Okuda San Miguel


The history of art dates from prehistoric times and with the passage of time it has evolved significantly in techniques. Like art, the way in which images are represented by artists also changed and little by little different types of art emerged, one of them is known as Urban Art . A type of street art that has even generated a series of conflicts and controversies but that aims to bring striking messages of criticism to society . One of its main representatives has undoubtedly been Okuda San Miguel , who has specialized in urban art.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 11/19/1980
  • Nationality: Spanish

Who is Okuda San Miguel?

Okuda San Miguel is an important representative of urban art , a Spanish painter , sculptor and designer known worldwide for his projects, for the polychromy he uses and for the constant use of geometry in his works.


Biography of Okuda San Miguel

Oscar San Miguel Erice better known by the name of Okuda San Miguel is an urban art artist who was born on November 19, 1980 in Santander, a place near Madrid. Since he was a child he had many inclinations to art and it was in 2007 that he began his studies at the Complutense University , in the field of fine arts. Together with his street art, he started a series of works in his studio with which he managed to evolve significantly in 2009.


His work began to take on a lot of value around the year 1997 when he used to paint different designs in already abandoned factories, which became well known throughout the country. By 2016, the author decides to start making 3D models and this is how he begins to manufacture impressive large-scale sculptures using geometric shapes and impressive colors that stand out and attract the attention of all who observe them.

Okuda San Miguel Characteristics

Among the main characteristics that can be mentioned of Okuda San Miguel we find the following:

  • He uses in his works a large number of colored prints as well as geometric figures .
  • The artist is cataloged within the field of pop surrealism .
  • In his works, he generally reflects a series of problems of society and existentialism , life, the falsehood that capitalism entails , the universe, and a well-specified conflict about the conflict that occurs between the modern and the cultural roots of the individuals.
  • Use body shapes of animals and people but with nonexistent parts.
  • It presents a very personal way of seeing and representing the different gods that exist as well as legends and myths including complementary ideas.
  • The author has his own iconographic language .
  • It focuses on freedom of expression but always maintaining the current context.
  • Try to use materials that are friendly to the environment and that do not pollute when burned.


The technique used by Okuda San Miguel is based on urban art entirely, the use of different types of structures and geometric lines and the use of a large number of colors mainly represent the technique used by this famous painter. It also usually causes some of its elements to have parts absent, for example heads or limbs, which is why it has also been associated with the use of the surrealist pop technique, a technique that also makes use of organic forms in the pieces of art.


Several recognitions have been made to the works of Okuda San Miguel, mainly in his native country, in addition, he has written important books that have been recognized by great readers. And as part of his notable recognitions, he has been invited to different countries to make his murals.

Works by Okuda San Miguel

This renowned street art author has had the opportunity to create impressive murals in different parts of the world, in Ukraine he has painted the carriages of one of the most important trains in the city of Kiev, in South Africa, Cape Verde, in Brazil, Mozambique, Japan and Mexico , and most of them have done so without charging money. Among his main works are the following:

Lost olympus

In this work Okuda San Miguel exposes his own interpretation of idols from mythology and ancient Greece and at the same time includes contemporary icons using a series of geometric figures, prints and scenes from everyday life. A work made to represent dreams, beliefs and contradictions.

Skate park

A work through which it reflects the clear conflict that occurs between the modern and the cultures that are part of the roots of the human being

Skull Mirror

This work is one of his most recent creations and seeks to reflect the history of the structure using different types of tones and colors . In this work the artist tries to reflect the history that surrounds the structure by brilliantly recreating it.

The church of Llanera

A work that included different types of elements related to skateboarding or skating, religion , the spiritual , the modern of today and the classic.


One of Okuda San Miguel’s most important books is called “ Kaos Temple ”, a book in which he captured more than 500 different images of his creations. Later he wrote “ Coloring the World ”, a book in which he captures his own vision of the world, mainly of his inner world and where you can also appreciate the author’s own iconography and the meaning they have in his personal life.


Okuda San Miguel is considered important because through his works and his style he has managed to create a point of reflection with respect to society , which can lead the human being to study aspects that give meaning to life and the world.

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