One of the feelings most desired by people around the world and by the nations that make up the planet is undoubtedly freedom . A word that comes from the word “libertas” which comes from Latin and which means “frankness, permission” . It is necessary so that human beings can have the ability to make decisions on their own without being obliged to third parties.

What is the Liberty?

Freedom is the power or the right to act, speak or think, it is a powerful word that for some means independence and for others, it means the ability to act and speak freely , or to go wherever they want.

  • Definition
  • Characteristics of freedom
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  • Types
  • Relationship with ethics
  • People dedicated to achieving freedom
  • How it differs from debauchery
  • Examples


We can say that freedom is a word that is used to show the awareness of acting and thinking that an individual has depending on their own will . It is a type of condition in which a person is not in captivity or is held against his freedom , therefore, he is not subjected to third parties to do what he needs or wants to do.


Freedom also has a series of limits which have been imposed by the human being himself so that in this way a dignified life can be guaranteed on which the values and principles that all individuals should have can be shown. In addition, there are a series of laws and regulations that must be followed and complied with by the individuals who live in a place in order to maintain order and security .

Characteristics of freedom

The main characteristics of freedom are mentioned below:

  • It is characterized by being the power that an individual has to act according to his will but within the margins of the law .
  • It is linked to concepts related to trust and frankness .
  • It is classified as a value of society , democratic values and human values .
  • It is studied by ethics , by religion , morals and philosophy .
  • It is exercised from the point of view of individuality, including moral responsibility and respect.
  • It has different types of limits because it must respect the law of others and its own.
  • It also implies the ability to choose .


In ancient times , slavery was considered a necessary institution for society. It was the great revolutions that occurred over time that gradually achieved individual freedom and ensure it in the world. During the 18th century , The Glorious Revolution ended the imposition of restrictions and the War of Independence of the United States united individual freedom with national freedom. Thanks to the French Revolution of 1789 it was possible to destroy the feudal system in France and finally it was possible to build arepresentative government .

In the development of freedom, a large number of threats arose against it with the passage of time, many countries were destroyed , individual rights were trampled on and governments tried to revolt their citizens , however, freedom always triumphed and little a little more countries managed to enjoy it.


There are several types of freedom which are mentioned below:

  • Freedom of movement : implies the right of individuals to be able to move freely in all territories.
  • Association : it is the ability of individuals to form associations or groups that have legal objectives.
  • Expression : it is the right that individuals have to express themselves, spread ideas, give opinions, receive and give information.
  • Freedom of the press : it is the ability of people to organize and found a media outlet that can publish their reports without them being censored.
  • Of worship : it is the freedom that the human being has to be able to choose the religion that he prefers and gives him the option of being able to practice it anywhere without being oppressed, persuaded and discriminated against.
  • Chair : it is a type of freedom that allows educators to teach and open details about different topics without any type of limitation.
  • Economic freedom : it is a concept that refers to the fundamental right that every human being has to control their work or properties.
  • Moral freedom: it is a philosophical concept that talks about the ability of an individual to be able to do what they want, whether or not it is morally correct.
  • Work : it dictates that everyone has the right to enjoy freedom at work and at the same time protection.

Relationship with ethics

As an ethical value , freedom implies the ability of individuals to be able to decide on their way of acting , on the things that they should or should not say, on the things that they can or cannot do or say to do good or evil thanks to the free will . So, from a philosophical point of view , ethics is closely related to the human being and that is why it is part of the values .

People dedicated to achieving freedom

Throughout history there have been several important figures who have constantly fought for the freedoms of human beings. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Nelson Mandela : also known as Madiba in his country, he was the first president to be democratically elected in South Africa and dedicated himself to working as an activist against apartheid, which is why he was imprisoned for a total of 27 years in prison . Even so, it continued to be a sign of freedom for both his country and abroad.
  • Martin Luther King : He was a renowned pastor and activist who fought for civil rights in the United States at a time when there was a high level ofracial segregation in North America. He was the one who achieved equality between black and white men in public transportation.
  • Mahatma Gandhi : He was an important activist who always fought for the rights and freedom of India through non-violence . He managed to make a peaceful kind of revolution.
  • Malala Yousafzai : is a young man who sought to fight for world peace in Pakistan and who even struggled to be able to attend school. He was shot and managed to survive, thus becoming the youngest person ever to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Rigoberta Menchú Tum: A Quiché Mayan aborigine who began her life as an activist when she was only 16 years old. Since he was young, he was living under the oppression and torture of the military and police of his country. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992.

How it differs from debauchery

The main difference that exists between these two terms is that in debauchery the person may have behaviors or acts that are not thought out before doing, which are done without taking into account the possible setbacks that may be caused by others affecting the rest of the society and who also break the law because they are considered immoral.


Some examples of freedom are mentioned below:

  • A journalist who writes an article for the people’s daily ( Freedom of expression ).
  • The children gathered to study the new subject ( Freedom of Study )
  • This weekend we will go on a car ride ( Freedom of driving )
  • The professor will give classes on anatomy today (academic freedom ).
  • A person who wants to save money in the bank ( economic freedom )
  • Believe in a god or in different types of them ( freedom of worship)

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