Juana Azurduy


Juana Azurduy was one of the women who had the greatest importance and participation during the wars of independence that occurred in Latin America with the aim of seeking and achieving the much-needed emancipation by the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata that sought to free itself from the power it wielded over them the Spanish Monarchy .


Personal information

  • When was he born: 07/12/1780
  • Where he was born: Department of Chuquisaca, Bolivia
  • When he died: 05/25/1862
  • Where he died: Sucre, Bolivia

Who was Juana Azurduy?

Woman who had an active participation in the struggle to achieve the emancipation of the Viceroyalty of Río de la Plata , a heroine who gave her life for independence defending together with her husband many cities and towns.

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Biography of Juana Azurduy

Juana Azurduy was born in a town called Toroca , on July 12, 1780 , in the department of Potosí . Her parents passed away when she was just a child so she had to move to live with her uncles with whom she could not establish a good relationship. She was sent to a convent to become a nun, however, in the monastery of Santa Teresa where she was taken they could not control her rebellion or indiscipline and she was sent home again when she was 17 years old.

He married when he was 25 years old and later, in 1809, he began his participation in the independence revolution of Chuquisaca, participating in the removal of the governor. From that moment on, she and her husband dedicated their lives to fighting against the Spanish empire, showing their leadership skills and great courage.


His death occurred on May 25, 1862 when he was 81 years old. She died in the city of Sucre located in Bolivia and died in poverty because after the independence of Bolivia was proclaimed, she tried to recover all her lands but was unsuccessful and the pension that had been given to her could only be received for two years. She was buried in a common grave and it was not until a hundred years later that her body was exhumed so that it could be transferred to a mausoleum in Sucre .

What did Juana Azurduy do

Juana Azurduy actively collaborated with her husband to create and organize the group known as Los Leales with the aim of liberating Upper Peru. He participated in many conflicts and was part of the liberating army of Manuel Belgrano . She defended a series of cities such as Laguna, Pomabamba and Tarabuco and was in charge of the entire strategy in the Villar area, when her husband left her in command.

He was also part of the guerrilla of Martín Miguel de Güemes and participated in the Chuquisaca Revolution, managing among the participants to dismiss the president of the Royal Audience of Charcas . He was part of the Auxiliary Army of the North , a group that fought against the royalists of Upper Peru.

He knew how to handle all the troops under his charge perfectly well and managed to win the support of all the opponents who were against the Spanish viceroyalty . Many indigenous Peruvians and Bolivians gave her their support and thanks to this, Juana managed to occupy a place of great importance during independence .

He also had a very important participation in the different confrontations that occurred in the Villar area where he fought against the royalists who were in favor of the viceroyalty of Río de la Plata. This is how he became a very important figure in the May Revolution , which took place in Argentina .


His father was called Matías Azurduy who owned several properties in the place where they lived and his mother Eulalia Bermúdez who was a native of the town called Chuquisaca. They both died when Juana Azurduy was little.


She married in 1802 with Manuel Ascencio Padilla who died during the battle of Villar, on September 14, 1816 . He was hanged by the royalists in Laguna and after the death of her husband, his life became complicated.


With her husband she had three children named Juliana , Marino , Manuel and Mercedes . All their children died, Manuel and Mariano after becoming seriously ill in an attempt to cross the swamps while they sought to reach La Laguna. Juliana and Mercedes passed away due to malarial fever and dysentery.


Juana Azurduy was a woman of great importance during the struggle for independence due to her great participation and determination in the battles against the Spanish Empire, mainly to achieve the long-awaited emancipation of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata . He also had a very important role in the wars of the Republiqueta de La Laguna where his participation even gave him honor in Argentina and Bolivia.

Acknowledgments to Juana Azurduy

On July 14, 2009, she was promoted, many years after her death as the general’s soldier . In 2015, on July 14, a statue of Christopher Columbus that was located in the back of the government house was removed to later place a statue of Juana Azurduy.


It is said that he used to wear the clothes typical of the time , a black or red petticoat, a wide belt and a blouse similar to that of the high guerrilla leaders, with long sleeves and a high neck.


There is no data to date of possible important phrases that have been mentioned and compiled in any document by Juana Azurduy.


Some curiosities that occurred in the life of this important woman were the following:

  • She managed to have the same position in the army that her husband had, a situation that was not common during the time.
  • She was the daughter of one of the most important Spanish landowners and an Indian woman.
  • She was given the title of Liberator of Bolivia.
  • She received education in the Convent of Santa Teresa, where she was finally expelled due to her rebellion and behavior.

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