Olympic Sports


The Olympic games or sports are a sports festival that had its origins thousands of years ago. They are, without any doubt, the highest representation of sport worldwide today and it is one of the events for which all athletes fight to get a space in the different individual or group disciplines that are part of the Olympic Games . They are also considered as a form of union for humanity.


What are Olympic sports?

Olympic sports are all sports disciplines that take place during the Olympic Games that take place during winter or summer and that vary notably in the number and type of competition between them.


Characteristics of Olympic sports

Olympic sports are disciplines of great importance worldwide in which a number of athletes from all over the world participate. They are competitions that are held every four years in an activity known as the Olympic Games . They can be performed during the summer or during the winter and both are regulated by the International Olympic Committee . They are sports that constitute an international symbol of peace among all the nations of the world.


Sports are represented by five colored circles that also represent the five continents . At present, there are several modalities and disciplines that have been introduced to sports of this type, including some modern ones such as soccer and some water.


Olympic sports were born in Greece, a place where every four years a large number of athletes met to compete on Mount Olympus , from where its name also comes. All cities competed with each other in various sports disciplines, mainly in the field of athletics , a sport that continues to this day. When Greek civilization fell, so did the traditions and games .

In 1896, new competitions were held in Athens and in this way the Olympic sports that are known today were born, in addition to the well-known Olympic Games. Two years before this date, the International Olympic Committee had already been created thanks to Baron de Coubertin. From this moment on, the competencies took on greater importance and more professionalism, managing to develop up to what we know today.

Types of Olympic sports

The two types of Olympic sports that exist are classified in winter and summer . The winter ones include all the sports disciplines that can be done in winter, such as cross-country skiing and ice hockey, to name a few examples. These games are held every two years . The summer Olympic games are the traditional ones that we can observe every four years in different series and include a greater number of sports disciplines.

Requirements for a sport to be Olympic

Not just any type of sport can become an Olympic sport. There are several requirements that they must meet in order to be considered in this way. These are the necessary requirements:

  • The sport must be widely practiced in at least 75 different countries and on 4 continents by men while on 3 continents by women .
  • If you want to enter the sport to the Olympic Winter Games , then it must be practiced in at least 25 countries and on 3 continents.
  • Sports activities must have truthfully and accurately adopted and applied the world anti-doping codes .
  • The inclusion of sports in this category must be done at least seven months before the Olympic Games.

What are the newest?

Currently there are mainly five new sports that are in fact destined to be done in the 2020 Olympic Games , which, however, have changed their date to 2021 due to the pandemic situation that is being experienced in the world. New sports disciplines include baseball , surfing , karate , Skateboarding, and rock climbing.

In the case of baseball for men and softball for women, tournaments of 6 teams will be played, each of which will be made up of 24 male players or 6 teams with 15 female members. As for karate , a female and a male test have been approved that includes kata and kumite or combat.

In the case of Skateboarding , the competitions will be held in street mode and in climbing , there will be three different categories that include bouldering , speed climbing and difficulty climbing . Finally, in surfing , the teams will have 20 participants, both female and male, and will do the competitions on short boards.

What are the rarest Olympic sports?

In Olympic sports there have been some disciplines considered rare, many of which are no longer part of this category of sport. Among them we can mention the following:

  • Swimming with obstacles
  • Roller hockey
  • Mass speed skating (winter sport)
  • March
  • Individually synchronized swimming
  • Biathlon (ski race where the athlete must stop to shoot five targets)


Summer olympic sports

Among the summer Olympic sports, the following examples are mentioned:

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Water polo
  • Fencing
  • Football
  • Modern pentathlon
  • Rowing
  • Cycling (track, route and mountain)
  • Synchronized swimming
  • Javelin throw
  • Beach volleyball
  • Tennis and table tennis

Winter olympic sports

Some of the examples of Olympic sports that are performed during winter are:

  • Ice Hockey (included in 1920)
  • Cross-country skiing (one of the most classic winter sports disciplines)
  • Figure skating
  • Speed ​​skating
  • Snowboard (one of the latest sports added)
  • Acrobatic or freestyle skiing (one of the newest sports in jousting)
  • Ski jumping (they have been part of Olympic sports since the beginning)
  • Short track
  • Luge
  • Alpine ski
  • Nordic Combined (sport that was included since the first edition of the Winter Olympics)

Olympic sports of Ancient Greece

Some of the sports considered Olympic that were practiced in Ancient Greece were the following:

  • Sprint race
  • Long jumps
  • Discus throw (at the time it was a rock)
  • Javelin throw
  • Struggle
  • Pugilato (sport where the opponent was hit using the fists)
  • Pancracio (a game similar to mixed martial arts)
  • Car races
  • Pentathlon

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