Pepon Nieto


José Antonio Nieto Sánchez, better known as Pepón Nieto , is a renowned and famous actor of Spanish origin who appeared for the first time in a television series known as Farmacia de Guardia .


Personal information

  • When was he born:  01/20/1967
  • Where he was born:  San Pedro Alcántara, Spain

Who is Pepón Nieto?

Pepon Nieto is a famous Spanish actor who has worked in film , theater , comedy, and cooking shows . A pragmatic, flexible man with a great personality, the son of hoteliers and a lover of culinary art .

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Biography of Pepón Nieto

Pepon Nieto was born in the Malaga town of Estepona , Spain , in January 1967. He began his training within the artistic field as an interpreter at the William Layton Theater Laboratory . It was in 1993 when, after a long period of growth in the theatrical field, he managed to obtain his first television role by participating in an episode of the legendary series known as Farmacia de Guardia .

A year after his participation in the series he manages to makes the leap to the big screen under the direction and advice of Imanol Uribe in the film Days counted , with which achieves a nomination for the award Goya for Best Actor revelation .


Peppone grandson has never hidden his sexual inclination , but neither has he needed to say it from the rooftops. Nor does he hide his lifestyle on social networks or his love life where he can even be seen participating in activities , calendars and bars surrounded by his friends.

He wanted to make his sexuality clear with his participation in a calendar in a friendly cocktail bar that is located in the center of Madrid, and this calendar was made with the aim of raising funds for people living with HIV .

At present, Pepón Nieto has a stable relationship with her young boyfriend named Álvaro , he is much younger than him since he is 30 years old and lives in San Sebastián de los Reyes. He is quite recognized in the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca , since he is passionate about music , sings and plays the guitar and is a great athlete who practices rugby , skateboarding and snowboarding .

Pepon Nieto movies

Among his most outstanding films we can mention:

  • 2016: The Exchange
  • 2015: My big night
  • 2013: The witches of Zugarramurdi
  • 2007: Chuecatown
  • 2004: A Day Without End
  • 2003: Thaw!
  • 2003: The Bulgarian bride and groom
  • 2002: The Green March
  • 2001: Happy Men
  • 2000: Llombai
  • 1999: Pepe Guindo
  • 1998: The Barbarian Years
  • 1998: The Scream in the Sky
  • 1998: burglary
  • 1997: Things I left in Havana
  • 1997: The time of happiness
  • 1997: Sorry pretty, but Lucas loved me
  • 1997: Luck
  • 1996: Internal business
  • 1996: More than love, frenzy
  • 1995: You will die in Chafarinas
  • 1995: The Crying Boutique
  • 1995: Luismi
  • 1994: days numbered


Some of the television series in which he has participated are:

  • Pharmacy on duty : television series that narrated the daily work in a pharmacy.
  • Journalists : participated in a total of 63 episodes, between 1998 and 2000.
  • Lawyers : series in which he participated only in 1 episode.
  • Rita’s life : it also had a short participation of 5 episodes in 2003.
  • Shrove Tuesday : The finery of the deceased
  • Paco’s men : it was a Spanish police television series in which he recorded a total of 117 episodes, between 2005 and 2010.
  • Cheers (2011-2012)
  • Loving is forever (2014-2015)
  • La que se avecina : comedy series in which she participated in 1 episode in 2014.
  • I know who you are : a total of 15 episodes participated in the year 2017.
  • Celebrity Master Chef : cooking program where great chefs from around the world participated.


Over the years and throughout his career, Pepón shake managed to gain creditor of several awards, among them for example the best actor in the Festival of Toulouse for Internal Affairs , the Prize Antoñita Colomé of Association of Andalusian Film Writers , which was awarded to the best Andalusian actor for “ El tiempo de la feliz ”, the Union of Actors Award for the best television actor for Journalists and the Ercilla theater award for La cena de los idiotas .

Quotes by Pepón Nieto

The most recognized phrases of Pepón Nieto are the following:

  • Paco, that I am not of fulminant sex appeal … I am gaining them little by little …
  • Hi, I’m Pepón Nieto, my name was Pepe, but I got fat
  • But how am I going to choose Lucas, that I have not chosen in my life, if in my life I have had a woman … or none, I do not know that this overflowing sex appeal that I have
  • Who would send me to dance … if I’m fat from birth … you can’t go against nature.

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