Logic reasoning


Taking a much broader concept, logical reasoning is that faculty that allows people to solve problems by drawing conclusions and learning in a much broader way from the events that occurred. Although one can speak of logical reasoning in several senses, the initial concept is only based on how certain premises are resolved in an effective and direct way.


What is logical reasoning?

It is about all those mental processes by which it is possible to reach the conclusion of a problem, through a series of premises that facilitate the entire process. Although the reasoning in general terms can be valid or invalid , everything will depend on the way in which it unfolds and manages to find a solution.

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  • Characteristics of logical reasoning
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  • Types of logical reasoning
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The logical reasoning is all that capacity through which our cognitive activities help us achieve a goal or solve a problem . Likewise, this is considered one of the most important characteristics by which we differentiate ourselves from animals , since reasoning is a fundamental part of society .


This mental capacity of human beings by which we link certain aspects of our lives in order to reach a viable solution , explains how our cognitive system helps us day by day, associating beliefs, strategies and abstract ideas to reach a target. It should be taken into account that logical reasoning has two types of it, which fulfills a different function and value, they are:

  • Argumentative reasoning.
  • Logic reasoning.

Characteristics of logical reasoning

The logical reasoning, consists of a series of characteristics which help its understanding, these characteristics are:

  • It is the mental activity through which reasoning is facilitated.
  • The propositions that are raised are intertwined with each other and provide support for the justification of an idea.
  • Corresponds directly to the argumentation and ease of it.
  • logical argument is exponentially based on the verbal expression of reasoning.
  • It is directly concerned with the full use of an understanding to arrive at a complete solution.

What is it for

The logical reasoning allows us to expand the knowledge we have, without requiring those lessons we have gained through our experiences. It provides us with the justification and the contribution of reasons to reach the end of a problem. In mathematical cases, logical reasoning does not allow us to demonstrate everything we know at the same time as reinforcing our knowledge.


There are two elements of logical reasoning , which can be described as:

  • Content: it is mainly made up of objects and all those properties of the linguistic expression . These elements are what show us when a proposition is true or false.
  • Form: s upone to be all the result that is abstracted from the content of the expression.

Types of logical reasoning

Although deductive reasoning in general terms is quite complete, the types of reasoning that exist and their understanding must be taken into account, in order to have a more complete decision:

Deductive reasoning

It is explained as that cognitive process by which we arrive at a deduction. With this type of reasoning we can reach a conclusion based on the general basis of our beliefs.

Inductive reasoning

It starts mainly from particular information, while reaching a more general and understandable conclusion . Usually this type of reasoning is less logical, and less probabilistic, so it has a wide margin of error or invalidation.

Hypothetical-deductive reasoning

It is the basis of all scientific knowledge and reasoning, since it is one of the most attached to reality and to the direct verification of premises.

Transductive reasoning

Initially it only seeks to sufficiently combine all the information that is separated, joining it in an argument, theory or belief that adapts to reality.

How to improve logical reasoning

Logical reasoning skills can help us in many areas of our life, including personally. Through stimulating activities , you can strengthen your logical reasoning . These activities can help you significantly modify your thought patterns and behavioral criteria .

The activities that you can use to improve your logical reasoning are:

  • Activities that stimulate your critical thinking : exercise is not only physical, and although it helps you, mental exercises such as crosswords and puzzles will help your brain to be always active and in search of varied and more direct solutions. Likewise, keeping a journal of thoughts or goals will help you focus while frequently checking your achievements and what you need to accomplish each of the things that you propose.
  • Modification of thought patterns: a positive attitude, along with a restructuring of your actions, can help you a lot. The planning and organization of study, work or sleep habits will help you train your brain in a more organized and logical way, so this will become an unconscious habit in your life.
  • Recognize absurd or useless thoughts: the careful evolution of each situation is essential to prevent failures or situations, take a moment to think about the pros and cons of your decisions while exploring all the options you have to reach each one of them .


The logical reasoning, supports thinking people with a valid argument, which is completely based on a set of beliefs and experiences, so that the degree of success allows us the greatest opportunity to make choices successful. It is always used with the sole purpose of explaining phenomena that we observe or live in daily life, and that therefore supports the thought and understanding of everything that surrounds us.


  • Nicolás lies on Monday, Thursday and Friday and tells the truth part of the days of the week while Andrea lies on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday but tells the truth the rest of the week. If they both express “tomorrow is a day in which I lie”, what day of the week will tomorrow be?
  • If Lorena speaks louder than Irina and Andrea speaks louder than Irene, does Lorena speak louder or lower than Andrea?

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