Miguel Aleman Valdes

Miguel Alemán Valdés was a Mexican politician and lawyer who managed to reach the presidency of his country in the period between 1946 and 1952 . He was a character who managed to make important contributions to the development of the country and became one of the most prosperous men in his country, a lover of peace and Mexican progress .

Personal information

  • When was he born: 09/29/1900
  • Where he was born: Sayula de Alemán, Mexico
  • When he died: 05/14/1983
  • Where he died: Mexico City, Mexico

Who was Miguel Alemán Valdés

Miguel Alemán Valdés was a well-known politician from Mexico who managed to become President of the Republic after practicing his law career for several years, being a magistrate of the Supreme Court and a senator and governor in Veracruz.

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What did

Miguel Alemán Valdés focused during his government on the construction of communication routes , in schools to fight against illiteracy , he was in charge of developing the country’s economy through a series of foreign investments and nations. He managed to develop different types of health programs in various rural sectors of Mexico and showed a particular interest in culture , which helped increase and promote artistic activities in the country.

Biography of Miguel Alemán Valdés

Miguel Aleman Valdes was born in Veracruz, in a town called Sayula de Aleman, one 29 of September 1900 . He dedicated his life to studying law, defending Mexican workers and politics, becoming president of the country in 1946. He studied as a child in the city of Jalapa located in Veracruz and during his childhood, he related to indigenous Popolucas, also learning His tongue.

His childhood was full of financial problems and some complications because his father was in a difficult situation and because of this, they had to change their address on many occasions. He also lived for a time with his paternal grandparents and later, with his maternal grandparents. Finally he moved to live in Coatzacoalcos where he met his father who had finally been promoted to chief of arms.


Miguel Alemán Valdés died on May 14, 1983.

Political career

Miguel Alemán Valdés’ political career had its beginnings since he graduated as a lawyer, since from that moment he dedicated himself to fighting for the rights of workers and this made him easily enter the political field. He managed to obtain several important positions within the government. He was appointed as a magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice located in the Federal District, he also served as Senator for a few months and worked as governor of the state of Veracruz .

He was the person in charge of guiding the presidential campaign of Manuel Ávila Camacho where he took the post of Secretary of the Interior and finally, in 1945, he presented his candidacy for the presidency of the country.

Government of Miguel Alemán Valdés

Miguel Alemán Valdés managed to reach the presidency of Mexico in 1946 , in July, and then take office on December 1 . During his tenure, he dedicated himself to starting a new program based on industrialization and for this, he decided to request a very large loan from the United States Export Bank .

His government was characterized mainly by maintaining peace and respect , by taking into account the freedoms of citizens and by trying to unify the nation , trying to create what he himself called ” A New Mexico .” He was concerned with agriculture and with aspects related to transport, such as roads.

Economic model

Its economic model was based on the search for means to be able to combat the great inflation of the country by means of increasing production in the agricultural and industrial fields . To do this, he tried to substitute imports and base his economic model on limiting them, creating at the same time more facilities to be able to increase national production as well as the merchandise of his country.

Despite this, imports continued to grow uncontrollably and this caused an imbalance in the country’s balance of payments. It sought to increase and improve the standard of living of citizens, mainly those who belonged to the working class and the middle class. It looked for means to increase the national income and to be able to advance in the industrialization process .

His model caused the Mexican peso to devalue considerably against the dollar, credit for the private sector was increased through public banks , a series of Mexicanization policies were established that implied no foreign investment, and the policy was promoted. protectionist .

Social aspects

Regarding social issues, Miguel Alemán Valdés decreed a series of laws with the aim of providing greater protection to the population, for example, the general Population laws, the General Forestry Law , a law to regulate hunting and fishing and also created a Federal Law on Commercial Taxes . He worried about building more roads and developed popular housing programs for the lower classes. He also expropriated several large estates that belonged to foreigners which were located in places like Sonora and Chihuahua. He gave a lot of importance to educationand he fought against illiteracy by creating more than 90 schools and several kindergartens, thus promoting polytechnic and university education .

Regarding its worker and peasant policy , it was considered repressive since all types of worker demonstrations that were generated due to low wages and anti-union democracy were repressed. The endowment of land also decreased affecting the peasant class and this caused many demonstrations.

Foreign policy

With regard to international relations of the country during his tenure, they were able to sign several peace treaties and also managed to establish several relationships type diplomat with different countries. It increased the country’s tourist activity and coordinated different policy programs to integrate and consolidate this activity, getting Mexico to enter the list of tourist destinations worldwide.

What study

As a child he trained at the Joaquín Oropeza School and finally in 1920 when his family moved to Mexico City, he managed to enter the National Preparatory School where he stood out for his way of being. Due to family problems, he had to leave school on two occasions, however, he continued with his studies until later he managed to enter the National Jurisprudence , where he graduated as a lawyer after studying law .


Many expert historians and politicians assure that the ideology of Miguel Alemán was based mainly on money and this caused the state of Mexico to give greater importance to the interests that existed in the political class, leaving aside the needs of the population .

Contributions of Miguel Alemán Valdés

Some of his main contributions were the following:

  • He developed and improved the expansion of roads and railways .
  • He implemented major improvements in the water supply in Mexico City.
  • It supported the construction of the University City .
  • He created a trust to support the Academia Mexicana de la Lengua .
  • He participated and was in charge of directing the First Congress of Academies of the Spanish language.
  • He gave the vote to women during the elections in Mexico for the first time in history.
  • He modified an article of the Constitution to be able to give it more extension to small properties by causing large owners to increase their equity, although this measure had negative consequences .
  • He managed to reconcile the interests that existed between employers and workers .
  • He fought against illiteracy .
  • He created the General Directorate of Normal Education and the National Institute of Pedagogy .

Physical characteristics

He was a man of thin build, straight black hair, slightly slanted eyes characteristic of the Mexican towns. He always wore a mustache, his nose was profiled, his lips were thin and thin, and his eyes were black.


Miguel Alemán was a man who was characterized by having a very affable personality , he was respectful to everyone around him and had a good character . His level of responsibility was also very high and he cared for his country throughout his presidential term.


The parents of Miguel Alemán Valdés were Miguel Alemán, a renowned revolutionary general, and Tomasa Valdés .


He had a romantic relationship with Beatriz Velasco , with whom he married.


From his marriage to Beatriz Velasco, three children were born whom they named Miguel , Jorge Francisco and Beatriz .


Miguel Valdés managed to receive several awards and recognitions throughout his career and role as president, among them the following are mentioned:

  • Doctorate award at the University of Mexico , Kansas City and the “Mc George” Law School located in California.
  • Necklace of the Order of San Martín .
  • Posthumous tribute to receive the ASALE medal (Gold Medal of the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language).

Quotes by Miguel Alemán Valdés

Some phrases mentioned by Miguel Alemán Valdés were the following:

  • I would like all Mexicans to have a Cadillac, a cigar and a ticket for the bulls.
  • After a fire they asked him if he planned to visit the place, to this he replied: “I am a president, not a firefighter .”


He began his work as a lawyer defending the miners of Pachuca . Before graduating, he wrote a thesis on occupational risks and diseases, which was later taken into account for the creation of the country’s labor legislation .

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