It is extremely interesting as the state Statians and some citizens of other nations like Mexico , love so as aferrima to the nation that saw them grow, so always seek to show that they belong to it. This is called a patriotic sense or patriotism .

What is patriotism?

The patriotism is simply a thought which creates a special bond between man and the homeland where he was born and lives or lived. This bond is loaded with affections, ethical and moral values, culture and historical values. It is usually developed with the nation where the human being is born and grows the first period of his life.

  • Characteristics of patriotism
  • Story
  • How it differs from nationalism
  • Patriotism by country
  • Criticism of patriotism
  • Importance
  • Examples
  • Phrases about patriotism

Characteristics of patriotism

Among the main characteristics of patriotism are:

  • They usually give great economic value to the objects that are part of their history.
  • They establish their heroes and liberators as the best in the world.
  • They create movements that tend to fall into racist attacks against non-patriotic society.


The birth of patriotism originates under the first American colonies , after the Spanish invasions . During these times a feeling of rebellion was unfounded where there was great discontent towards the colonizers since they made it feel that the homeland where they were born had been stolen from them and that is why one of the reasons why the wars of independence .

However before this, after Napoleon set his brother on the throne , the image vanished from a king so the power again lie with the people , so they formed together government both in Spain and in the newly conquered peoples. (This is demanded by the Creoles from the councils)

The genesis of government boards in Latin America in chronological order is as follows:

  • August 10, 1809 , that of Quito is created  .
  • April 19, 1810 , the one in Caracas was created  .
  • May 22, 1810 , that of  Cartagena de Indias was created .
  • May 25, 1810 , the one in Buenos Aires was created  .
  • July 3, 1810 , the one in  Santiago de Cali was created .
  • July 4, 1810 , the one of Nueva Pamplona is created  .
  • July 20, 1810 , the  Santa Fe de Bogotá was created .
  • August 2, 1810 , the city was created again in  Quito .
  • September 16, 1810 , the one of Mexico is created  .
  • September 18, 1810 , the one in  Santiago de Chile was created .
  • May 15, 1811 , that of Paraguay is created  .
  • August 3, 1814 , the one of Cuzco is created  .
  • September 15, 1821  , that of Guatemala was created .

How it differs from nationalism

One of the most visible differences between patriotism and nationalism is the nationalism seen a little more of objectivity and reason the nation is not blind to their culture so you accept that his nation is good and beautiful but as any of the others , which is not perfect, which has its good and bad things, and above all it is open to cultural exchanges.

Patriotism by country

There are certain aspects that differentiate the patriotism of one nation from another :

  • United States : It is the most palpable example of what a fierce patriotism is , just look at your nation and how they have taken it to every corner of the world in one way or another showing it as the best in the world.
  • Mexico: It is possibly the one that most adheres to the concept of what patriotism means since it is totally attached to its roots and is not affected by other nations saying that they are better than it as long as it does not affect its cultural integrity.
  • Spain: Spain, although at some point it was very patriotic , currently that sentimentality has been declining since it has not been transmitted to subsequent generations.
  • Argentina: Argentina protects its cultural heritages a lot , however they are always open to cultural exchanges since their nation has been formed through them.

Criticism of patriotism

One of the biggest criticisms of patriotism is that it greatly encourages xenophobia. This is due to the fact that there is usually a great feeling of fear on the part of patriots because allowing a cultural exchange with another nation supposes a mixture and therefore that the original bases of that nation are “lost”.


Although patriotism is loaded with great reviews , if something can not be denied is that it also helps in greatly to a nation , since it or not will always give you a high value to its history and levels economic also favors to the country , for example: they will prefer to consume any product of national origin ” which is the best ” to something imported which does not guarantee anything.


vivid example of what patriotism means to people is this anonymous poem about what it feels like to be a patriot:

“Patriotism is that majestic feeling that brings tears to our eyes.

I’ve felt it, placing flags on graves in the National Cemetery in Arlington while the cornet played “Taps.” I have felt him walking in grim thanks among graves in the American Cemetery in Normandy, France , which honors the American troops who fell in Europe during World War II. I’ve felt it at rodeos in Montana on Independence Day, when a young woman carrying the American flag gallops into the ring as the National Anthem is played. I have felt him pronouncing the Pledge of Allegiance.

I have felt it in a military position of attention in ceremonies with aging Cuban heroes of Brigade 2506 —who landed in Cuba in 1961 in the Bay of Pigs invasion— while we sang with difficulty the lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner. And later, when we sang effortlessly, the lyrics of the Cuban National Anthem remembered from our youth. I have felt it reading in English the beautiful prose of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence and, in Spanish, the Simple Verses of José Martí.

The best definition of patriotism is love and devotion to the country, and a feeling of alliance with other citizens who share similar values. It is the love and devotion I feel both for my birthplace and for the country that, almost six decades ago, welcomed me as a 13-year-old political exile. “

Phrases about patriotism

Among the most prominent phrases within patriotism are:

  • ” Our country is and will always be the best of all , without letting anyone compare it to it”
  • ” Patriotism is the disposition to kill and let yourself be killed for trivial reasons that go against your beloved country “
  • “He who does not love his country does not love his mother or his sister”
  • ” After God, it is to the parents and the country to whom we owe the most “
  • ” How can you not love your country if it was she who gave you life and saw you grow up with your mother”

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