Juan Jose Flores


Many famous people have come to occupy the presidential chair of Ecuador , one of the most representative was Juan José Flores Aramburu , a man of Venezuelan nationality who managed to remain in the presidency for a period of three years , two of which were formally consecutive.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 07/19/1800
  • Where he was born: Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
  • When he died: 10/01/1864
  • Where he died: Puná Island, Ecuador

Who was Juan José Flores?

Juan José Flores was an important military and politician who managed to reach the presidency between 1830 and 1845, participating at the same time in different struggles that made him be recognized for his war merits in the region.

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What did

Juan José Flores was one of the most important figures who participated actively for the army of Gran Colombia . He fought alongside Simón Bolívar to achieve the independence of the region and later, participated as governor in the recently created Gran Colombia. A man who, thanks to his intelligence, managed to shape and create Ecuador , which is why he is considered the founding father of this country.

Biography of Juan José Flores

Flores Aramburu was born in Venezuela , on July 19, 1800 . As a child he was characterized by being quite active and his parents used to tell him many war stories, he was very intelligent and was a lover of reading. When he was just a teenager, he began to feel the call to military life and then decided to join Simón Bolívar .


His death took place while traveling in the steamer known as Smyrk after being wounded in battle in front of the island of Puná which is located in Ecuador. The day of his death was October 1, 1864 , after he returned to his country after the battle against the insurgents of Peru.

Military career

Being very young, Juan José Flores decided to enlist in the army and after a short time, he was able to join the troops of Simón Bolívar , who was fighting to achieve the emancipation of Spanish America . At the age of 15 he had already achieved the rank of second lieutenant by participating in several battles. When he was 21 years old he had an important participation in the Battle of Carabobo , which happened on June 24, 1821 and with which he managed to totally expel the Spanish Empire from Venezuela .

At only 23 years old, he managed to achieve the title of colonel and in 1828, he managed to rise in military position, becoming head of Simón Bolívar’s Army . He was able to occupy several important positions in his military life thanks to his intelligence , talent and loyalty . He was also the military and civil chief of Pasto and of the entire Gran Colombia Region . He managed to separate from this place, the territory that he had under his power and it was in this way that he created Ecuador .

Political career

When he turned 23, he managed to occupy the position of governor of the province of Pasto . He held the position of general commander of the army and participated in the struggle to achieve the territorial rights of Gran Colombia. With this political career managed to reach the summit of his life when he was appointed as President of Ecuador , a position he held until he was expelled from the country after losing the Revolution of the 6 March .

Government of Juan José Flores

Juan José Flores remained in the presidential chair for three different periods and during his government he had to confront various groups in the region, the Catholic Church and various external enemies who wanted to seize the land. His first mandate was initiated on 13 May the year 1830 and lasted until 1834 . It was a difficult government in which he had to fight against Colombia , a country that did not want to lose part of its territory.

During his second term in 1843 , Juan José Flores had to face several enemies and was forced to face the yellow fever epidemic that hit the place. In his third term , he was able to make several important changes. He succeeded in establishing several currency laws , eliminated problems with counterfeiters of official currency, promoted the Constitution of 1843, and imposed several new taxes that helped favor the oligarchy . He also dedicated himself to building different schools for the children of slaves, aborigines and mestizos, with the aim that they could be educated for free.


When he assumed the presidency, the foundations of the new State were completely in ruins because there was a great debt that had been acquired due to the different wars to achieve independence. In order to get out of debt and improve the economy, he decreed the creation of the Casa de la Moneda in Quito with the aim of starting to build the national economy from scratch. However, many counterfeiters with illegal coins appeared and managed to apprehend them .

External relationships

Regarding external relations, managed to sign a decree of amnesty that allowed all political exiles could return to Ecuador, however, this produced a series of opposing reactions mainly young country.

What study

Juan José Flores did not receive any kind of education but nevertheless, thanks to his intelligence and the admiration that Simón Bolívar felt for him, he managed to reach the presidency and hold one of the most important military positions during his career.


Juan José Flores had a fairly conservative type of ideology . Her ideas of incorporating positive aspects to the country was important and thanks to her she was able to create and found Ecuador. He was also very attracted to the revolutionary cause and to independence .

Contributions of Juan José Flores

Their main contributions during their governments are mentioned below:

  • He managed to incorporate the Galapagos Islands .
  • He signed the Pando-Noboa treaty with Peru.
  • He founded the Vicente Rocafuerte National College .
  • He managed to sign the Peace Treaty with Colombia .
  • He was able to carry out a major remodeling of the Carondelet Palace .
  • He improved the University of Quito and created an academy of mathematics and history.
  • He fought to be able to form a public education system especially for those aboriginal children.
  • He issued a law forbidding tax collectors who confiscated properties to the natives.

Physical characteristics

A man was thin , tall high , had his black hair but with little amount on the front. His eyes were small , black, and a little slanted . He used to wear a mustache and a very small beard . His face was quite profiled , his ears large and a little pointed .


As for the personality of Juan José Flores, it had a certain tendency to be a bit authoritarian , however, most of the time his personality was benevolent . He was a very intelligent man , passionate about reading and always showed a great level of concern for those around him, including his people.


His father was named Juan José Aramburu , a man who worked as a Spanish merchant and his mother, Rita Flores , was a simple woman who came from Puerto Cabello.


He married Mercedes Jijón in 1824. He also had a romantic relationship with a woman named Josefa Sarati y Garzón .


From their marriage a total of thirteen children were born who were called: Elvira, Antonio, Juan José, Virginia, Victoria, José Federico, Amalia, Mercedes, Reinaldo, Matilde, Josefina and Isabel. From their sentimental relationship a daughter was also born whom he named Benigna.


In addition to being the first President of Ecuador , Juan José Flores had a fundamental role in the creation of that country because it was thanks to him that this territory managed to separate from Venezuela in order to build a new region. Thanks to him, was achieved in the year 1843 , to draft and enact the first constitution in which he was elected to the city of Quito as the capital of the country. It is for this reason that Juan José Flores is seen as the father and founder of Ecuador and as one of the main symbols that had an important part in the founding of the Republic .

Works by Juan José Flores

Among his main works are the following:

  • He managed to control the problem with counterfeit coins and with their circulation.
  • He decreed the annexation of the Department of Cauca .
  • He made the Galapagos Islands join the territory of Ecuador .
  • He created a completely new constitution which he called the ” Slavery Charter .”
  • He remodeled the Carondelet Palace .
  • He signed the peace treaty with Colombia .
  • He founded the Colegio de Guayas , which is known today as the Colegio Nacional Vicente Rocafuerte.


Today, Juan José Flores is recognized mainly for his great military work and for having managed to found Ecuador as an independent country . Furthermore, he is remembered for having succeeded in laying the foundations of a completely new state over one that was already in a state of serious bankruptcy.


There are no records of phrases that have been mentioned by Juan José Flores.


President Juan José Flores made a special commission to the poet José Joaquín Olmedo so that he could write the lyrics of the national anthem, however, due to the lyrics, the anthem was not well received by the public. According to an article of the Magna Carta , a person who was not of Ecuadorian nationality by birth , could not hold the office of president unless he had married a woman born in Ecuador , this was one of the reasons for which he married Mercedes Jijón.

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