Labor Lawyers


The labor law is the branch of law that has the function of regulating the relations established with the work human. It is a set of legal rules that seek to guarantee that the obligations of the parties in an employment relationship are fulfilled in accordance with the law and it does so through labor lawyers . There are several situations in which a labor lawyer is needed, who is in charge of helping and answering doubts for the achievement of rights .

What is an employment lawyer?

Labor lawyers are people who specialize in labor law and who are in charge of defending the rights of every worker by preventing the boss from exercising excessive power within the company.

  • Characteristics of labor lawyers
  • Features
  • Fee
  • How to choose an employment lawyer
  • How to be a labor lawyer
  • Importance of labor lawyers

Characteristics of labor lawyers

The main characteristics that we can observe in labor lawyers are:

  • They are responsible for protecting the workers .
  • They are constantly changing and very dynamic .
  • It is analytical to be able to process a large amount of information.
  • It is persuasive as it defends its arguments.
  • He is a good negotiator .


The functions of labor lawyers are the following:

  • They are responsible for ensuring all the rights that workers have , whether those who work on their own account or for workers who are salaried and who work under the orders of an employer.
  • They are necessary for companies to function properly because they are the ones who can defend it against any kind of unexpected event.
  • Inform and provide advice on the different rights that workers have so that the company can save money in cases of layoffs.
  • They prevent unfair dismissals that could bring serious financial penalties.
  • Provides information on the rights and different labor obligations that are in force.
  • It works on complaints that are filed by the workers or by the company itself.
  • Gives advice on the preparation of collective agreements finding the most appropriate option for the company.
  • Provides advice regarding contracts , work permit procedures for workers arriving from abroad and dealing with negotiations with unions .


Regarding the fees of labor lawyers we must understand that this type of professional is characterized by receiving 20%, this percentage being the limit set by law , of what the worker has received, therefore the higher the compensation that corresponds to the worker, the greater will be the amount of money that the labor lawyer receives. It is also important to mention that the costs in the event that a lawsuit must be presented will be borne by the losing party .

How to choose an employment lawyer

To correctly choose a good labor lawyer, we must take several aspects into consideration. It is important to note that he is an attorney who has experience in the field so that he can provide adequate advice . The lawyer must have a specialty in labor matters and must be a person we trust because he will be in charge of evacuating doubts . The care provided by an employment lawyer is important, that he is concerned about the situation and that he offers practical and positive solutions . It is also important to seek references on their work and has been successful in other judgments oflabor nature .

How to be a labor lawyer

The first step to becoming a labor lawyer is to study for a Law Degree , which in some countries is known as a Bachelor’s degree . The university providing career usually have their program of studies , but must finish the race to take the specialty in labor law . In some countries, candidates for the career of lawyer must pass an examination carried out by the Ministries of Justice , which will test their abilities and knowledge in matters of law .

Finally, once you have managed to pass the different exams and requirements, you must join the Bar Association , so that you can begin to exercise your career correctly.

Importance of labor lawyers

Labor lawyers are very important for companies because they ensure the performance thereof to long term . Lawyers are those who are in charge of managing the person, preparing contracts properly and terminating them if necessary, solve problems and provide advice on labor relations that occur in a company. Its importance also lies in the fact that they are responsible for ensuring that everything that has been stipulated in the company is fulfilled, thus protecting both employees and employers. The specialized adviceand in a timely manner provided by a lawyer in labor law, it is a form of investment that will lead the company to work more productively , with a vision for the future, promoting the foundations of a healthy organizational climate that can carry out its projects in a more efficient.

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