Neck muscles


The neck is the area of transition between the trunk and extremities above its bottom and which functions as a kind of conduit through which the structures passing from one side to the other circular properly achieved. The neck, like practically all parts of the body, is protected and covered by muscles , which are responsible for providing movement , flexibility and also protection against damage.


What are the neck muscles?

The neck muscles are a group of muscular structures that participate and are also responsible for uniting the head with the rest of the human body and for providing movement and protection to the different vascular and nervous structures.

  • What are the neck muscles
  • features
  • Classification
  • Function of the neck muscles
  • How to relax your neck muscles
  • How to strengthen neck muscles
  • Diseases
  • Care
  • Importance of the neck muscles

What are the neck muscles

The neck muscles are as follows:

  • Muscles of the anterior region : these are very strong muscles that are responsible for keeping the head together with the neck and that also allow flexion and extension movements of the cervical spine, its lateral inclination and rotation. This muscle group includes the following muscles:
    • Supra hyoid muscles
    • Infra hyoid muscles
  • Anterolateral group : These muscles contract simultaneously and help to move and flex the head. Among the muscles in this group we find the following:
    • Supraponeurotic muscles
    • Platysma muscle
    • Sternocleidomastoid muscle
  • Muscles of the posterior region : they are very strong muscles and are responsible for supporting the weight of the head . They are located in planes , the deep, the complexes the splenium and angular and finally the trapezoid.
    • Splenium muscle
    • Angular muscle
    • Trapeze


The main characteristics of the neck muscles are as follows:

  • They are muscles that connect the head with the rest of the body .
  • Most of them are long and they are also very strong muscles .
  • They are found in greater proportion with respect to the muscles that are located on the surface of the body.
  • They are thin .
  • They acting grouped as synergistic .
  • They are antagonistic to achieve range of motion in the head.


Neck muscles can be classified as follows:

  • Extensor muscles : the muscles that are located at the back of the neck belong to this group . They are involved in carrying out the work done by the head in an upright position . Begin in the vertebrae torah higher cycads .
  • Flexor muscles : in this group we find the long muscle of the neck and the rectus anterior major of the head. They are closely related to the skull and cervical region and are responsible for maintaining proper head and neck alignment.
  • Deep muscles : These are muscles that are located in the depth of the neck and are related primarily to the bodies of the vertebrae . It is made up of three prevertebral muscles that line the spine . It is made up of the long muscle of the neck , the rectus anterior muscle of the head, and the rectus anterior muscle of the head.
  • Superficial muscles : These muscles are divided into two groups, the anterolateral and the anterior .

Function of the neck muscles

The main function of the muscles located in the neck is to provide support to the head and also to unite this part of the human body with the rest of it. Also they operate to provide a wide range of different movements and prevents occurring injuries that may affect both the neck and the head. Neck muscles maintain weight , promote and allow the mobility and also provide important protection to the upper airwayand digestive .

How to relax your neck muscles

Relaxation of the neck muscles can be achieved through different exercises and massages . These exercises have been created with the aim of being able to reduce the tension that can accumulate in the place. In addition to the massage, the person can choose to tilt the head forward and then back in a controlled manner , which will also help improve the range of motion in the area. This movement must also be done from one side to the other . Another activity that can be done to help you relax is yoga., which is considered an exercise suitable for this purpose.

How to strengthen neck muscles

From a sporting and practical point of view, the importance of strengthening the neck muscles is very remarkable . One of the main activities that we must carry out is to strengthen and keep the muscles of this organ active . One of the main exercises that can be performed is isometric work as it has been proven that it provides greater benefits for the muscles and also allows you to work the muscles safely .

The stretching of the muscles is also important, both before starting any exercise routine and when you are in front of the computer for long periods of time, it is advisable to take breaks from time to time and stretch the neck, these movements are easy to do and in addition we will not need any additional instrument .

It is important to mention that neck exercises must be done with caution to avoid injury, they are exercises that must be performed gently , in a series of slow movements that are not abrupt or sudden , maintaining a suitable position , always maintaining a position relaxed when practicing these types of exercises.


Today we live in a society where the lifestyle is very sedentary and many people spend practically all day in front of a screen or a mobile phone, causing various problems to this important part of the body, the neck. From simple contractures by an incorrect position to serious problems in the neck . Also, many of the problems that occur in the neck are due to sports injuries , so knowing how it works and how to care for it is very important.


Some of the cares that can be put into practice with the neck muscles are:

  • Perform stretches several times a day.
  • Learn to place your head in the correct position when you go to sleep .
  • Warm up your muscles before you start exercising.
  • Avoid putting extra strain on the neck muscles.
  • Strengthening of muscles through exercises .
  • Perform exercises of relaxation .
  • Relieve the tension that builds up in the area.
  • Avoid stress through relaxation methods .

Importance of the neck muscles

The main importance of the neck muscles is that this is the means of union that exists between the head and the rest of our body , which is why it becomes the place through which important structures necessary for life pass. In addition, it allows the movement of the head up and down and from one side to the other, and is the support of our head .

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