Mixed Martial Arts


One of the best known and most acclaimed sports today is mixed martial arts known by its acronym in English as MMA . This type of discipline is actually a fusion of various styles that are part of traditional martial arts including a number of disciplines such as karate , judo , muay thai , jiu jitsu, and boxing.


What are mixed martial arts?

Generally known by its acronym MMA , mixed martial arts are a type of contact sport that includes several different martial arts and that allows a series of movements that include kicks, elbows, throws, keys and strangles among others.


What does it consist of

The mixed martial arts consist of a combination of different martial arts from traditional to modern. It is a fairly complete type of sports discipline that uses different fighting techniques and styles, so it is common to observe in them a great variability of blows, keys, takedowns and grabs. It is a fight that can be performed both standing and on the ground in which the techniques vary depending on the position in which the fighters are.


Characteristics of mixed martial arts

Among the main characteristics of mixed martial arts are the following:

  • Is a technique that uses kicks , punches with elbows and arms, kicking knee, projections and pitches .
  • Other types of resources such as strangulations and dislocations can also be used on the ground .
  • They are often known by their acronym in English MMA which mean mixed martial arts.
  • It can be used as a combat sport or as a means of defense staff

What is it for

Mixed martial arts are several disciplines that serve so that people can develop attacking and self- defense techniques At present it is one of the main means of entertainment for lovers of this type of sport and in addition, its practice generates a series of benefits for the mind and body . The muscles gain strength and tone, the resistance of the heart is improved, a state of relaxation and high concentration is maintained and the fighters learn to have adequate security and self-confidence.


The fights are actually quite old and date back to the Olympic Games that were held in 708 BC At the end of the 19th century , various combat shows were still being performed and after the First World War , wrestling declined considerably. After a while, the sport was reborn and was based on competition and entertainment .

It is considered that the true origins of mixed martial arts emerged at the beginning of the 20th century in Europe , mainly Brazil and Japan . The United States decided to import one of the most popular bouts from Brazil known as Vale Tudo and modified it into the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championsip). In Japan this technique was introduced little by little and more regulated combats began to be carried out.

It is noteworthy that the introduction of mixed martial arts gradually became the UFC since the beginning of the decade of the 90 techniques that included the MMA included jitsu , the amateur wrestling and fighting for submission . Little by little the tournaments began to become more popular and the athletes dedicated themselves to improving their techniques . The end result was a fairly complete discipline in which athletes stand out in different techniques who have high performances in all disciplines.

Fundamentals of mixed martial arts

In the case of the fundamentals of mixed martial arts, aspects related to combat and defense positions must be taken into account. The main fundamentals are:

  • Hitting : it consists of attacking the opponent with any part of the body. Because MMA combines various arts, all types of punches are accepted, from punches to kicks and elbows.
  • Grappling : consists of holding the opponent and trying to knock him down. It requires less force and more technique.
  • Submission : consists of using body joint locks or strangulations. These tactics make the opponent submit and help the fighter break free from these positions.


Some of its most important rules are:

  • All participants must use compulsorily the mouthguard to the like homes in hands.
  • The gloves must have a weight of 4 oz.
  • Women must wear a chest protector while men wear a groin protector .
  • The fights have a duration of 3 rounds which cannot be longer than 5 minutes.
  • The only one authorized to stop a fight is the referee and together with the doctor they are the only ones who can enter the ring.
  • The evaluations and scores of the fights are in charge of 3 judges who are located in different positions during the fights.

Mixed martial arts categories

Categories are determined by weight and the following can be found:

  • Weight drag to 115 lb.
  • Weight fly more than 115 to 125 lb.
  • Weight gallo over 125-135 lb.
  • Weight pen over 135 to 145 lb.
  • Weight light more than 145-155 lb.
  • Superlight over 155 to 165 lbs.
  • Weight Welter more than 165 to 170 lb.
  • Super welterweight over 170-175 lbs.
  • Weight average more than 175-185 lb.
  • Weight Super Middleweight more than 185 to 195 lb.
  • Weight slightly over 195 to 205 lb.
  • Cruising weight over 205 to 225 lbs.
  • Heavy weight over 225 to 265 lbs.
  • Weight superheavy over 265 lb.


Among the main types that are part of mixed martial arts, they mention the following:

  • Kick boxing
  • Muay thai
  • Wrestling
  • Traditional jiu jitsu
  • Juice
  • Boxing
  • taekwondo


For a good MMA training there are several areas that must be trained in an important way. This type of training is cross-functional and for that reason it can produce strength , endurance and discipline and can also be performed by people of all ages and genders. It is important to have the basic equipment and preferably an experienced coach . Two types of training are fundamental, the physical and the technical . The technical training is based on learning and the developmentof all the different combat techniques that come from other disciplines. The physical training is very important because it is the best way to achieve and maintain the resistance


Like other intense sports and exercise routines, warming up is a fundamental part of the discipline. This should be done in advance before starting fights or training in order to avoid problems and complications related to movements . It is important to remember that mixed martial arts are a high impact sport and for this reason warming up the body prior to practice is vitally important to avoid injury.

Mixed martial arts techniques

There are many techniques that are used in mixed martial arts, among the most recognized, the following can be cited.

  • Arm lever : these are one of the best known techniques and it is based on the hyperextension of the opponent’s elbow which causes extreme pain and immobilizes the opponent.
  • Bodyslam : this technique is based on taking the opponent, raising him and later throwing him with force towards the canvas.
  • Ground and pound : in this case the opponent is prevented from escaping while receiving the punishment. When the opponent is achieved, he must be hit in the torso, arms and face using his fists and elbows.
  • Guillotine : this technique is a key that tries to immobilize the opponent by taking him by the neck with both arms.
  • Jab : it is a type of blow that is made with the fist, it is very fast and was used to maintain distance with the opponent.
  • Kimura : the person who attacks places the opponent on the side, takes his arm and lifts him by flexing the elbow and with the other hand takes the wrist, keeping it held.
  • Kicks : There are several types of kicks that can be done, for example, head kick, low kick, front kick to the face, mid-guard or inside leg kick.
  • Spins : spins produce a violent impact either to the face or head and can lead to a knockout


In this case, the belts may vary depending on the category of sport that is being practiced in martial arts, since each of the disciplines have different categories and colors.


In order to practice mixed martial arts it is necessary to use several types of equipment, among them are the following:

  • MMA gloves or fighting gloves which are slightly less heavy than boxing gloves.
  • Harness : must always accompany the sparring to provide protection to the head.
  • Mouth guard: it is essential and is used to avoid problems with the jaw and teeth.
  • Shinguards or instep guards : they are a type of shin guard that protects the calf.

Mixed martial arts for women

Mixed martial arts for women managed to be integrated in 2013 as a division within the UFC . They were Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche the first women who made history up to the octagon and curiously, unlike other types of combat, women could enter without much trouble in this category.


Mixed martial arts include a number of benefits for health physically and mentally . It is a good technique to lose weight , reduce body fat levels , strengthen all muscles , improve body balance , coordination and flexibility . It is a discipline that helps to live life in a more peaceful way and provides security as it is also used as a means of self – defense . Many benefits can also be found for the nervous system and improves thecardiovascular capacity of the body.


Mixed martial arts also have some disadvantages which are mainly related to the risk of suffering significant injuries which can lead to problems in the body in the long , medium and short term.


Some of the main representatives of mixed martial arts are mentioned below:

  • Daniel cormier
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • Max holloway
  • Tyron woodley

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