What would be the structures or organelles? with examples>


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What would be the structures or organelles?

What would be the cellular structures or organelles responsible for such essential life processes, indicated by the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4, respectively? 1 point Ribosome, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi complex and mitochondria. Nucleus, plasma membrane, cytoplasm and ribosome.


Are they examples of organelles?

Examples of organelles :

  • Mitochondria: Energy generation. It is the only organelle that has a double membrane.
  • Smooth endoplasmic reticulum.
  • Rough endoplasmic reticulum.
  • Golgi apparatus.
  • lysosomes.
  • peroxisomes.
  • Vacuoles (in plant cells)
  • Plastids (in plant cells)

Are they cell organelles that have a similar structure?

The plasma membrane is the organelle that surrounds all cells, but there are also others that are composed of membranes, called membranous organelles , which have similar functions to our internal organs in the cellular processes of digestion, protein breakdown, excretion, among others. .

What are organelles and their functions?

Cell organelles are small structures located in the cytoplasm, immersed in the cytosol (inner region) of the cell . Its function is to ensure the proper functioning of cells such as digestion, breakdown of molecules, synthesis and transport of proteins, among others.

What are cell organelles and what are they?

Cell organelles are like small organs that carry out essential cellular activities for cells. They are structures composed of the inner membranes, with different shapes and functions, the main ones being: the smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum, the Golgi apparatus and the mitochondria.

What are the cellular compartments?

3): thus, in addition to the cell nucleus itself , we have the endoplasmic reticulum, the Golgi complex, the mitochondria, the peroxisome, the lysosome and related organelles, and the cytosol. The latter, which corresponds to the space between the organelles, is the largest compartment of the animal eukaryotic cell.

What types of cells can be found in the human body Brainly?

The human body has several types of cells , which are obviously different from plant cells . The best known cells in the human body are red blood cells ( RBCs), white blood cells (LEUKOCYTES) Stem cell . *BLOOD CELLS, OR RED BLOOD CELLS, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRANSPORTING OXYGEN.


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