The conquest of space has been a controversial and highly acclaimed topic for thousands of years and little by little technology and science have made it a reality. Some very important places have been created for this purpose and without a doubt NASA or the United States Aeronautical Space Administration is one of them. This is an American institution or organization that is entirely dedicated to outer space research and exploration.


What is NASA?

The NASA or National Aeronautics and Space , is an American organization that is responsible to make space exploration strategic in order to consider inhabit different planets.


Origin of NASA

The origin of NASA dates back to the late 1950s and originated as a response by the Americans to the growing space race carried out by experts from the Soviet Union , who had already managed to send their first satellite into outer space.



NASA was created in 1958 by the Congress of the United States of North America . It was established as a civil agency with the responsibility of coordinating different types of American activities in outer space . From that moment on, the institution was in charge of sponsoring different expeditions that have managed to provide vital information about the universe .

The reason for its creation was due to the advances that the Soviet Union had with respect to the launch of the first satellite into space. This situation came as a surprise to the Americans who were afraid that the Soviets would develop nuclear missiles to launch against the United States.

After the creation of NASA, President Kennedy declared that it was necessary for the North American country to get a man to go to the Moon and in this way, on July 20, 1969, it was possible to launch the mission known as e Apollo 11 , which would lead astronaut Neil Armstrong to set foot on the lunar surface.


NASA’s main function is to be able to make trips to outer space in order to place different satellites that help every day to assess the condition of the Earth as well as obtain important information about what is happening in space.


NASA’s budget depends mainly on the government of the United States and the current president, Donald Trump, gives them the strongest for the year 2020 that has been recorded in the history of the institution. Approximately $ 21 billion has been earmarked for NASA which demonstrates the government’s confidence in the work and dedication of the institution.


NASA facilities have a wide variety of places that can even be visited by tourists. In the place it is possible to find the Center of the International Space Station where you can see the components that are put into orbit. You can see a garden with rockets and you can even access the interior of some of them. It also has several exhibition rooms where you can see the work that has been done by astronauts and researchers. In the place you can find the Walk of Fame of the Astronauts of the United States where a tribute is paid to all those heroes who went into outer space.


In the field of scientific research , NASA has managed to carry out a large number of different medical studies in space with the aim of finding better means of diagnoses and treatments for some diseases. The hole in the ozone layer has been deeply investigated as well as the layers of the atmosphere that are in the upper part. Salt evaporation and energy management have been an important part of his research.

Earth sciences have benefited from their studies and research, thanks to NASA it is possible to observe and recognize natural changes and those that are also produced by humans.

NASA discoveries

The NASA over time, has managed to make many discoveries that are transcendental for humanity. From the best ways to treat diseases to collaboration in the creation of new and innovative technologies, this institution has managed to put the whole of humanity at the forefront.

Its main achievements include the discovery of water on the planet Mars , the presence of frozen water on Pluto and the presence of skies almost identical to those on Earth. They found a planet similar to ours which was registered as Kepler 452-B . Thanks to the spacecraft called Cassini, they discovered that the moon of the planet Saturn has an ocean of great proportions underground. They have found a great variety of organic compounds that have been pioneers in creating the surface of Comet Rosetta.

They also discovered the youngest black hole in the universe, in other words, the newest black hole in the universe. They detected life in Antarctica in 2010, but not on the surface, but approximately 200 meters below the ice sheet that covers the place.

Most outstanding missions

NASA has carried out a large number of important missions throughout its history. Among the most recognized are the following:

Explorer 1

This was the first satellite that was sent by the United States in response to space actions made by the Soviet Union. It was thanks to this mission that it was possible to know that there was a large amount of cosmic rays around the Earth.

Mercury redstone 2

This mission was tasked with taking Alan Shepard into outer space for the first American orbital flight.

Apollo Program

This program made it possible for man to arrive and step on the Moon in 1969. Upon arrival at the Moon, the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong pronounced the most important phrase in the modern history of cosmonautics: a small step for man, but a great leap for all humanity.

Apollo 13

He tried to take a man back to the Moon, however, he had failures in the tanks that supplied oxygen, putting the ship in danger. However, astronaut James A. Lovell who was piloting the spacecraft was able to control the mission and return safely to Earth.

Pioneer 10

This mission consisted of a space probe that took off on March 2, 1972 and managed to cross the Asteroid Belt in outer space until it reached Jupiter . The last signal that was captured from this probe took place in 2003.

Space Shuttle Missions

This was a program that existed when ships could not be reused. US President Richard Nixon wanted a spacecraft to be built that had the capacity to make several trips, so NASA had to figure out how to create one with enough capacity to withstand the immense heat produced by leaving and arriving at Earth.

Hubble space telescope

It was created in 1990 and thanks to this telescope it is now possible to obtain clear and precise photographs of the universe.

Mars missions

These missions began in 1997 and the main idea is to explore Mars to check and find the presence of life in the place.

Future of NASA

The NASA has a strong vision for the future with regard to space travel to the exploration of space . The year 2020 is planned for this activity, mainly visits to Mars and missions to the moon, however, they also contemplate exploring further worlds . It has a Constellation Program that has short-term objectives in order to unravel even more mysteries in the field of science including the study of ice water near the poles of the moon.


NASA is an institution of vital importance to be able to develop different types of technologies that help our daily lives. It is a research center that gives society the benefit of developing science and technology , fundamental and essential aspects today. It is thanks to the satellites of the institution that at present there is access to television signals, the use of cell phones and studies on the earth and the changes that occur in it.

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