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Mark Ruffalo is an environmental activist and actor known for his portrayal of Bruce Banner or the Hulk in the movie “The Avengers . ” He has also received Oscar nominations for the films “The Kids Are All Right , ” “Foxcatcher” and “Spotlight . 


Personal information

  • When was he born:  11/22/1967
  • Where he was born:  Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States

Who is Mark Ruffalo?

Marcos Alan Ruffalo is a famous actor , director , humanist , social activist , and film producer . He made his screen debut on an episode of the CBS Summer Playhouse until he achieved worldwide fame and recognition .

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Mark Ruffalo Biography

Born on November 22, 1967, in Kenosha, Wisconsin , his mother Marie Rose a stylist and hairdresser, and Frank Lawrence Ruffalo , his father, a construction painter. His father’s ancestry is Italian, and his mother is half French-Canadian and half Italian.

Mark Ruffalo spent his teens in Virginia Beach before moving his family to San Diego after he finished his high school. Finally he settled in Los Angeles, where he dedicated himself to studying acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory and later at the Orpheus Theater Company . The theater was the platform for Ruffalo’s performance and in it he managed to get small parts on television and in movies, but it was during a meeting with the playwright Kenneth Lonergan that his destiny changed.

During his rise to success, Ruffalo suffered a health problem in 2002 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor . Surgery to remove the tumor, which was determined to be benign, resulted in a period of partial facial paralysis , but Ruffalo made a full recovery and his career recovered successfully.

After 2004, Mark Ruffalo worked leading films popular Hollywood productions independent that consolidated him as one of the strongest players in the movies.

Ruffalo is well known for being an environmental activist . He received an environmental award from Dickinson College in early 2015 and founded the Solutions Project, which powers 100 percent renewable energy, and is active in Water Defense , a group dedicated to clean water initiatives.


Ruffalo has been married to actress Sunrise Coigney since 2000, and together they have three children.


From his marriage he has two children, Keen Ruffalo and his daughter Bella Noche Ruffalo, Odette Ruffalo.


In May 2001, Mark Ruffalo had a nightmare with a brain tumor. The dream frightened him so much that he contacted his doctor, who ordered an MRI to reassure the actor . Surprising the entire staff, the test results showed that he had a golf ball-sized mass behind his left ear. The news forced him to turn down the role of Merrill Hess in “Signs” (2002) due to Acoustic Neuroma, a brain tumor that affected his hearing.

At the time of diagnosis, Ruffalo and his wife were expecting their first child. The only ones who knew of his early diagnosis were his best friend and doctor , as he wanted the birth of his son to be the happiest part of his life, and he did not want others to make his tragedy theirs. He told his wife about cancer after their son was born, a few weeks later.

Mark Ruffalo underwent surgery to remove the tumor. The doctor told her that she had an 80% chance of losing her hearing and a 20% chance of losing her facial nerve . He struggled with paralysis of his facial nerves for ten months. Struggling to keep her balance and not being able to move the left side of her face produced a series of emotions of shame and fear.

The recovery was slow, and steroids worsened the problems but managed to recover most of the movement in the left side of the face, came back stronger than ever in his career and lives with his wife and family in upstate New York.

Mark Ruffalo Films

His most important films are the following:

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Now You See Me 2
  • iron Man 3
  • The Avengers
  • All the King’s Men
  • My life without me
  • Rough Trade
  • Mirror, Mirror III: The Voyeur
  • The Destiny of Marty Fine
  • On the 2nd Day of Christmas
  • Houdini


Mark Ruffalo has managed to obtain important recognitions such as Oscar nominations for best supporting actor, Golden Globes for best actor, Bafta for best supporting actor, from the Screen Actors Guild where he won the award for best supporting actor and as best miniseries actor , Film Critics Award where he won the best cast and was nominated for the best supporting actor as well.

Mark Ruffalo Quotes

Some of his most important phrases have been:

  • Nobody comes to New York and leaves if something horrible has not happened to them.
  • The mothers always know.
  • It is a virus , it cannot discriminate.
  • I’ll go dressed up as Tony and his gypsy.
  • The cancer inspires compassion, with mine are judged.
  • They knew it and they let it happen. It could have been you, it could have been me. Any of us.


Some curiosities of the actor Mark Ruffalo are the following:

  • His father was a painter and builder and his mother a stylist. Her three brothers Scott, Tania and Nicole are all hairdressers .
  • He studied at the Stella Adler Conservatory in Los Angeles.
  • He worked as a bartender for almost a decade while trying to get into the business.
  • In an interview with Moviemaker magazine, he claims to have held 800 auditions in his life before landing a major role.
  • He attended First Colonial High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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