In the world of sports, kickboxing is considered one of the most complete thanks to its technique , its speed , the strength that its practice implies, the precision of the blows, the power , the speed to react and the attack. and defense.


What is kickboxing?

The kickboxing is a sport of contact involving a fighting style characterized by beatings with hands and legs. A sport that differs from others because it allows the use of punches and kicks.


What does it consist of

Kickboxing is a contact training that consists of a mixture of several techniques that are used in boxing with martial arts in order to be able to make an adequate combination of strength and resistance, also using a series of techniques that serve to disorient and defeat the player. opponent.


Kickboxing features

Its main characteristics are the following:

  • It is a combat type sport .
  • It is a mix of karate , western boxing , and Muay Thai Thai .
  • It implies strength, agility , flexibility , perseverance and confidence .
  • It includes a series of aerobic movements .
  • It must be done in a ring similar to boxing.

What is it for

Kickboxing is a sport that serves to improve body condition in general , it is a contact sport through which athletes can rise in level as it is practiced. In addition to improving the entire body system, it is a sport that, by combining strength and endurance, can also serve as a means of protection for both men and women.

Kickboxing history

The history of kickboxing has its beginnings and origins in Japan when Western boxing was combined with karate from Japan and Muay Thai from Thailand. It was created as a type of contact sport thanks to Osamu Noguchi who was the main promoter and organizer of events. When he arrives in Japan, he plans to adapt Muay Thai to the technique at the beginning of the year 1960 and with the help of Kenji Kurosaki and Noguchi they manage to give the name of karate boxing to the new sport.

In 1968 this sport managed to attract attention and was then called kickboxing , founding the first federation in Japan to regulate it. At the beginning, the strokes and techniques were the same as those used for the practice of Muay Thai but with the passage of time they changed and the sport then assumed a sporting and competitive character .


The basics of kickboxing are as follows:

  • Positions
  • guard
  • Supports
  • Displacements
  • Trunk positions
  • Distances
  • Offensive system


The rules to be followed in professional kickboxing are as follows:

  • The competitions must be carried out in a ring that measures 10 and 7.30 meters whose perimeter is formed by four ropes .
  • The bouts must be made up of three rounds which have a duration of three minutes, for the championship they must be five rounds .
  • Between each round there must be a rest period called a round .
  • Denture, groin and chest protection should be used for women, in addition to gloves.
  • The referee must award the player 10 points for each round won .
  • All kinds of blows with fists are allowed as well as kicking above the head and waist .
  • Hitting the lower part , the waist or the back is not allowed.
  • Strikes with the elbows are not allowed either .


This sport has several types of competitive modalities, six of the most important are the following:

  • Semi-contact: its purpose is to be able to achieve as many hits as possible as these represent points. These hits are only counted if they occur in valid zones and are characterized by having a lighter combat contact.
  • Light-contact : it is characterized because from the beginning it does not stop until the referee gives the stop sign. It is a continuous fight and also uses various full contact techniques. In addition, low kicks, knee strikes or standing sweeps are not allowed.
  • Full-contact : it is a combination of boxing, taekwondo and karate but excluding open-handed blows. It is allowed to acquire points from strokes and the combinations of the aforementioned sports.
  • K1 : This was created to improve kickboxing and includes various techniques such as Muay Thai, boxing, and karate.
  • Thai boxing : includes a mixture of arms and legs and several of the techniques of the aforementioned sports.


Kickboxing can be trained in a specialized gym or can even be practiced at home , it is important to remember that it is a sport that combines a series of boxing techniques with martial arts and it needs to be properly warmed up before practicing . It is important to practice during training all the blows themselves of the sport and can be performed with a trainer , with another athlete or so individually .


The warm-up should start at least 15 minutes before playing the sport. It may include jogging , lightly throwing punches, standing guard by covering the chin and then straightening the arm straight. It is also important to warm up the abdominal area through traditional and side crunches. The pushups are also a good way to warm up properly.

