Lupe Velez


Before the Production Code Administration was created in the 1930s by a group of moralists who cracked down on nudity , sex , violence, and even the detailed description of crimes , theaters were packed. of passionate love affairs, irresistible criminals and other interesting behaviors. But it was off-screen that the stars and industry leaders really got carried away. In places like the infamous Garden of Allah, prominent figures like Errol Flynn and F. Scott FitzgeraldThey frequented the main point of the parties, ravenous libidos , drugs and alcohol . In the midst of this effervescence, Lupe Vélez , a young Mexican actress, personified the mood of the time.

  • When was he born:  07/18/1908
  • Where he was born:  San Luis Potosí, Mexico
  • When he died:  12/14/1944
  • Where he died:  Glendale, California, United States

Who was Lupe Vélez?

Lupe Vélez is recognized for having been the first Mexican artist who managed to break through in Hollywood and who was considered a myth for her love scandals , for her personality and her life full of controversies.

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Biography of Lupe Vélez

Her full name was María Guadalupe Villalobos Vélez . She was born in San Luis Potosí , 1906 and was a famous Mexican film actress. Her father an army colonel and her mother a soprano , since she was a child she loved dancing and the scene. When his father passes away he begins to work to help his family. He decides to travel to Hollywood where he makes his way quickly.


She attended all the nightclubs and venues and her face quickly became popular, which is why she is contacted by some entrepreneurs such as Florenz Ziegfeld , but she wanted to work in film and this opportunity is given to her by the director and producer Hal Roach.

Her Latino image was rising rapidly among producers, who sought her out to offer her new jobs. His particular image dominated his characters , his frivolous lifestyle was clearly shown in his film Pepper and More Pepper , by John G. Blystone. Her first major role as Lupe Vélez was in “ El Gaucho ”, a film co-starring by Douglas Fairbanks and directed by F. Richard Jones .


Many years after his death, most people continue to be unable to answer with certainty the questions that were asked at his funeral that were the subject of debate in the tabloid press.

On the day of her death, Lupe organized a big party where she invited close friends to spend a pleasant evening. When the party was over, he set up a shrine in his bedroom with candles , flowers, and quiet music , getting ready to die. Lupe Velez took 64 pills of seconal and waited patiently for his death. He left a dedicated note to Miss Kitty who was his assistant, apologizing for leaving the world like that and a farewell note for Ramond . Five hours later, his body was found in bed .

Lupe Vélez’s relationships

His love life was hectic and he had many romances with different actors. Among these actors we mention John Gilbert and Gary Cooper , who was also his co-star in “El Canto Del Lobo . ” She married a famous swimmer and film actor , Johnny Weissmuller , with whom she lived for several years, all of them troubled and tense. Lupe had become pregnant by her latest lover, an Austrian actor known as Harald Ramond with whom she tried to marry, but was rejected by him.


Lupe Vélez was the daughter of General Jacobo Villalobos Reyes and of the opera singer or tiple singer depending on the historians, Josefina Vélez.


Lupe Vélez did not leave any child alive, because when she became pregnant she tried to get her son’s father to marry her, and when she did not get a positive response, she fell into a tremendous depression , causing her own death with pills .


Among his most recognized films we can mention the following:

  • Sailors beware
  • What Women Did for Me?
  • The Gaucho
  • Stand and Deliver
  • Hollywood Snapshots
  • Lady of the Pavements
  • The Wolf Song
  • Where East Is East
  • Tiger
  • The voice of Hollywood No. 1
  • Hell harbor
  • The Storm
  • The voice of Hollywood No. 13
  • Resurrection
  • The Cuban Love Song
  • The Zandunga
  • Remembering is living
  • Naná


Her life as Lupe Vélez was the subject of a tribute by Mexican filmmaker Martín Caballero and was presented at the Seattle International Latino Film Festival . In 2017, a bust of Lupe Vélez was revealed in San Luis Potosí, an elaborate sculpture by Emilio Borjas and which is located in the San Sebastián Garden, in the neighborhood where the actress was born.

Quotes by Lupe Vélez

Some of the main phrases said by this renowned artist were:

  • I remember going to the movies frequently and I liked watching John Gilbert and Ronald Colman making love to their beautiful damsels. After seeing those scenes, I would go home and put on my mother’s or grandmother’s dresses and shoes, act like I was a leading lady, approach the mirror and kiss my reflection, thinking it was one of my movie heroes.
  • I didn’t even put my thoughts on that idea. Why for me it seemed impossible, as we say in Mexico when we want something that we cannot obtain – I want the moon.
  • Today for lunch I have tomato soup with rice, salad, four hot dogs, sauerkraut, and ice cream. You see that I eat what I want , when I want. This morning I wake up at 3 and have beer and a cheese sandwich. When I sleep, I sleep like nobody else, hard. I wake up rested.


  • Lupe Vélez’s death is mentioned in the first episode of the Frasier series (1993).
  • In the episode of The Simpsons entitled ” Homer’s Phobia “ , John tells them that Lupe Vélez bought the toilet in which he drowned in a Springfield store.
  • In 2012, Mexican filmmaker Carlos Carrera wanted to capture Lupe’s life on celluloid with actress Ana de la Reguera in the starring role.

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