society through the cult of the self. He had great influence from the Balinese theater which practiced contact with the inner world. For him, the theater was something magical , a ritual in which, through a play, he could make the viewer experience a shock treatment to take him away from his logical and rational thoughts to introduce him into a liberated world full ofemotions .

Importance of performance

The importance of acting is based on how important the characters are within a certain work, since it is through them, their gestures , and the way they act that it is possible to come into contact with the audience , making them feel a large number of emotions that can then be expressed as well.

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