Muay thai


Better known in the world under the name of Thai boxing , Muay Thai is a sport that uses practically all the extremities that can be developed through a series of different blows that the athlete delivers to his opponent. It is a type of sport widely practiced worldwide, but to practice it, it is important to understand everything that it implies.


What is muay thai?

The muay thai is a type of martial art and extreme sports contact is used in martial arts mixed known worldwide by the name of Thai boxing.


What does it consist of

Muay Thai is an extreme and contact sport that consists of a fight or combat using practically all parts of the body and whose main objective is to be able to knock out the rival . This type of martial art consists of a combination of blows that can be delivered using the elbows , legs , arms , knees and feet.


Characteristics of Muay Thai

Some of its main characteristics are the following:

  • It is a type of contact sport as the wrestlers must hit each other.
  • The person who practices this type of sport is known by the name of nak muay if he is of Thai origin , when he is of another nationality he is called nak muay farang .
  • The fights are divided into five rounds which last three minutes each.
  • All the limbs are used to make the blows.
  • When the wrestlers enter the ring they wear a type of clothing on their heads known as Mongkon and a Pong Malai placed around the neck.
  • Being considered as an extreme sport , this sport is prohibited in several countries around the world.

What is it for

Muay Thai is a type of sport that serves as an alternative to boxing and is an activity that has many uses, especially to improve the agility of the body and to strengthen it at the same time. It is an ideal means of keeping fit, clearing your mind, and works perfectly as a self defense technique .

History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai has its origins in Siam , a place that is currently known by the name of Thailand , specifically in its capital, Sukhotai around the years 1238 and 1408, at that time, the place was at war against Burma and Cambodia and for this reason, it was necessary to find a type of defense . This method, in addition to using swords and spears, also implied the use of the body as another type of weapon when they were at short distances.

It was from here that Muay Thai was born, which was mandatory to learn by the entire population, mainly by those who would come to occupy the throne. Over the centuries it evolved and during the reign of King Narai, it became a type of professional sport . By the year 1774 , championships were being held outside of Thailand and little by little it spread throughout the world.


The main fundamentals are:

  • Good footwork : Foundation is everything. It keeps the athlete balanced, it is where power comes from , creates and drives speed . Without this, all punches, kicks, knees, clinches, and elbows will not work.
  • Keep your guard up: the guard is what protects the head from blows and is also the starting point of all blows. A strong guard is simply the creation of a strong structure that a punch, kick, knee, or elbow cannot penetrate. If you have a weak structure, the guard will be weak.
  • Turn, Don’t Lean – A punch is about more than just hitting the target, it’s about balance , control , speed, and defense .
  • Pack the box : refers to bringing the guard back to the head as soon and as efficiently as possible.
  • Eye-hand coordination is a skill . It must be practiced and developed continuously in order to master it.
  • Breathing – Breathing produces an incredible amount of control and effect on your body’s physiology .


Like all sports, Muay Thai also follows a series of rules that must be respected, these are:

  • It is totally forbidden to hit the opponent using the heel on the legs .
  • It allowed not to take for the legs to the opponent if he has not thrown a kick or a blow to the knee.
  • It is not allowed to strangle the opponent when clinching.
  • It is strictly forbidden to hit the opponent’s genitals , when it is done, the one who commits the fault is immediately disqualified.
  • You cannot hit on the head , in case it is intentional, the one who hits will be disqualified, if it is accidental you can continue in the fight if possible.
  • It is forbidden to hold onto the ropes to find support to hit.

Muay Thai techniques

The main techniques that must be learned to practice this sport are the following:

  • Fighting stance : the feet are separated with the dominant in the back to be able to strike, the knees bent and the abdomen tense . The face should be covered with the dominant fist.
  • Punching : the shoulders should be relaxed as well as the arms, the fist is clenched before striking, air is exhaled and the fist is thrown before returning to the defense position . There are several types of fists such as jab, cross, hook, horizontal hook, twist fist, Uppercut and cobra punch.
  • Rotating kick : it is considered one of the most important blows of the technique and with the weight on the supporting leg, a 45-degree lateral step is taken outwards to then turn towards the enemy and launch the kick.
  • Use of elbows : it is a fundamental part and you can hit the elbow downward , diagonally , horizontally , upward , in turns .
  • Grabs and Sweeps : Includes various techniques such as the clinch and projections .
  • Kicks : they are essential and kicks to the thighs, tibia and knee are allowed. They can be made in sweep , circular , pressure and vertical shapes
  • Knees : the knee can be used as long as the opponent’s genital area is not hit .


