Olympic Goal


The word goal is a term that is used mainly in the field of sport , specifically in soccer to refer to the action of entering the ball or ball within the goal arc . It is of the utmost importance because it is through him that a match can be won. There are several types of goal, one of them the Olympic goal.


What is an Olympic goal?

The Olympic goal is a term that is used to name a type of goal that is scored directly from a kick-off or corner kick without any player or goalkeeper touching the ball as it goes to the goal.


When is an olympic goal

On the soccer field , there are several important and impressive sports plays that seem almost impossible to even perform. One of them is known as the Olympic goal . This type of goal is scored at the moment in which the ball manages to be entered into the goal from a shot or corner kick , but for it to be Olympic, the ball must not be touched by any of the players or by the goalkeeper of the opposing team is then a direct kick from the corner kick that immediately becomes a goal.


It was in 1924 that the FA Board International finally modified article 11 pertaining to the rules of the game of soccer, authorizing the validity of this type of goal. In that same year, a sports journalist named Ernest Edwards observed an ambiguity in the text of the goal rule and commented to the Everton leaders that there was no phrase that said that the ball could not be sent from the corner kick to become a goal, in this way, striker San Chedgzoy , who was in charge of the team’s corner kicks, managed to score such a goal.

The referee who whistled the game reprimanded him but the footballer only replied: what is in the rule that prevents me from doing so ? From that moment, the directors of the IFAB met urgently to correct the text, however, fame to score such a goal was in the hands of a different player. This type of goal is considered by many to be a football masterpiece , they are not easy to score but many players try with the aim of becoming famous.

What was the first Olympic goal

According to history , the term comes from a match between Argentina and Uruguay in 1924 after Uruguay won the Olympic Games held in Paris , after which a friendly match was organized between both teams. The second game was played in the city of Buenos Aires and in this place it was the first time that this type of goal was observed.

It was the player Cesáreo Onzari who managed to hit the ball from the corner kick which managed to enter directly into the opposing goal, no one touched the ball, it simply entered the goal. At that time, it was not a valid goal but the surprise and emotion that it caused in the public made the rule that said that the ball had to be touched by a player before entering the frame was modified and in this way became a valid goal . At the beginning the Olympians were known by the name of goal , changing its name over the years until it was simply called an Olympic goal.

Why is it called an olympic goal

This name was born as a result of the goal scored by an Argentine player against the Uruguayan team after his team managed to win the Olympic Games in France . When Onzari, the soccer player who scored the goal, did this feat, they called the goal “Onzari’s goal to the Olympians” , this name changed over time and popularly began to be called an Olympic goal .

Featured Olympic Goals

Among the Olympic goals that have been scored throughout history considered outstanding, the following are mentioned:

  • In 1953, player Charlie Tully , a Northern Irishman, was playing a match against Celtic. He launched a corner kick scoring the goal however, the referee in charge of whistling the game made him repeat the shot as he argued that the ball was outside the circle. The player then returned to take position, threw the ball and to the astonishment of all those present, he again scored an Olympic goal .
  • The German Mario Basler, who played for the Bundesliga, managed to score two goals from the corner kick proving that his coach had made a mistake, leaving him without participation in the FIFA World Cup in the United States in 1994.
  • In 2011, the only Olympic goal ever to be scored at a FIFA World Cup. This goal was scored by Marcos Coll of the Colombian team against goalkeeper Lev Yashin of the Russian team, who was considered the best goalkeeper in the world at that time.
  • Jorge Espericueta , belonging to the Mexican team, managed to score an Olympic goal in 2001 against Germany in the semifinal played to win the U-17 World Cup championship.
  • Ferenc Puskás who managed to score this type of goal at Wembley Stadium, one of the most representative places in sport in a match between England and Hungary.
  • Maradona , the Argentine soccer idol also managed to score an Olympic goal in a game against the Naples team in 1984.
  • Davor Suker in a match between the teams of Sevilla and Deportivo La Coruña.
  • Álvaro Recoba , a player from the Uruguayan team who specialized in corner kicks and who managed to score the goal during a match between Nacional de Montevideo and Wanderers.
  • Roberto Carlos who played for Brazil during a match between Corinthians and Portuguesa.

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