In the world of motorsport there are several disciplines that are practiced by many professional and amateur drivers in the world. One of these sports is known by the name of karting , a sport that has even been the training cradle of many famous and recognized drivers in the world.


What is karting?

The karting is a sports car that is part of the vocational training of a pilot racing . It is a very demanding discipline from a technical , human and mechanical point of view.


What does it consist of

The word karting is a type of sport that is based on a type of competition in karts which are a type of single-seater engine that does not have a roof, body or suspension but that has a total of four aligned wheels . In this type of car, the front tires are responsible for controlling the direction of the vehicle while the rear tires bring the power to the engine.


Karting features

Among the main characteristics of karting are the following:

  • It is a sport that involves great physical demand as the pilot must be subjected to high speeds.
  • It is considered a high risk sport.
  • Go-karting is a very popular recreational activity and is also contested competitively.
  • It is usually practiced before entering high-level motor sports .
  • Karts have different speeds , super karts can reach up to 260 kilometers per hour.
  • Recreational-use karts can reach up to 25 kilometers per hour.
  • speed kart race can last between 4 and 20 laps.

History of karting

Karting was born in the city of California in 1956 when the first kart managed to be built thanks to Art Ingels and Lou Borelli . At the time, it had an engine from a lawn mower. Little by little, the sport spread throughout the United States and in this way, competitions also began to take place. Over the years, the sport managed to reach Europe where it managed to win many fans. So much was the growth of the sport that in 1962 the International Karting Commission was finally created. Currently, karts continue to evolve as well as competitions which are held worldwide.

Who invented it

The inventors of karting were Art Ingels and Lou Borelli created a vehicle combining a McCulloch West-Bend engine.


The fundamentals are equitable with the karting rules that you can find below.


Among the main karting competitions are:

  • Championship Spain karting
  • 2019 Shell V-Power Senior Championships
  • Marineda karting championships


There are several types of categories that are part of karting, among them we find the following:

  • KF category : in it you will find the 125 cc automatic karts. It also has several subcategories which are:
    • KF1 replaces the previous FA (Formula A)
    • KF2 replaces the previous ICA (Intercontinental A)
    • KF3 replaces the previous ICA-Junior (ICA-J)
    • KF4 called “Basic”
  • KZ Category: Gear karts are found here and it has become very popular in the world. It is a modality located between automatic karts and high-level disciplines. It demands a lot from the pilot and they can develop various skills. It has the following subcategories:
    • KZ1 replaces the previous Super-ICC
    • KZ2 replaces the previous ICC (Intercontinental C)
  • Superkarts : this is a higher category and the karts have a full body as well as 2-stroke twin-cylinder engines. Its minimum weight is between 205 and 215 kilograms.


Some of the karting rules are mentioned below:

  • The minimum age to participate is 15 years old in the adult category and 8 years old in the children’s category .
  • In the event that the participant is a minor, an adult must sign a document accepting the rules of the circuit.
  • The use of a protective helmet is mandatory, which must be well fastened.
  • The driving suit must be used .
  • It is not allowed to bump or hit the other participants.
  • The use of loose clothing is not allowed and footwear must be appropriate .
  • The arms and legs should be in a semi-flexed position .

Karting techniques

The techniques to practice karting are the following:

  • The pedal located on the right is the accelerator while the left is the brake .
  • The first laps must be of contact in order to become familiar with the circuit.
  • In the corners , the priority is to pass fast and reach a higher speed on the straights that follow.
  • Try to waste the least amount of time in the curves .
  • The apex should be delayed slightly and then accelerated through the curve in order to get out of them with greater speed.
  • You should avoid deforming the tires so as not to lose absolute control of the vehicle.
  • The braking force provides the limit of adhesion of the tires . Braking should be done at a point where the rear wheels can rotate at a slower speed.
  • It should give importance to gravity , to the effect centrifugal and adhesion of the tires .


The equipment that is needed to practice karting must be used by both professional pilots and amateurs. First of all, it is necessary to wear a helmet which is specifically designed for this type of sport. The balaclava is another of the necessary implements and it provides greater safety as they achieve absorbing sweat on the helmet.

The jumpsuit is a suit that is manufactured with non-slip and also fire-retardant material , which makes it possible to avoid burns and scratches. The neck protector is very necessary as well as the rib protector to avoid fractures and blows to the back. Gloves , special driving boots that protect the foot and ankle should also be used .


Karting is a type of competition that involves a large number of risks, which is why it is considered a dangerous extreme sport . It may be possible for the driver to lose control of the car and thus suffer serious, life-threatening accidents. Pilots can suffer damage to their body such as fractures , burns and blows and could even hit their head severely , resulting in imminent danger .

The most common injuries of amateur karters are whiplash , neck pain, back pain , rib fissure , tendonitis , contusions , intercostal tear , fracture , concussion , bruising and contractures .

Famous people who go karting

Some famous people who play this type of sport are mentioned below:

  • Mick schumacher
  • Luca zidane
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
  • Giovanni simeone
  • Shareef Rashaun O’Neal


Some curiosities of this extreme sport are:

  • Karting is also known worldwide as Go-Kart.
  • The first go-kart car had a lawnmower engine and four wheels.
  • In Italy, Count DONA decided to create a factory to build karts engines using lawnmowers brand West Bend.
  • In Spain there are more than 70 kart circuits.

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