Kickboxing techniques

Some of its most important techniques are mentioned below:

  • Cross : consists of punching directly with the guard’s back hand.
  • Uppercut : it is a hook that is made vertically.
  • Jab : it is a punch that is given directly with the guard’s forward hand.
  • Low kick : it is a type of kick that is given in a low way, it is used to hit the muscle.
  • High kick : in this case, the kick is high to find the area of ​​the head.
  • Side kick : the kicks are lateral and are done using the sole of the foot to strike.
  • Hook kick: it is a kick that has a 180 ° movement and has a variant known as spinning hook kick in which the participant manages to make a 360 ° turn on himself and then hit.
  • Back side kick : in this technique, the attacker manages to turn on himself to hit the opponent with the back with the sole of the foot.
  • Heel kick: consists of a kick with a downward movement.
  • High front kick : it is a front kick that also has an upward movement.
  • Ax kick : it is a kick that has a downward movement from the outside.


In order to evaluate the progress of people who practice this sport, a series of belts are used. These systems are as follows:

  • White belt : this is the lowest grade of the sport and is given to all those who are just starting to practice the sport. It represents innocence and the absence of danger.
  • Yellow belt : this belt represents the color of light and the first rays of the sun , it is delivered in a learning stage when the basic movements are repeated.
  • Orange belt : symbolizes strength and endurance , conditioning to pain and occurs in the mechanical stage of basic movements.
  • Green belt : represents growth and hope . It implies that the student is ready for the training of resistance . When they acquire this belt, the physical condition is not a pretext and it is where the student begins to perfect the movements.
  • Blue belt : symbolizes the desire to learn , control of the body, emotions and feelings. There is a change of movements to go from a more relaxed state to a more explosive one and vice versa.
  • Brown belt : this belt represents total humility , it is also a stage of physical strength where everything that has been learned is put into practice.
  • Black belt : this is the belt that everyone wants to achieve as it represents having completed the basic training . It also has several more levels, the first, second and third that occur after the black belt.


To be able to practice kickboxing it is necessary to use bandages on the hands to later put on the gloves . The gloves have the function of cushioning the blows to avoid deep wounds and bruises on the hands. These gloves can be of different types and weights , which depends on the use and size of the athlete. It is also necessary to use protectors for the calves which are two padded pieces fitted to the leg to give protection to the calf and the instep.

The mouth guard is essential and prevents damage due to impact or falls mainly injuries jaw . It is an extremely important part because it also protects the spine because thanks to this device, the jaw can be located a little further from the skull. The helmet is also part of the equipment, there are different types of helmets but the ones that are mostly used are the full ones that have a velcro closure and reinforcements in the chin and cheekbones area .

Kickboxing for women

Today, the sport is no longer exclusively for men and has become widely practiced by women, some of whom even participate in local and global competitions . It turns out to be one of the favorite sports thanks to its great ability to burn calories and body fat . Many women also learn it to use it in emergencies as a means of personal protection .


Some of the benefits that kickboxing provides are the following:

  • It generates a high caloric expenditure as it is an exercise that involves aerobic movements and the application of force.
  • You can tone your muscles so it will be easier to define them and at the same time gain more strength.
  • It manages to improve the respiratory system .
  • Improves the condition of the heart which increases cardiovascular health .
  • They will strengthen parts of the body such as the back, abdomen, chest, arms, legs and chest.
  • Helps improve coordination and balance .
  • It is a good way to release stress .
  • It is a means by which people, both men and women, can learn to defend themselves .


Like other types of martial arts, kickboxing can be a dangerous, even deadly sport . There are many injuries to the face of the competitors that can cause bruises to fractures which can be dangerous for the health of the competitors. Other damage can also be produced are fractures of ribs and hands .


Among the main representatives of kickboxing are the following:

  • Andy Hug , a Swiss national characterized by his great speed and the quality of his kicks, was a very agile and efficient fighter.
  • Mirko Filipovi’c popularly known as Crocop, a Croatian who used to say that his right leg could send his opponent to the hospital but his left leg, direct to the cemetery.
  • Ernest Hoost , a renowned Dutch fighter who started in Muay Thai who, despite not being technical, had practically no weak points and knew exactly how to respond to blows.
  • Ramon Dekkers , a Japanese who has been considered one of the most important fighters in Asia. He is a man who has great endurance, power and speed, capable of dominating any type of blow.
  • Badr Hari, of Moroccan nationality, stands out mainly for his great aggressiveness during his matches, for his technique and for his excellent combination of blows.

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