The reason some people find it easier to burn fat and build muscle than others is because of their genetics and the fact that everyone is different. However, what is not fully understood is that there are different body types for different people, and knowing what type of person you are can help you plan your diet and training accordingly. Mesomorphic , is a human physical type or somatotype that is marked by greater than average muscular development , as determined by the physical classification system developed by the psychologistAmerican Sheldon . Although the Sheldon classification system does not make total distinctions between the types, a person is classified as mesomorph if this type of body is the one that predominates over the endomorph and the ectomorph in the constitution of their body.


What is a mesomorph?

Mesomorphs are people of athletic build who have fairly well developed muscles . They are very strong and do not have to worry about gaining or losing weight because their metabolism works perfectly.

  • Characteristics of a mesomorph
  • Men
  • Women
  • Diet for a mesomorph
  • Mesomorphic training

Characteristics of a mesomorph

The main characteristics that will help us to recognize a mesomorph are the following:

  • They easily increase their
  • They have a very athletic and sporty look .
  • They have so usually one good posture .
  • Its body is very compact and hard .
  • They have a very good symmetry .
  • His body so usually has a form of ” V ” in men and a form of ” clock sand ” in women.
  • They have a metabolism
  • They have a greater tendency to accumulate fat
  • Their skin is quite thick.
  • Mesomorphs tend to easily gain muscle , and will sometimes be able to mark their bodies with muscle only by following a healthy diet.
  • The circulating blood and muscle performance is quite good, a fact shown by its low blood pressure and bradycardia.
  • They have a very good relaxation capacity and are usually less sensitive to pain. However, bodily functions develop with greater and on some occasions they can become more prone to sedentary lifestyle and obesity .


Men who have a mesomorphic structure enjoy a pleasant aesthetic according to recent beauty standards. It has a great capacity to convert the proteins in food into muscle tissue so that your muscles correctly receive the best nutrition.


The diet for mesomorphic women should be based on activity levels and weight control . Their caloric needs may be slightly higher than others and building muscle is easier for them. The metabolism is faster, but if you want to lose weight you will have to reduce your calorie intake and exercise.

Diet for a mesomorph

Just because a mesomorph builds muscle easily and burns fat easily, it doesn’t mean they can eat what they want, when they want. In order for a mesomorph to build muscle and burn fat, they will need to ensure that their diet and nutrition are correct. Some diet tips that a mesomorph can follow are the following:

  • Eat little and often : this is essential because by having your metabolism very active, you can burn fat easily, but you can also burn muscle if there is not enough fat available. To ensure that they remain in an anabolic state , mesomorphs should ideally eat small, nutritionally balanced meals every few hours to help keep their metabolism working properly.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough calories – If you’re looking to build muscle , you’ll need to consume more calories than you can burn, so again, high-calorie foods that are healthy and nutritionally balanced are very beneficial. Getting 40-60% of your daily calories from carbohydrates is the best option for mesomorphs.
  • Get enough protein : If you want to build muscle the best thing to do is make sure you get enough protein each day. One can try to 1 – 1.5 g of protein per kilo of body weight, protein sources consume clean and healthy , and include supplements of protein to achieve better results.

Mesomorphic training

Some mesomorphic training basics to help ensure that your body fat percentages remain low, and that you are able to build and maintain sufficient lean muscle mass are as follows:

  • Train with weights : Since mesomorphs are more muscular than other individuals, in order for them to really progress with their physique, they will need to make sure they lift weights that really prove them in the gym. Obviously, they won’t need to train like weightlifters and strong men, but they will need to make sure to work with moderate to heavy weights to stimulate proper hypertrophy.
  • Low to medium reps: rep ranges will need to be lower than usual, instead of the typical bodybuilding rep ranges of 8-12, mesomorphs work best at 6 – 8 reps .
  • Adequate rest and recovery : You should avoid overtraining to avoid unnecessary damage, therefore it is important to keep the times of rest proper and thus prevent atrophy of muscles.

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