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In the area of transport , different means of transport have been invented with the aim of guaranteeing and improving the movement of people from one place to another. One of these inventions has been the light quadricycle . This type of transport or vehicle is considered one of the most unknown , since not many people worldwide know of its existence. Light quadricycles are means of transport that have an empty mass of less than 350 kilograms, and are capable of reaching a maximum speed of only 45 kilometersper hour when used on the road, and, like other vehicles, you need a special license to drive them.

What is a lightweight quadricycle?

Light quadricycles are vehicles that have four wheels and whose unladen mass is less than 350 kilograms , this weight not including the mass of the battery and whose maximum speed cannot exceed 45 km / h.

  • What is a light quadricycle for?
  • Characteristics
  • Story
  • Parts of a light quadricycle
  • How a lightweight quad bike works
  • Advantage
  • Disadvantages of light quadricycles
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What is a light quadricycle for?

The light quadricycle is used mainly for the use of people, to be able to transport from one place to another, although some people have also used them in the tourism area , to take their clients from one destination to another.



The main characteristics that we must know about the light quadricycle are the following:

  • It is forbidden for this type of vehicle to circulate on highways and highways .
  • Light quads are considered 4-wheelers .
  • These vehicles can have a combustion engine and use gasoline but they can also be electric in which case they will have a 4kw battery .
  • The maximum speed that these vehicles can develop cannot exceed 45 km / h.
  • Its displacement reaches more than 50 cubic centimeters.
  • The driver and passengers of a light quadricycle must wear a helmet .
  • Lacking stability , sudden turns should be avoided.
  • They are known by the name of license-free cars .
  • They do not weigh more than 450 kilograms .


In Europe , after World War II, the car became a privilege available to few. Over the years, the purchasing power of the middle class increased but not enough to be able to acquire a vehicle, which is why manufacturers were forced to launch micro cars , a mix between a car and a motorcycle , powered by a very low displacement engine that did not exceed three meters long.

Parts of a light quadricycle

The bodies of quadricycles are very different from those of conventional vehicles, due to their reduced weight and dimensions , and because mainly plastic materials are used in their manufacture. Two types of configurations can be distinguished :

  • Structure with independent chassis : the chassis is made of steel or aluminum tubes , welded together, and can withstand the load conditions to which the vehicle is subjected while driving. The bodywork is generally made up of a frame of small section steel or aluminum tubes . A frame is assembled with adhesive , the panel exterior and interior made of plastics . Fixing the body frame to the frame is done by screws or welding . TheDoors, hood and tailgate are also made of plastic materials .
  • Monocoque body : it is based on the concept of self-supporting body , where the body supports the mechanical assemblies and the body itself . Its manufacture is used reinforced polyester fiberglass and various panels forming body are assembled together by adhesive . It has metal supports, as a subframe, that join the mechanical components to the body.

How a lightweight quad bike works

Quadricycles work almost the same as a conventional car .


The advantages of the light quadricycle are:

  • Probably its main advantage is its ease of access .
  • They can be driven as young as 15 years old.
  • Some models depending on the brand may have heating , air conditioning, navigator , reversing camera , ABS and even airbags .
  • To lead only you need to have a license for moped .
  • The fuel consumption of these cars is very low , since on average a diesel engine uses about 3 liters per 100 kilometers.
  • With this type of vehicle you can park anywhere thanks to its dimensions.

Disadvantages of light quadricycles

Among the disadvantages that can be noted to the light quadricycle we mention the following:

  • They have great fragility and few means of protection .
  • When quadricycles are turned, they have very little stability and can tip over.
  • They must circulate on the side of the road and their occupants must wear a helmet if they do not have a belt.
  • They are prohibited from driving on highways and highways
  • They present a serious lack of protection for passengers.
  • They are vehicles that are made for the city , not to replace the means of tourism.
  • Its price is very high considering the price of other safer cars that can be driven in the city and on highways.
  • Its ability to respond to a possible accident is very low.


Some examples of light quads are as follows:

  • An example is the Renault Twizy 80, a variant capable of reaching 80 km / h and that has a standard license plate like any conventional passenger car .
  • Aixam has been a leader in Spain for many years, maintaining its privileged position with its Vision range , which is considered one of the widest on the market. They have options for all tastes, with ABS , air conditioning and even some of them already have an airbag , as well as different body shapes and trim levels .
  • Minauto is another of the very successful companies in Spain thanks to very contained prices. It is the firm that markets the simplest Aixam.

Some other examples  of light quads are:

  • Italcar Golf EV 11
  • Microcar M.Go FD 10
  • Renault Twizy “45” 5
  • MicroCar Flex 4
  • Renli RLGI 500Dz 4
  • Piaggio APE 4
  • Comarth CrossRider 3
  • Aixam Vision 500.5 2
  • Casalini Sulky 2

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