The paddle is undoubtedly one of the sports that gains more followers as time passes, it is common to observe in virtually all places and is not a difficult sport to learn. Nowadays, many sports schools teach people to play this type of game, but it is always important to know the regulations and equipment necessary for proper practice.


What is paddle tennis?

Paddle tennis is a type of sport in which a racket and a ball are used in which players in pairs face each other in search of winning as many sets as possible.


What does it consist of

Paddle tennis is a sport that consists of passing the ball from one side of the court to the other without touching the net that divides said surface in order to be able to win as many sets as possible. It is a sport that is played in pairs and that, unlike tennis , has walls on the sides to prevent the ball from leaving the field of play.


Paddle features

The main characteristics of paddle tennis are the following:

  • It is a game very similar to tennis.
  • The ball must be passed over a net to the opponent’s court.
  • It produces significant physical wear and tear so your players must be well prepared.
  • It is played in pairs.
  • His main objective is to win three sets.
  • It is a sport that is played with rackets and a ball.
  • The court must have a series of specific measures.


The history of paddle tennis is not very old and in fact its history dates back to the 80s of the 20th century. It was created by a Mexican who along with his friends, decided to play a similar game to tennis but to avoid having to run after the lost balls, added to the court a series of side walls and part of the bottom creating what which would be the paddle tennis court. With the passage of time, the game became more popular and spread throughout the different countries of America and Spain , from where it later went to the United Kingdom .

Who invented it

The invention of this sport is attributed to Enrique Corcuera , a businessman from Guadalajara, Mexico . He created a court similar to that of tennis but smaller in size, added back and side walls to avoid losing balls.

How to play

Basically, we can say that it is a game very similar to tennis , however, it has some differences. In this type of game, speed and strength are not of the utmost importance as it is primarily a volley sport. The serve on the paddle must always be done at waist height and must be done with precision and intelligence , dominating the space and looking for rebounds. It is a sport that is played in pairs so both must agree on their movements. The main idea will be to pass the ball from one side of the net to the other through the racket to score a point.


The fundamentals of paddle tennis are based on several aspects that include technique , training , physical preparation , sports psychology and possible injuries in paddle tennis. All these fundamentals are of vital importance for a safe and effective practice of this type of sport.

Padel rules

The rules that must be followed to play paddle tennis are the following:

  • When a ball breaks, it is the referee who must ensure that it is replaced.
  • Paddle tennis must be played with paddles or rackets .
  • The striking surface of a paddle cannot be greater than 30 centimeters long and 25 centimeters wide.
  • All rackets must have a 35 cm long cord that is attached to the wrist.
  • To start a match, each player is placed on both sides of the net, the one who starts is called the server and the one who answers, the receiver.
  • When the sum of the games is odd and is played in pairs, they must change sides on the court.
  • You should always start serving from the right side at the start of the game.
  • The score is made scoring the first point with which recorded 15, second 30, third 40 and the fourth will win the game.
  • When it is tied at 5 games, one more round will have to be played until the score is differentiated by two.


The positions to play paddle tennis are several and among them we mention:

  • Defense position : this is very important to be able to give continuity to the actions within the game. In order to defend correctly, the player must be at the back of the court and use defensive strokes.
  • Attacking position : this technique is simpler and is done to dominate the game. It is important to know how to place the attack in order to hit the ball with greater security. The player must be closer to the net without overdoing it.


The categories that this sport has are the following:

  • Initiation level where players who are just starting to play or who play little are found. In this category we find level 1-2 which includes players who know the rules but still have some problems positioning the ball correctly. Level 2-2.75 that are players who are beginning to improve their playing techniques and who have fewer errors.
  • Medium level , where most of the players are located. Within this level we find level 3-3.5 that includes players who play several games a week, level 3.5-4 who play daily, begin to attend tournaments and have good forehand and finally level 4-5 that They are players who have achieved very good technique.
  • Advanced level that corresponds to professional players. There is in this group level 5-6 that has players of a very high level who can even teach others. Level 6-7 competing in regional and national tournaments.


With the passage of time, paddle tennis has gained more followers and today it is common to find competitions in practically all countries. One of the main competitions worldwide is the Padel World Championship , a sports celebration that is held every two years in Spain. The Estrella Damm Paddle Circuit is one of the important tournaments where competition in pairs is allowed. International Padel Experience by Madison is a tournament for amateur players worldwide and finally the Padel Tour .C

Paddle techniques

The following techniques are used to play paddle tennis:

  • Serve : it is the most relevant technique in the game and it is done with the extended hand dropping the ball, when it bounces and is at the waist it must be hit.
  • Forehand stroke: it is a basic stroke and is done by placing the left foot in front of the right, when the ball is close to the waist, it is struck forward with the arm extended.
  • Cut forehand blow: allows greater control of the blow by achieving a straighter line.
  • Balloon shot : a defensive shot where the player stands behind the white line, flexes the legs and with the semi-extended arm hits the ball when it is at waist level.
  • Volley Shot : It is an offensive shot and the player is placed a few steps from the net.
  • Mate : your objective is to hit the ball aiming towards the back wall and in a straight line with a lot of power.
  • Layup hit: the player places himself in the center and backwards without reaching the white line. The ball must fall to the right of the player so that he later makes the stroke.

Basketball court

The shape of the court must be rectangular and must be 10 meters wide by 20 meters long . This rectangle must be divided in half by means of a network and to the sides of it, the service lines must be placed, which must be located at a distance of 6.95 meters. The area that is located between the network and between the service lines must also be divided by means of a perpendicular line known as the service .

It is important that both halves of the playing field are completely symmetrical in surface and lines, which must have a width of 5 centimeters. If the court is covered by a roof , the minimum free height that must exist between it and the court must be 6 meters . The lines should be painted white or black to contrast with the color of the floor.


Paddle balls must be spherical and made of rubber , and their surface must be yellow or white . Its diameter should be around 6.32 and 6.77 centimeters and its weight ideally 56 and 59.4 grams. One of the most important aspects of balls is pressure , as this influences the way it moves. The regulation says that the internal pressure must be between 4.6 and 5.2 kilograms for every 2.54 meters.


The equipment to start and play this sport is as follows:

  • Ball : it is similar to the one used in tennis. The diameter should be between 6.32 and 6.67 cm and should weigh between 56 and 59 grams . It must also be able to bounce between 135 and 147 cm.
  • Network : may vary depending on the type of track.
  • Footwear : it is very important because it must provide adequate support to the player. They are breathable and should have a grooved sole to improve grip on the court.
  • Shovel : it is the most fundamental part of the sport, most are rounded because they give more balance to the blow. There are those in the shape of a drop that provide even more balance but are recommended for professional players.
  • Clothing : shorts and t-shirt, or long if it is winter is the type of clothing used.
  • Other accessories : such as balls, socks, protectors, caps and wristbands.

Famous players

Some of the most famous players of this interesting sport are the following:

  • Juan Martinez Diaz
  • Miguel Lamperti
  • Gabi reca
  • Adrian Allemandi
  • Fede Quiles
  • Alex Ruiz
  • Aday santa

Curiosities about the paddle

Some of his curiosities include aspects related to the way of dressing to play this sport, which includes the prohibition of playing it in a bathing suit or with shirts that do not have sleeves. The game cannot be played using balls other than yellow or white. The first paddle tennis court was built in Spain, at the Marbella Club.

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