Orion’s belt


The belt of Orion is a asterismo , ie, a set of stars that form a geometric figure , a line forming a belt especially. This belt is formed by three aligned stars, called Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka ; and located in the center of the constellation Orion that is shaped like a hunter . For the Greeks it was the Orion belt, for the Arabs it is the pearl necklace , the Egyptians believed that they were the gates of heaven , the Mayans called them the three stones of the Fogón and currently in Mexico and the rest of Latin America they are the threeThree Wise Men or the Three Marys.


What is the Orion belt?

The Orion belt is an asterism belonging to the constellation Orion . It is called a belt since it is part of the figure of the hunter in the constellation of Orion. The aligned stars that make up the Orion belt are three, known worldwide as Las Tres Marías or the three Reyes Magos , their names are: Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka .



  • Equatorial countries see this asterism throughout the year .
  • It is made up of three stars , in a linear fashion with a curved garter belt.
  • The stars that make it up are called: Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka .
  • They are found in the Milky Way , 915-1359 light years from Earth .
  • It belongs to the constellation Orion .

Orion belt stars

  • Alnilam: it is a blue supergiant star , located in the middle of the three stars of the Orion belt. It is 4 million years old and the brightest in the belt and the most distant. Its mass is 40 times that of the sun and its surface temperature is 25,000 ºC. It is estimated to become a red supergiant.
  • Alnitak: It is 6 million years old and its mass is 16 times that of the sun. It is 700 light years away. Its surface temperature oscillates 29,000 ºC and it is believed that it will end up as a red supergiant.
  • Mintaka: it is a blue giant composed of two binary stars , very luminous and with a mass 20 times that of the Sun. Its surface temperature is 31,000 ºC. Furthermore, it is the only star that can be observed from the North Pole and the South Pole.

Where is it located

The Orion belt is located in the star cluster Collinder 70 , in the middle of the constellation Orion , between 915 and 1359 light years from Earth. This in turn is on the celestial equator . It can be seen alongside the Flame Nebula called Alnitak and the Horsehead Nebula; In addition, the constellation of Eridanus is close , with Taurus and the Can Major and Minor.


What constellation does Orion’s belt belong to

The Orion belt belongs to the constellation Orion , which is the most important and known constellation in the sky, at the same time, it is the largest and brightest constellation in our Milky Way .

Relationship with the pyramids

As in other ancient civilizations that aligned structures with the constellation of Orion, the Egyptian aligned their pyramids of Giza with the stars of the Orion belt. The vortex of the pyramids is directly correlated with each of the stars.

The Egyptians believed that the belt of Orion were the gates of heaven and that the God who received the deceased was the hunter of the constellation of Orion, so they buried the pharaohs in these pyramids .

Another ancient civilization to make pyramids aligned with the stars of the Orion belt was the Mexican , in the ruins of Teotihuacán.


  • Three Wise Men : many people relate the three stars of the Orion belt with the three Wise Men called Melchior, Gaspar and Baltazar , who traveled from the east to meet the child Jesus , the messiah , to give him three chests of gold as an offering.
  • Las Tres Marías: the stars of the belt of Orion are called with the name of the Tres Marías in honor of the ladies María, Marta and Margot . At the time of the Ra empire, three women with white skin and light hair and blue eyes arrived on the Mexican shores. These ladies were welcomed by the dark-skinned aborigines . María gave birth to a child named Iezus and they were attacked by worshipers of Ra, it is for them that they flee to the Iberian Peninsula , where María founded Toledo , Marta founded Zaragoza and Barcelona , and Margot founded Játiva.. Later, Marta heads for the shores of Great Britain, penetrates the continent and founds Berlin , Warsaw and Amsterdam , until she reaches Moscow, where she dies. On the other hand, María and Margot together with Iezus, founded a great city in the Amazon, called El Dorado . Finally, they arrive in Iran and India, where Margot and the prince of the empire of Ra have a son of Buddha or Tao .

Orion Belt Observation

  • Orion’s belt is an asterism because of its geometric shape.
  • It can be seen from anywhere in the world.
  • No astronomical instrument is needed to visualize it.
  • It was of great importance for the construction of pyramids of ancient civilizations.
  • The names of the three stars have Arabic origin. Alnilam and Mintaka mean belt and Alnitak means pearl line.
  • The hunter from the constellation Orion stood out in ancient mythologies as a victorious and powerful god.

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