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Undoubtedly, when it comes to the prominent stars of Spanish cinema, a name that comes to light is that of Maribel Verdú , an actress from Madrid with a career that spans more than 60 films and with different awards and recognitions that highlight his mastery of acting.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 10/02/1970
  • Where he was born:  Madrid, Spain

Who is Maribel Verdú?

Maribel Verdú Rollán is a renowned Spanish actress born on October 2, 1970 in the city of Madrid . He has a long history in the world of acting, having worked in more than 60 films, both Spanish and foreign, and of various genres. During his career, he has received important awards for his different performances such as the Goya award and the Mexican Ariel .

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  • Maribel Verdú Awards and Accolades

Biography of Maribel Verdú

Maribel Verdú, whose real name is María Isabel Verdú Rollán , is a Spanish actress born in Madrid on October 2, 1970 . During her childhood, she followed a very strict schooling in a nun’s college. Her childhood wish was to be a teacher or a private detective. However, her mother, who was a model, enrolled her in the same modeling agency and at just 13 years old, the then-future actress is hired to pose in numerous magazines and participate in advertisements.

A few months later , Maribel Verdú began her career as an actress , when producer Jaime Fernandez Cid noticed her and considered that she could be the replica of Victoria Abril in the televised film The Footprint of Crime: The Crime of Captain Sánchez . Two years later, in 1986 , Verdú obtained his first major role in the cinema in Fernando Trueba’s The Year of the Lights .

After the enormous success of the film Amantes (1991) directed by Vicente Aranda, Maribel Verdú became one of the most popular Spanish actresses in the 90s.

Likewise, after her participation in this film, the Madrid actress worked in films recognized by critics such as the Oscar-winning film Belle Époque (1992) directed by Trueba or the film Huevos de Oro (1993) by director Bigas Luna and starring Javier Bardem.

Today, Maribel Verdú has more than 60 films in her long career , among which we can highlight: 27 hours by Montxo Armendariz, La mujer y el pelele by Mario Camus, Macho by Bigas Luna, Torero d’Éric Barbier or Goya by Carlos Saura. However, the role that the actress becomes a real celebrity is Luisa Cortés in the film Y Tu Mama Tambien of Alfonso Cuarón . In this film, shot in 2001, he acted with Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal. Together with the two Mexican actors, he brought a love triangle to the screen. In 2009, the actress participated in Tetro by Francis Ford Coppola alongside her compatriot Carmen Maura. Four years later, she received the 2013 Goya Award for Spanish Cinema for Best Actress for her work in Snow White .


In 1988, at just 17 years old, Maribel Verdú began a relationship with director Antonio Giménez Rico , who was 50 years old by then. The actress had acted in the film by Giménez Rico Soldadito español and it is there, when the romance arises. Although this relationship lasted a little over a year, today, they continue their friendship. Later, she had a relationship of 6 years, with the cameraman Pablo Hernández .

Currently, Verdú lives a stable marriage with the theatrical producer Pedro Larrañaga whom he had known all his life and whose parents are Carlos and María Luisa Merlo. The Spanish actress married Larrañaga on September 2, 1999 and since then, they have continued together. However, the actress has not had children.

Featured Movies

  • Snow White (2012):  This feature film directed by Pablo Berger won ten Goya awards, in addition to other important awards and was selected to represent Spain at the 2013 Oscars, as best foreign film. It is a free adaptation with gothic overtones of the story of the Brothers Grimm that takes place in Spain in the 1920s.
  • And your mom too (2001):  The Mexican film by director Alfonso Cuarón tells the story of the lives of Julio and Tenoch, two 17-year-old teenage friends. During a family party, they meet Luisa, a 28-year-old Spanish woman with whom they flirt. They invite her to take a walk to a beach called La Boca del Cielo. Luisa with the desire to make a change in her life, finally accepts the proposal of the young people.
  • Belle époque (1992):  This Spanish film, directed by Fernando Trueba, won the Oscar for best foreign language film. It is an unforgettable comedy in which Verdú shares credits with Miriam Díaz, Ariadna Gil and Penélope Cruz.
  • The Good Star (1997):  The film tells the story of Rafael, a man who is powerless after an accident. His life is lonely until he meets Marina, a young marginal woman who is expecting a baby. Rafael finds in Marina, the warmth and the family that I always want to have.
  • 27 Hours (1986):  The film shows the tragic fate of a teenager and his friend who fall into a hellish race of drugs and money. The viewer can follow each of the steps of these two young men from 7 in the morning.

Famous quotes by Maribel Verdú

  • “We live in a macho world, but in cinema and theater we have a more advanced mentality.”
  • “I hate when they say that everyone has what they deserve.”
  • “I realized yesterday, leaving the cinema, that I have been eight days without leaving a minute of being happy.”
  • ” The path of life is so long … what does it matter to be a birthday? 
  • “ The 50-year-old people I know are in their best moment, they have more enthusiasm for everything: it is fullness. ”.
  • ” With age you gain knowledge, and you gain fears and insecurities: you have to feed on them 
  • “ Being a woman is not synonymous with a mother. Being a mother is an option, not an obligation ”.

Maribel Verdú Awards and Accolades

  • 2013: Goya Award for best female performance for the film Snow White .
  • 2012: Union of Actors Award as the best leading actress in a film for the film Snow White .
  • 2012: Ace Awards (New York) as best actress for the film Snow White .
  • 2007: Goya Award for the best female performance for the film Seven French Billiard Tables .
  • 2007: City of Huelva Honorary Award at the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival.
  • 2006: Ariel Award for best leading actress for the film Pan’s Labyrinth .
  • 1991: Ondas Awards for best performance for the film Lovers .

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