In Muay Thai there are different degrees or levels, in total fifteen, which are known by the name of Khan. The grades are as follows:

  • White degree : symbolizes innocence and is the beginning of the practitioner.
  • Yellow degree – symbolizes the flashes of inner light and implies education.
  • Orange degree : this color represents the fertile land and admiration.
  • Green grade : represents the seed germination stage and lasts for seven months.
  • Blue degree: this degree symbolizes heaven and knowledge. It lasts for nine months.
  • Brown grade : brown symbolizes danger, at this stage the student must learn to work cautiously and to measure force against their adversaries. It is a stage of maturity of knowledge.
  • Black color in the first degree : this degree symbolizes that the practitioner has reached maturity, it also represents charcoal for its hardness and simplicity, as well as the athlete’s impermeability to fear and darkness.
  • Grade two black color: this color also symbolizes maturity and has two stripes that refer to the age of maturity. This degree lasts for a total year and two hanging fringes.
  • Black color grade three : represents maturity and has three stripes that mean the great effort made by the disciple. It has a duration of two years and three fringes.
  • Grade four black color : there are few who reach this level, it is a difficult and very hard road. It has a total of three years of bearing as well as four fringes.
  • Black color grade five: this is considered the last step of Muay Thai because in it the athlete must learn to analyze himself. There are four years in total to carry this degree and it has five fringes.
  • Black color grade six : this is the first grade where the merits are awarded to the participant. It has the meaning of yang and has a duration of five years, it also has a total of six hanging gold fringes.
  • Black color grade seven : he has seven golden children and it is the second grade that is obtained by sporting merits.
  • Black color grade eight : it has or fringes and it is the third grade that is awarded on the merits. It involves seven years of carrying.
  • Black color grade nine : it has a total of nine gold fringes hanging and it is the last title that is given as an honor, it is the highest graduation that the student has and it lasts until death.


Being a contact sport that can also be aggressive , the right equipment is very important. The protectors are fundamental to the like gloves to protect your hands. The pants used are comfortable and short, in addition, boxing anklets should be used as well as bandages which are placed on the hands before putting on the gloves.

Female muay thai

This type of sport has now become one of the most popular among women because its physical and mental benefits are considerable. Many women use it as a means to stay in shape and to lose weight and fat as this sport has the ability to better control metabolism . It is also a practice that manages to increase security as it is an excellent way to defend yourself against possible aggression.

How it differs from kick boxing

In kickboxing, the use of the elbows or knees is not allowed and the leg blows must be delivered with the tibia or the instep , in addition, medium or high kicks are given. In Muay Thai, the kicks cannot be given using the instep only the front and distal area of the shin , the instep is used for the high areas. Circular kicks are used frequently in both disciplines with the difference that in Muay Thai the foot must be rotatedand stay leaning on the ground while not kickboxing.


The benefits of Muay Thai are many, among the most important we mention the following:

  • It is a sport that helps to tone the body , while reducing body fat and also increasing muscles .
  • It manages to increase agility and strength as well as the body’s resistance to exercise.
  • Considerably increases cardiovascular conditioning thanks to its aerobic and anaerobic nature.
  • It is a type of sport that also manages to improve mental agility by sharpening reflexes
  • It is a practice that also teaches good defense technique .


There are very few disadvantages that exist in this type of sport when it is practiced as a type of exercise, however it can present some problems when practicing Muay Thai at a professional level because during battles some injuries could be caused that would cause damage to the body .


Among the main representatives of Muay Thai we can find the following:

  • Filipović Martí Zapater
  • Buakaw Banchamek
  • Gina Carano
  • Jean Claude Van Damme
  • Tony Aboitiz

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