Passive Gymnastics


The aesthetic medicine is a broad term that applies to any specialty that involves the process of modifying the physical aspect that a patient. Whether a person wants to improve the face or body, or to reduce the risk of certain types of diseases, including obesity, aesthetic medicine can give good results. There are also several types of aesthetic medicine such as passive gymnastics which helps to tone the body.


What is passive gymnastics?

The passive exercise is a type of technique used in aesthetic medicine based on the electrostimulation by generating pulse power through electrodes conductive connecting directly to the musculature.


Definition of passive gymnastics

The passive exercise is a term that has become very innovative in recent damage especially because people who want to reduce some centimeters of the body without having to make any kind of effort . It can then be defined as a type of technique body remodeling works through electrodes that overall muscle contractions in different parts of the body.


How does it work

Passive gymnastics is a type of technique that is used mainly in the field of aesthetic medicine and that is based on the use of electrostimulation . In other words, it generates a wide variety of electrical impulses by means of devices known as conductive electrodes, and these impulses are then directed directly to the muscles of the body.

This signal then reaches the muscles and in this way they can move . It is a process in which the transformation of the stimulus into a contraction occurs and when it does, it gives greater strength to the tissues, eliminating in the same way the liquids that may be retained in it. It is important to mention that electrostimulation acts directly on internal and external tissues and that it can also produce three main physiological effects:

  • Tonic and trophic effect when it works as passive gymnastics as it improves blood and lymphatic circulation and also increases consistency.
  • Deep circulatory and lymphatic stimulation : it is very useful to treat different problems that are related to the vascular system and circulatory system conditions .
  • Helps activate metabolism promoting nutritional changes.

In which parts of the body it can be applied

Passive gymnastics can be applied to various parts of the human body. Hips , buttocks , legs and arms are the main places where this type of therapy can be practiced. Basically, gymnastics can be placed in all areas where it is necessary to strengthen the muscle and where it is necessary to increase the tone and elasticity of the skin.

Benefits of passive gymnastics

Among the main benefits of passive gymnastics are the following:

  • The passive exercise is a method that can bring many benefits to people who are ill, who have a disabled or who have suffered some kind of injury.
  • Improves blood circulation and increases muscle tone .
  • Helps in weight reduction .
  • It is a good muscle relaxant .
  • It can improve the appearance of orange peel or cellulite.
  • Is an effective treatment to reduce the retention of liquid
  • Although more research is needed to confirm the long-term effects, many of the studies that have been conducted suggest that passive gymnastics may be beneficial for people who are unconscious or paralyzed .

How long does it take to take effect

Passive gymnastics sessions last approximately 30 to 45 minutes in the different areas of the body where treatment is needed.

Risks of passive gymnastics

Passive gymnastics may not work when the person doing it does not make any changes to their lifestyle or eating habits . In addition, it should not be used in people who have pacemakers , metal-type implants , nails inside the body, in people with epilepsy or in women who are pregnant .

Nor can it be used in people who suffer from serious diseases , who have been subjected to muscle stress , who suffer from phlebitis or thrombophlebitis , this mainly because the types of equipment that are responsible for performing gymnastics, produce certain electrical shocks which can cause damage to health. Another important aspect is that people who suffer from insomnia should not undergo this type of gymnastics because the process can cause them problems falling asleep.

Recommended equipment

The equipment recommended for passive gymnastics is known by the name of professional electro stimulator , a device that is responsible for generating the current that will produce mild electrical impulses using a current of energy that is sufficient to be able to produce a reaction in the cells that will cause cell regeneration possible . The ideal power that this type of appliance should have is between 1 and 120 Hz , beyond this power, the appliance can become dangerous and cause burns.

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