When a person or a group of people considers that in an ideal society, power only belongs to women and believes that men are despicable and inferior to them, the word feminism is sometimes thought of; but in reality, the correct term should be “misandry” , which designates an aversion to the male sex . Feminism generally starts from the desire to vindicate the rights of women while misandry is hatred towards men.


What is misandry?

It is a way of thinking or attitude towards life from which men feel hatred or aversion and they are considered inferior to women and unnecessary for society. This term is generally associated with feminism, however, it should be noted that not every feminist woman has misandric behavior. Misandry is a hostile form of contempt that could be seen as the opposite of misogyny.


Meaning of misandry

Misandry is a behavior of unjustified contempt or hatred towards everything that represents the masculine condition . This could be considered as the female equivalent of misogyny.


Etymology of misandry

This term comes from two Greek words: “misos” which means hatred and “andros” which means “man” .

Synonyms and antonyms

  • Androphobia: it is defined as the fear of men . It is a true phobia but in some cases, you can talk about a particular feeling.
  • Hembrism : it is a neologism used instead of the term misandry . It should be noted that “hembrism” and ” feminism “ are not synonymous.
  • Misogyny: it is the behavior of one who despises women . The terms misogyny and misandry are considered opposite.
  • Gynophobia:  unjustified or exaggerated fear of women .

Origins of misandry

The concept of misandry is said to have originated as a response to misogyny . On the other hand, in the sixties, the first feminist movements were born, many of which were radicalized until they lost what should be their reason for being to defend and vindicate women’s rights. This being the case, misandry could have arisen within this radical feminist movement.

Specialists on the subject explain that misandry can be caused by an episode of physical abuse, hatred or rape by a man towards a woman . In general , it would be extreme events of this type that could lead a woman to a misandric attitude.

Symptoms of misandry

Although for some specialists, misandry is not a pathology as such, some characteristic features of this psychological attitude could be present.

  • The male sex is discriminated against.
  • Violent attitudes towards men are shown.
  • Man is perceived as an object.
  • Hatred, aversion and anger towards men are expressed in an unjustified way.

Misandric phrases

  • “I want to see a man beaten until he is a bloody pulp with a heel shoe embedded in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” (Andrea Dworkin)
  • “The proportion of males must be reduced and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.” (Sally Miller Gearhart)
  • “If all women abandoned men, refused to have anything to do with any of them, all men, the government, and even the national economy would collapse without remedy. Even without leaving men, women aware of the extent of their superiority and power over them, could take over everything in a few weeks and totally subjugate men. In a healthy society, the male would trot obediently behind the female. (Valery Solanas)


  • The SCUM Manifesto written by Valerie Solanas may be an example of misandry. The term Scum means “layer of dirt” . However, due to the content of the Solanas manifesto, it was regarded by many as the acronym for “Society for Cutting Up Men” . In the text, Solanas imagines an ideal society in which there are no men . Phrases like “the function of the male is to produce sperm. Currently there are sperm banks “ are part of this controversial statement.
  • In 2015, Lana , a blogger in the United States who considers herself a “feminist” , declared that she had aborted her baby when she learned that it would be a boy . According to the blogger, in the past she had had unpleasant experiences with men, which is why she preferred not to bring a man into the world.
  • In 2016, some radical “feminists” in Spain defended the slogan “when in doubt, you the widow” , which encourages women to kill their husbands before they kill them. According to the feminist movements that proposed the phrase in question, it is not a hate message but rather “self-defense against patriarchy . ” In one of the images that accompanied the phrase, a woman could be seen with a knife in her hand.
  • The Center for Counseling and Mental Health at the University of Texas has proposed a program to treat masculinity , which for many implies a case of misandry, treating the fact of being a man as a health problem.

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