Niki Lauda


One of the most notable and recognized racers in the motorsports world was Niki Lauda . An Austrian who managed to reach three times the title of champion world of Formula 1. A man demanding, thoughtful and perfectionist who always focused on the perfect functioning of your car and suffered a serious accident that caused serious injuries to his face.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 02/22/1949
  • Where he was born: Vienna, Austria
  • When he died: 05/20/2019
  • Where he died: Zurich, Switzerland

Who was Niki Lauda?

Niki Lauda was an important and recognized car driver , who became a symbol during the 80s and 70s and together with McLaren and Ferrari managed to achieve the world champion title three times in the highest category of sports car racing.


What did

Niki Lauda was a man who achieved fame thanks to his great ability and ability to drive racing cars. He became world champion three times and participated as a driver in both Formula 2 and Formula 3. He was known for his great demands, for being an extremely meticulous driver and for always worrying that his cars gave their maximum potential.


He managed to win three world championships, two of them alongside the Ferrari company and the third with McLaren . He became a historic runner after suffering a serious accident that caused burns to a large part of his body and problems with his lungs , however, he performed an incredible feat, with only a few weeks of recovery he decided to return to the tracks to run .

Biography of Niki Lauda

He was born in the city of Vienna, on February 22, 1949 . His life was always very comfortable as his family was one of the wealthiest in Vienna and they owned several industries. When he decided to pursue a career in motor racing, his family did not entirely agree because they wanted him to study at a university. However, Niki Lauda did not give up his idea and already in the sixties he was racing Formula 1 for the March team .

Later he raced for BRM until he managed to make the most important leap of his life as a runner, entering the Ferrari team . He also held a position at McLaren and at Brabham. His accident occurred in 1976 and some time later, he decided to leave the racetracks to dedicate himself to business life in the commercial aerospace field .

Accident and aftermath

In 1976 , Niki Lauda was competing in the German Grand Prix . This competition was held at the Nürburgring racetrack , Lauda , and it was here that he suffered the worst accident of his life. The accident took place on August 1 while he was running the tenth race of the world championship on a circuit of more than 10 kilometers. He was driving his Ferrari and was about to win his second world title.

Shortly after starting the race, his car crashed as he reached the second corner of the circuit and immediately caught fire . Niki Lauda could not get out of the car quickly and several bystanders, policemen and pilots had to rush to help him. He was immediately taken to the hospital in extremely serious health.

With major burns to his head , face , neck , hands and arms , broken bones in his body and damage to his lungs , doctors did not give him much hope of life, yet he miraculously survived. Just six weeks after his accident, he was back in his car ready to race.


Niki Lauda died on May 20, 2019. Shortly before his death, he had undergone a lung transplant, which kept him hospitalized for several months. After his transplant, in January, he suffered a cold for which he had to be hospitalized again. Despite his serious accident, he managed to return to the slopes with incredible speed, showing the whole world that glory could be achieved despite life’s situations and adversity.

Legacy of Niki Lauda

In addition to having been world champion on three different occasions, Niki Lauda leaves us a legacy of tenacity , effort , positivity and competitiveness . His legacy includes all of his incredible driving techniques which have been put into practice by the many generations who saw him as a role model in behavior and success.


His father was Ernst-Peter Lauda and his mother, Elisabeth Lauda.


He had a romantic relationship with Marlene Knaus with whom he married in 1975. In 1996 they decided to divorce and later married Birgitt Wetzinger in 2005.


From his first marriage, two children were born whom they named Luca and Mathías . From his second marriage, twins Max and Mia were born .


Some of the most important achievements of Niki Lauda are mentioned below:

  • Grand Prix of Spain on April 28, 1974.
  • United States Grand Prix in 1975.
  • World Championship with McLaren .

Importance of Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda is recognized as one of the most important race drivers in the world. His determination , his intelligence and his passion for the sport are important aspects that today serve as the basis for many of the runners who start their careers. He is always a source of inspiration because he showed with his great courage , that despite the obstacles that may arise, everything is possible with effort and dedication.


Among his most important recognitions are the following:

  • BBC Sports Personality as World Sports Star of the Year.
  • Laureus World Sports Award for lifetime achievement.

Presence in popular culture

Niki Lauda’s presence in popular culture has made itself felt over time. There is a Japanese anime series known as Arrow Emblem Hawk of the Grand Prix , which is based on the life of the runner, it characterizes the main character, a masked man. In 2011 , a movie named ” Rush ” was also announced in his honor . As an author, Niki Lauda wrote five books where in addition to giving advice, he tells about his life. The books are:

  • The art and science of Grand Prix driving.
  • My years with Ferrari.
  • The new Formula 1: A time of Turbo.
  • My story

Curiosities about Niki Lauda

Some curiosities of Niki Lauda are the following:

  • In 1984, he managed to win the motorsport title with only 0.5 points more than his opponent, Alain Prost. For this reason, he was considered the winner of the World Cup who won a competition with the tightest total of points in history.
  • After having suffered the accident, he returned to the racetracks in 1982, when he managed to win the world title for the third time.
  • After his accident he spent a total of four days in a coma but returned to fight for the title at the Italian Grand Prix where he managed to beat James Hunt by just one point.

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