What is Oxygenated Water?


Hydrogen peroxide is water that has had additional oxygen added to the water under pressure. Among the touted benefits for oxygen water is that by drinking oxygen water a person will have more oxygen pumped into the bloodstream.


There is no scientific evidence that oxygenated drinking water has any benefit.


Water in the lungs is an unpleasant sensation.


Water is created by a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. More than half of the human body is made up of water. People need to drink fluids like water to stay hydrated and healthy. Lack of water in the human body can lead to dehydration and ultimately death.

There is no evidence yet that drinking hydrogen peroxide offers health benefits.

Oxygen is also necessary for human life. The human body absorbs oxygen from the air through the lungs. From there, the oxygen eventually binds to the red blood cells in the bloodstream where the cells carry the oxygen to be used throughout the body. Blood can absorb much more oxygen than water.

Most of the oxygen in a hydrogen peroxide bottle will escape when the bottle is opened.

Proponents of hydrogen peroxide believe that it can increase energy because more oxygen will enter the bloodstream. Additionally, this water is said to help prevent cancer, prevent viral infections, and prevent bacterial infections.

Hydrogen peroxide is also supposed to help boost the immune system, help the body absorb prescription drugs more effectively, and improve digestion.

Science does not support the claims that drinking hydrogen peroxide makes exercise more effective.

Hydrogen peroxide is often marketed for those interested in physical fitness. In this case, it is supposed to make exercise more effective due to increased levels of available oxygen in the body.

As an added health benefit, it is said to help dissolve fatty tissues.

Science does not support the claims that hydrogen peroxide manufacturers promise. Biology shows that the body absorbs oxygen through the lungs. Water is absorbed through the body through the digestive system.

Most people who have ingested water in their lungs find the sensation unpleasant because the lungs are not designed to absorb water. As with water in the lungs, oxygen is unlikely to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive system.

It is also not possible for the water to absorb enough oxygen to make a difference even if the body could absorb oxygen along with the water. Humans can absorb more oxygen in one breath than the amount of oxygen that can be pressurized in water.

Also, when the hydrogen peroxide bottle is opened, much of the oxygen in the bottle will escape into the air. Oxygen can also escape through the plastic bottle while the bottle is on the shelf before you buy it.

Additional oxygen is added to hydrogen peroxide under pressure.

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