Lita Cabellut


Lita Cabellut is an exemplary multidisciplinary artist of Spanish origin who works on canvas with oil . His drawings of faces only, are also reflected in sculpture, photography and poetry. Cabellut is of gypsy origin and lived on the streets from a very young age until she was adopted by a family.


Personal information

  • When was he born:  10/24/1961
  • Where he was born:  Sariñena, Spain

Who is Lita Cabellut?

Lita Cabellut is a famous painter of Spanish origin who currently lives in The Hague , the Netherlands. Cabellut carries out his works with large-format canvases , characterized by using a contemporary variation of the fresco technique.


Biography of Lita Cabellut

Born on October 24, 1961 in Barcelona , Spain , she was a Roma orphan who lived on the streets since she was a baby, where she was raised by her grandmother , as her mother was a prostitute . He did not go to school and worked doing different jobs for the women who worked with his mother to earn money. This lifestyle caused her to fall into an orphanage where she was adopted at the age of 13. The story of Lita was contradicted by her sisters who claim that she never lived on the street and that his mother was neither Gypsy nor prostitute.


Her adoptive parents were in charge of educating her until she discovered her passion for art and painting. He grew up in Madrid and spent time at the Prado Museum studying the works of Francisco de Goya and Diego Velázquez . Cabellut went on to attend the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where he studied the Dutch masters and developed his stamp technique.

Lita Cabellut assures that the birth of her two children was what prompted her to get closer to her mother and seek a reconciliation with her.


The main characteristics that make Lita Cabellut a unique artist in her area are the following:

  • Lita Cabellut is considered the most sought-after Spanish artist internationally.
  • His work is mostly made up of portraits , mainly people’s faces.
  • Lita Cabellut seeks a way to move the viewer’s consciousness by reflecting in her paintings the losers of society, the people who live lonely and who have no voice.
  • It has a great capacity to achieve an aesthetic transformation of the human appearance through the use of pigments .
  • We could perfectly affirm that his painting refers to expressionism.
  • His works can range from a delicately poetic to a hardness without question.
  • The color palette he uses stems from his obsession to give skin to his characters, to make this skin look natural and strange at the same time and by the torn lines of his brushstrokes.

Lita Cabellut Technique

Lita Cabellut is an expert in a new and innovative technique that, using crackle strategically incorporated in her paintings, causes an increase in the visual impact of each of her works. She is used to working on large canvases and has also developed a contemporary variation on the fresco technique along with a color palette which stems from her obsession with giving her characters skin.

It can be said that beyond her work and her world-renowned techniques, Cabellut is a multidisciplinary artist who is capable of working with oil on canvas, drawings on paper, sculpture , photography , poetry , visual poems and even videos .

It is important to mention that Cabellut has been greatly influenced by artists such as Goya and Francis Bacon . The creative universe of his works is hooked on the commitment and concern he has for the human being , whom he observes as an object and introduces him into the work through the use of a technique in which the most important thing is to capture the vivacity of the skin, which is considered by the artist as the external organ that reveals the passage of time and the experiences that have been lived, the one in charge of showing the rawness, strength, character and anguish of the most emotional moments of existence.


Some of its awards and recognitions worldwide are:

  • Gypsy Culture Award for Painting and Plastic Arts of the Institute of Gypsy Culture: he received this important award in April 2011. His work carried out for the benefit of gypsy culture in the world was recognized through this award.
  • Figurative Awards by the Fundación Privada de les Arts i els Artistes: she was ranked number 333 out of the top 500 artists and was nominated by Artprice magazine in 2015. In this way, she was named as the best valued Spanish female artist .

Works by Lita Cabellut

Among his main works we can mention the following:

  • Frida : one of her first collections that pays tribute to this famous artist of Mexican origin.
  • Asian culture
  • Einstein : from his collection of portraits of icons of culture and science
  • Berta Troost : painting inspired by the Dutch Golden Age.
  • Catholic : he also liked to portray aspects and characters of different religions.
  • Catastrophes from Heaven : reflects the story of Lita who had been abandoned by her mother.
  • Federico García Lorca : it is a portrait of human knowledge.
  • Coco Chanel : a total of 35 large-scale Chanel portraits.
  • Circus world : he was in charge of shaping the circus world.

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