Nowadays, in the midst of the constant search of the human being to practice new and different sports, various elements have been developed that have been included in certain practices or sports as well as new practices such as sky surfing have been created Its name comes from English and translates as surfing in the sky or as it includes in its elements a table that is propelled by water and can make you fly: Just as the paramotor was born , which was included within the paragliders , which are a great element within the sport of light aviation.

What is a paramotor?

Undoubtedly, when it comes to paramotoring, it is understood as the simplest form of light aviation to fly that exists to date, in turn it is also one of the easiest to afford, as well as the safest for its various security features. This is one next to the paraglider to provide really long and enjoyable trips.

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The paramotor according to the Spanish Royal Academy is a mechanical part of aviation within the light branch, it is made up of a high-revving engine to which a propeller is placed and these in turn are joined together with a paraglider in order to serve as an additional support within the flights.


What is a paramotor for

The main function of a paramotor is quite simple and is to provide the paraglider pilot with greater flight power, as well as an easier way to ascend and descend during flight, take-off and landing. It is the Europeans who develop the best paramotors, thanks to the skills that are gradually gaining popularity in some nations.


To talk about the characteristics of the paramotor it is necessary to contemplate it from different points of view, from its autonomy to how the paraglider acts as a whole. Among the most outstanding are the following:

  • A total equipment that includes the paraglider together with a paramotor does not usually reach 40 kg, so ” anyone ” can carry these equipment.
  • Among air sports, together with skydiving, it is one of those that has caused the most deaths due to failures in the functioning of the system.
  • All the parts that make up the paramotor are removable so it can be stored in a relatively normal trunk.
  • The paramotor drastically increases the speed of a paraglider, going from 15/20 km per hour, to about 35 km per hour approximately.


The creation of paramotors for the late 1980s, this was created by an aeronautical engineer who added it to the saddle of a paragliding pilot, however these were quite heavy and rudimentary for which more than being an advantage they were a problem for the pilot.

This is when, at the beginning of the 90’s, the weight – power ratio was established as a priority  within the paramotors, which is why an engine for agricultural use of only 210cc was included, which gave them the desired function.

Parts of a paramotor

The paramotor is made up of endless parts which work in order to make it fly:

  • Parachute system: this is a system of moorings and parachutes which allow them not to descend abruptly. In addition they also contain an emergency parachute in case everything fails, in turn all these are created from a special fabric which supports the weight and does not tear from the wind .
  • Direction system: it is a system of guayas tied to the entire structure of the parachute, allowing it to manage the direction in which it turns, as well as its ascents and descents.
  • Integration tubular structure: as its name indicates, it is a structural system where all the pieces that connect the parachute with the saddle and all the parts of the paramotor are placed.
  • Ergonomic seat : this is the seat where the pilot goes, so it must be really comfortable and adjusted to the body of the pilot , since any discomfort during the trip could become a problem in the long run.
  • Mooring system: this is a set of straps that are placed through the entire structural system and the saddle in order to provide total protection to the pilot to avoid falls.
  • Electrical wiring system: it is the system that activates many of the electrical parts of the paramotor which are connected to a lithium battery which is the one that provides the electrical energy.
  • Propeller rotor shaft: it is one of the most important parts since it is a gear that connects the motor with the propeller, thus making it rotate and propel it forward.
  • Rotor motor: this is the mechanical body that gives power to the rotor and makes the “magic” possible, it is powered by gasoline and allows it to rotate at about 450 revolutions per minute.
  • Carbon propeller : a really light propeller in proportion to its size which allows all the air received to be driven.
  • Propeller cover: this is a frame made up of half-inch hollow stainless steel bars , connected with a metal mesh which protects the user from all the mechanical parts.
  • The gas tank and carburetors: these are responsible for bringing the gasoline from the tank to the engine with a moderate measure in order to save gasoline during the trip. So overall gas tanks are about 4.5 liters.

How a paramotor works

This works from the same propulsion system from the air impulse that helicopters and hovercraft use, it understands that all the air that is received in a specific direction can be used as an impulse force if it is pushed at high speed at through a tool like propellers.

While the helicopter concentrates the airflow from top to bottom to rise and descend, the paramotor takes in the incoming airflow and propels itself backwards giving the glider in question more speed .


If we talk about the paramotors as a single element, it should be noted that it has a great advantage in this sense, since it is a totally autonomous part within the paraglider so it does not depend on it to function, in turn this is also it can be removed “ easily ” to attach it to another glider.


Currently in the United States and European countries such as France , Germany and England , paragliding competitions powered by paramotors have been developed , where they must go through several points to reach a goal.

These competitions were given the connotation of extreme sports due to the danger that those who practice it are exposed, as well as it has also attracted the attention of large sponsors such as Red Bull, Monster, Fox and Rockstar.


Currently , a kind of take – off and landing gear has been included within all the parts that make up the paraglider in its lower part , which allows great ease within the aforementioned moments. This is made up of a reinforced tube structure, in which there are three wheels with quite thick and wide tires in order to have better damping .

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