Juan Manuel Fangio


One of the most legendary characters in the world of motorsports is the Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio . Affectionately known as “El chueco” or “Maestro”, he was a racing racer who held the Formula 1 world championship record at a time when his talent and technical knowledge earned him thousands of fans worldwide.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 06/24/1911
  • Where he was born: Balcarce, Argentina
  • When he died: 07/17/1995
  • Where he died: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Who was Juan Manuel Fangio?

Juan Manuel Fangio is one of the best known heroes and heroes of competitive motorsport who became world champion five times in the highest category, Formula 1. He is considered one of the best drivers that have existed in the history of motorsport.


What did

Fangio was a man who was characterized by being a fighter and who managed to win the Argentine National Championship on two occasions . When he had the opportunity to travel to Europe , he was able to demonstrate his skill and exceptional work in command of the vehicle, in a way that has never been seen before. A man who, despite having suffered a serious accident , managed to overcome and continue competing, becoming one of the favorite drivers of his time.


Biography of Juan Manuel Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio was born in the province of Buenos Aires , Argentina a June 24 of the year 1911 . His family came from humble Italian immigrants and as a young man he dedicated himself to working in an automobile workshop. He loved football and as a result of his plays he got the nickname ” El crook “, as he was known until the day of his death.

His first race was held in 1934 and he was praised for practically getting out alive because the circuits that existed at that time were extremely dangerous. At a certain point he wanted to move to Europe to be able to continue with his dream, however, the start of the Second World War truncated his dreams. He was finally able to travel in 1947 thanks to the help of the Perón government .

When modernity reached the Grand Prix in Formula 1, Juan Manuel Fangio was already driving a car for the renowned brand Alfa Romero . In 1951 he managed to win his first championship and in 1952 he suffered a serious traffic accident that kept him away from the tracks for approximately two seasons.

In 1954 he decided to start racing with Mercedes and with them he managed to get his second world title. At that time, he managed to win 6 of the 8 races that included the championship. In 1955, he became creditor of his third world title . It maintained its fame until the Le Mans tragedy , in which 81 spectators died. This situation turned his life around, Mercedes completely retired from motorsport and due to the tragedy, Formula 1 was on the verge of being suspended.

In 1956 , he decided to return to Maserati, achieving his fifth world title. In 1958 , he was ready to run the Grand Prix of Havana , in Cuba, and at that moment he was kidnapped by guerrillas of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara . They kept him captured for around 29 hours and then he was released.


Juan Manuel died on July 17, 1995 when he was 84 years old. His health had deteriorated greatly and this led to him being admitted to the Mater Dei hospital. He died due to bronchopneumonia and a complication in his kidneys .

Legacy of Juan Manuel Fangio

His legacy reached five titles in 24 races won in 51 different Grand Prix competitions. His brands and his efforts made him one of the best drivers in the world and in the history of Formula 1.


His father’s name was Loreto Fangio and his mother Herminia Déramo.


He maintained a sentimental relationship for many years with Andrea Berruet , however they never married.


Together with Andrea, he had a son who they called Oscar Espinoza Fangio .


His importance lies in the fact that he is considered one of the motorsport drivers who managed to save Formula 1 , for establishing standards of excellence that should be applied to the cars that participated in the races and for dominating the cars in such a way that they can probably never be equaled.

Achievements of Juan Manuel Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio managed to maintain the record as a Formula 1 driver by having achieved the most world championships. Among his most important achievements are the following

  • Argentine Champion of Road Tourism
  • Formula 1 World Champion Alfa Romeo
  • Argentine Champion of Ferrari Special Cars
  • Formula 1 World Champion by Mercedes Benz
  • Formula 1 World Champion by Ferrari
  • Formula 1 World Champion by Maserati


Some of his most important recognitions are the following:

  • Annual award from the French Academy of Sports as the most outstanding driver for having performed the best sporting feat in the world.
  • In the Juan Manuel Fangio Museum, built in his honor, approximately 50 different vehicles and many of their trophies are displayed.
  • In his honor, June 24 was established as Pilot’s Day in Argentina.
  • The Municipality of Balcarce named the building located in Dardo Rocha with his name.


Among his most remembered phrases we can mention the following:

  • It is not worth risking your life just for a little popularity.
  • You should always try to be the best, but never believe yourself the best.
  • It is more difficult to live than to run. Races can last a few hours, but life lasts a lifetime.
  • Life is what gives us the tools to go around the world.
  • I don’t want to impose my presence before the public for long. People get tired of seeing the same faces all the time.
  • I am very satisfied with the friends I have. In all places I was able to convert friendship into a cult and seriousness an obligation.
  • I can make mistakes with my head, but never with my heart.
  • You can be successful in life in many ways, not just by winning races.
  • What is lost going up, cannot be recovered going down.
  • They are car races, not men’s.

Presence in popular culture

Today, the story of this amazing car racer can be found on various platforms. Some of them have created documentaries where their story and a series of small details about their life are told. One of the films where his story can also be found is ” Fangio, the man who tamed machines .”

Curiosities about Juan Manuel Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio is considered the best driver that existed during the first years in which Formula One emerged. Before being a famous driver, he worked as an automotive mechanic and this was precisely one of his main engines to start racing.

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