Leg muscles


The leg is part of the lower extremities of the human body. It is the third segment of the pelvic limb and is found between the thigh and the foot . Like other members of the body, in it we can find very important organs and parts for its correct functioning, among them we mention the muscles .


What are leg muscles?

The leg muscles are the largest that we can observe in the body and are responsible for carrying the weight of the body in addition to providing the human being with the ability to move .

  • What are the leg muscles
  • Classification
  • Characteristics of the leg muscles
  • Function
  • How to strengthen your leg muscles
  • Pain
  • Care
  • Importance of leg muscles

What are the leg muscles

The leg muscles are as follows:

  • Muscles of the hip and buttocks: in this group of muscles we can find the short muscles that go from the pelvis to the femur and that intervene in the internal rotation of the leg. These muscles are as follows:
    • Pyramidal
    • Internal and external shutter
    • Gemini
    • Crural square
    • Gluteal lower , medium and higher
  • Thigh muscles: these muscles are responsible for making the knee can be extended , to bend the knee and function as adductors of the thigh. These muscles are as follows:
    • Anterior compartment : quadriceps femoris, sartorius, flexor carpi radialis, palmar longus, superficial flexor of the fingers, deep flexor of the fingers, flexor of the thumb long and flexor of the ulnar carpus.
    • Medial compartment : adductor magnus, adductor minor, pectineus, adductor medius, internal rectus.
    • Posterior compartment : semimembranosus muscle, semitendinosus, biceps femoris.
  • Muscles of the back of the leg: they are femoral muscles and among them we have:
    • Biceps femoris long head
    • Biceps femoris short head
    • Semitendinosus
    • Semi-membranous


Leg muscles are classified depending on various aspects and it is as follows:

  • According to the shape:
    • Short muscles that are responsible for giving stability to the hips.
    • Long muscles that are larger and that together are involved in the movement of the legs.
  • According to the anatomical location:
    • Muscles of the anterior compartment that are located in front of the bone.
    • Posterior compartment muscles which are located behind the bone.
    • Muscles of the lateral compartment that are located facing out of the leg.
    • Muscles of the medial compartment or adductors that are in the direction of the crotch.

Characteristics of the leg muscles

The main characteristics of the leg muscles are as follows:

  • It is made up of three different muscle groups .
  • It allows the mobility of the joints and bones .
  • Most of these muscles are long to allow stretching.
  • They are very flexible and versatile .
  • They make it possible to bear the full weight of the body


The main function of the legs is mainly to support the weight of the body and makes it possible for the human body to move . Depending on the type of muscle, this will be its function in this way, and many of the muscles that we find in the leg are responsible for providing the lower limb with flexion and extension movements , abduction and adduction, as well as internal and external rotation. .

How to strengthen your leg muscles

Strengthening the leg muscles is a task that will help the person to walk better and will also increase lymphatic drainage throughout the body. It is important that when exercises are performed, they are done following the instructions carefully to avoid the risk of injury to the muscles. A proper diet is also very important because muscles need the right nutrients to keep your muscle fibers working so optimal . There are several exercises that can be done either in a home gym to strengthen these important muscles, among them we mention:

  • First, warm up the muscles before doing any type of exercise to avoid injury.
  • One of the best exercises is squats .
  • The lunge is another effective exercise that will strengthen your legs in no time.
  • The steps are instruments that can be used in order to give strength to the legs.


Leg muscle pain can have a number of reasons, but they are often common problems that are easy to treat. The main cause for leg pain to appear in a person is due to muscle injury , dehydration , some types of medicines that have pain as a side effect, due to fatigue , muscle strain , overuse and improper performance of some kind of exercise .

It can also be due to more important causes such as muscle tears , fissures , tendonitis, and cramps . There are some underlying diseases that can also cause pain in the leg muscles such as atherosclerosis , blood clots , infections in the muscles and others.


Among the care that we must take with the leg muscles we mention the following:

  • Exercise properly to avoid muscle injury.
  • Warm up and stretch before starting any exercise routine.
  • Maintain an adequate diet.
  • Do not make excessive efforts that the muscles cannot support.
  • Make medical visits every so often for a general check-up .

Importance of leg muscles

The leg muscles are of vital importance to the human body as they are responsible for maintaining the weight of the entire body as well as providing us with the ability to walk , run and jump .

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